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    Release 135 rolls out a few highly attractive modifications, including an overhaul of Kingshill. A few serious bugs have also been eliminated.


    Rebuilding of Kingshill
    The royal city was heavily damaged during the Attack on Kingshill event. As you might have noticed, many Non-Playing Characters (NPC) within the city are already hard at work repairing the destruction. While the first stage of clearing the rubble is now completed — with further rebuilding is planned — Kingshill is already resplendent — with new merchants and a lovely port. Have a look for yourself!

    The Gleaming Mountains: Doubled quest items - irritating!
    Two quests in the Gleaming Mountains had identical quest objects, which was a bit annoying. We've gone ahead and changed the quest objects for the All or Nothing (1/4) quest.

    Improvements to the preloader

    We've made a few background changes in an effort to improve — and, in particular, to speed up — the preloader. It should now be loading up faster.

    Equipment comparison

    We've made a few adjustments so that the font size and type remain uniform whether you are looking at a single item or comparing one item against another.

    Selected Bugfixes

    Sale prices raised again

    The sale price on some items was lower than it should have been. We've corrected the error and evened out the prices.

    Travel stone

    The travel stones have at times not teleported you back to the right place, or you ended up not at another travel stone, but rather a map exit. We've eliminated this error.

    Ranger skill "Wild Pack"

    The ranger skill Wild Pack was buggy. After 15 seconds the wolves disappeared as expected, but then reappeared again briefly, which was very irritating. This bug has been squashed in this released.

    Equipment comparison: Adjustment of the arrows

    In some cases the damage per second for weapons was improperly evaluated. Worse values were incorrectly marked with a green arrow (indicating a better value). This has now been corrected and adjusted.

    Go forth and battle bravely, heroes of Dracania!
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    The Sync is postponed to next week.
    More information about it will follow soon.
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    Heroes of Dracania,

    The patch R135 is just a fact, however there are a lot of problems with it.
    this is what we know from the developers;

    We have received first positive results about the servers:
    Players are able to enter the game.

    -the team has applied two emergency fixes to resuscitate

    -the servers are slowly recovering

    -since everyone will try to enter, the login can take from 20sec –up to 3min.

    -try different browsers to login

    -throughout the evening the players will be able to login regularly

    We apologize that it took so long but we are really doing our best to ensure that you can make it into the game

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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