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    New Features

    Reworked Swerdfield Pastures
    The map “Swerdfield Pastures” has been reworked completely to match the style of the new game entry. We now have a reworked map, a completely new little crypt and new quests!

    New Quests
    10 brand new quests have been added to the game. The quests are leading your character
    from Grimford to the Swerdfield Pastures.


    PvP Matchmaking Step 1
    We have started to implement first improvements to the matchmaking formula to achieve fairer matchmaking. The first set of improvements will not have any visible effects for you in the game as they are back-end improvements but they are essential in order to pave the way for upcoming tweaks on the matchmaking.
    We cannot implement improvements on the matchmaking in just one release to as any smaller change might have too drastic impacts. More information about this topic will soon be available in the forum. The main aim is to reduce the waiting time when registering for a PvP match.

    Game Entry Quest Text Adjustments
    We polished the texts of the game entry by removing some unclear phrasings.

    Increased stack size of Spirit Stones
    The maximum amount of Spirit Stones that can be stacked has been increased from 10 to 99.

    Quests reworked: Swerdfield Pastures & Kingshill
    Quest that are leading your character from the map Swerdfield Pastures to Kingshill have been changed significantly.

    Decorative NPCs added
    Sequenced NPCs have been added to the following cities: Kingshill, Andrakash, Resistance Command Center and Grimford.

    Game Entry Loot
    Items that can be found on a map are either new items and are thus automatically equipped by your character or if your character has an existing item, the dropped item will be a guaranteed improvement of your current item. More virtual currency is dropping than before and additional loot is dropping, so that your character can sell more items.

    Steam Mechanicus Rebalancing Part Two
    Increased the efficiency of hit point enchantments on certain unique items by about 39% (this also affects existing unique items).

    Removal of Gem Box
    The gem box has been removed from the game. You will not be able to purchase it from any trader or the in-game shop (hotkey: T). Gem boxes that are in your character’s inventory will not be removed.

    New Setting: Improved Shadow Quality
    In the settings menu you can now choose between low, medium and high quality shadows.
    (Menu → Graphic Settings → Advanced Graphic Setting)

    Selected Bugfixes

    Dragan’s Homing Missile Starts Incorrectly
    The homing missile of bossmonster Dragan starts off at the correct point now.

    Fester-Mare getting off not functioning
    Getting off the Fester-Mare mount is now functioning correctly.

    Crash fix
    A bug was corrected that caused the game client to crash, the following sequence showed up whenever the crash came up:SequenceCache: AquireSequence(): sequence 'despawn/black_squire_death' could not be acquired!

    Double Damage Bug
    Mortis Priests, Sargon and the Spellweaver’s skill “Meteor” are no longer dealing double damage.

    Black Warlord Regalia Bug
    When equipping a two-handed weapon and changing the location, the bonus of the Black Warlord Regalia Armor set would stay on a character even if the character switched its gear.

    Equipment Comparer: Frame correction

    The frame of the equipment comparer tool has been corrected as it displayed gaps.

    Steam Mechanicus' First weapon missing icon
    Upon creating a Steam Mechanicus and entrance into the game world, the character’s first weapon had no icon.

    Travel Stones Cost 40 Andermant (Parallel World)
    When trying to enter a map in the Parallel World you see that the travel stones are displaying a cost of 40 Andermant in their tooltip description. This misleading information has been corrected.

    SpectateActorCommand Invalid
    A bug was corrected that caused the game client to get kicked because of invalid SpectateActorCommand.

    Known Issues & Last Minute Fixes

    In the city of Grimford you will encounter Mina, an NPC that trades you essences.
    Her quest “Lost Essences” has not been translated, the full quest description only exists in German.
    Here is what you have to do in order to complete the quest of Mina:

    Lost Essences
    ·Go to the map Swerdfield Pastures
    ·Defeat a horde of undead and find Mina’s leather sachet/bag full of essences
    ·Bring the sachet/bag back to Mina to complete the quest

    Shadow Quality Crash
    Players that play with the minimum requirements (PC & MAC)
    are advised not to use the highest shadow quality setting as the game will crash then.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!

    Your Drakensang Online Team

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    Heroe's of Dracania,

    The live sync will be probably tomorrow 05-11-2014 or Thursday 06-11-2014

    If we know the exact time, we let you know.

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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