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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding Release 139 and the upcoming changes. Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.​

    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. Wild

    Wild Forum Apprentice

    I love it!!!!! Good that we dont need to collect anymore cristals of truth....get every day leg items and need to mellt them,because have no space in inventory to save them and colect cristals to open everything. And 25% pvp points,thanx DSO,now i will fix my lev 40 pvp skill.D Anyway,very good ideas this time..:D
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  3. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    I respect the attempt to reduce grind elements of the game. COTS were a continuing annoyance, and just as often, a source of disappointment when the item you took so long to obtain cots for turned out to be trash.

    I like the move towards enhancing currency use in the game. The first video i watched had the new premium vendor with a 5000 gold mount. Please ensure the rate for gold drops matches the increased need.

    This overall seems to be a positive move for F2P and to remove elements of the game that lead to tedium.

    One item you did not clarify is the cost of travel for premium members. Was that benefit also removed or will it remain since it will now cost gold to travel instead of anderment?
  4. p€rRµ$h

    p€rRµ$h Active Author

    too much to cope in a moment ... so will see when it's live.

    2 things I'm afraid for :
    1) will the enchantments still be the same now identifying is free ?
    2) crafting will cost gold or ander ... just wondering how muc
  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What is positive for F2P?
    25% more honor points for premium users is positive for F2P?
    Free daily gifts for premium users are positive for F2P?
    Free unique items for premium users are positive for F2P?
    Buying knowledge books is positive for F2P?
    No CoT ... but they didnt said with what to ID uniques (only improved to legendary items are free to ID)... which will be 100% andermants ... that is positive for F2P?
    Crafting items on workbench for gold and andermants is positive for F2P?
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  6. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Getting rid of the cots is the best thing I've heard in my 7 months of playing... Thank you for that..

    Increasing the drops and gems, will be a good thing also. Thank you for that.

    It would be nice to know what the new crafting fees will be.

    I also wonder if the enchantments would or might be effected by this new release.

    And despite the daily complaining you still play.... so obviously you haven't found a better game.
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    BLASTUP Active Author

    Release is on test server but we still need cots there -.-
    and by the way i love the 1 cot = 2 ander the most :D
    free identification is also a good step...... other feedback i save for the time after release :D
  8. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    wow,im impressed at this patch,,now we are going forward in this game again,Gratz on that!! and the other mmorpg's? i still like this one,i played them all, EDIT
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  9. Firefly

    Firefly Active Author

    Sounds very good and fair patch for everyone... :)
  10. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    I didn't say all advantages went away, I said it was a positive move.

    The advantages of paying for the game must have some benefit otherwise, there would be no game. So the things you list give an advantage, but are not game breaking advantages.

    The main reason people pay money in the game is to speed up development of their toons and to make it game play easier. Pre R139 things like auto pickup, free travel, and ID of pink and lower items sped up development and general enjoyment. So now, that is not an advantage for P2P.

    25% honor increase, ok now it will take 3 months instead of 4 to reach whatever rank. Oh wait mentor bonus is what, 200%? Are we going to complain about people that have been playing a long time having an advantage over new folks? Just silly.

    Free gifts? We all get them. Now premium will get 1 extra. One of them may rarely be an outdated unique. A unique that anyone playing this game as long as we have, has likely already gotten and melted 2 or 3 times. But that box also drops from regular mobs, not an advantage for P2P.

    Buying books of knowledge? We all got them and have the opportunity to buy them with R139. A P2P will just make it happen faster if they choose to.

    We'll see about how to ID Uniques, i didn't see that mentioned.

    I didn't see anywhere that ander was used to craft, it specifically said gold. That is neither an advantage or disadvantage for P2P since you can't buy gold.

    The biggest step I saw as a move for F2P was ID'ing gear. Before a free to play had to farm cots where a P2P could just buy them. And we all know it's all about the gear.

    We will never have a complete balance between F2P and P2P. But these moves IMHO take away some of the inherent advantages P2P held before.
  11. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    On the video, they did indicate that the crafting bench could be activated with either copper/silver/gold or andermant.

    The amounts are, obviously, what everyone wants to know :)
  12. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Well, im mildly P2P, mostly through premium but some ander. There has to be some benefit to being P2P, otherwise BP needs to find another revenue model to pay the programmers for new game content. The 25% more honor is not game breaking; ot just means that the f2p needs to pvp 25% more to keep pace.

    Since COTs are gone, I think uniques get id'd for free. Guess I will be id'ing the ring of fortitude, amulet of insight and leviathan weapon that i currently have stashed in my characters. And i guess i will also blind craft and stash any unidentified legendaries for free identifying in the future, post update.
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  13. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    patches are only steps they are taking to improve the game and try to make us all happy,,true the last few patches have created alot of conflict,but this is a good step in the right direction of the player,lets see what patch 140 brings us,,im on our side lol,dont shoot me..
  14. yellowfrog.

    yellowfrog. Board Analyst

    my concern is this:if i buy an item from the premium merchant Emilia when my premium account will end, will i be still able to use this item or it will be not active untill i buy premium again?
    if we will be able to use these items permanantely after buying them then i think this merchant is a great move from bigpoint.
  15. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    infortunately, I was unable to see any of the above videos, therefore I will have to wait until I experiance first hand the positives and any recommendations for change. I am happy for the *non-premium* players. Who are worthy of sharing the freedom to enjoy no longer having to stop and pic stuff up and use cots.

    Obviously GOLD will now be the important factor.. Interesting :)
  16. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    what about lockpicks it is suppose to give us CoTs now that CoTs wont be used what will be changed into for Lockpick drops cause i bought alot of lockpicks n was saveing it for lvl 45?
  17. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I love this :) The main reason is that I have many accounts (this primarily goes way back to the days when only one character was allowed per account. This games design has never been very good for someone like me who likes to have many characters in RPG's.

    Many of these accounts are not premium, F2P or started with a single small ander purchase (around $20.) Because of the amount of time needed for farming to progress the characters they all stalled out over a year ago. Now at the very least I can get them back into my regular DQ rotation.

    I could get into a lot of detail about how at least some of these changes will benefit all of my toons. I'll just leave it at I am one very player who is looking forward to sticking with this game for some time to come :cool:

    Luck be with ye,
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  18. bahhumbug

    bahhumbug Forum Apprentice

    Where did you see 1 CoT = 2 andermant? That's a EDIT rip-off especially because many of us have bought CoT's and they cost a lot more than 2 ander a piece.
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The fact that All above posters are P2P (except two) and they like this change .... shows how much this is positive for a F2P players.
    Me complaining? I give feedback on daily basis EDIT for 3 years.
    I am F2P player and helping the DSO community and asking nothing in return. I help almost 24/7.
    I haven't been looking for another game .... and you are talking about "better" game ... you who started playing this game just recently ... one who was screaming for help to make a decent toon ... and got help from F2P players?

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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend


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