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    Greetings Heroes of Dracania,

    In Short

    Release 140 is our final patch for this calendar year; after carefully reviewing the community’s feedback we decided to reduce the costs of crafting items and we fixed a list of bugs.

    Reduced Crafting Prices
    We have reviewed the community’s feedback and decided to reduce the prices to craft items on the workbench:
    • Andermant and Gold crafting costs from Magic (Blue)Extraordinary (Purple) will be reduced by 50%
    • Andermant and Gold crafting costs from Extraordinary (Purple)Legendary (Orange) will be reduced by 37,5%
    Bug fixes
    Parallel World had a wrong character level barrier
    The dungeons of the Parallel World were only accessible for characters with a level of 35 and above. We have fixed this and now the dungeons are accessible again from character level 30 and onwards.​

    Amber-Scaled Dragonspawn was missing from NPC Grizmek’s shop
    The Amber-Scaled Dragonspawn is now available again from NPC Grizmek’s shop.​

    Bugged Steam Mechanicus banners at NPC Zahir
    Banners from NPC Zahir for Steam Mechanics have now values which are in line with the values of the other archetypes.
    Nebula Assertion crash fixed
    The crash with the following error message has been fixed:
    NEBULA ASSERTION ***programmer says: Item must not be broken
    expression: !this->IsBroken()
    file: ..\..\shared\game\items\
    line: 762 funcsig: void __thiscall Game::GameItem::OnRepaired(const class WeakPtr<class
    Game::GamePlayer> &)

    Lehain’s Lost Hunting Bow displayed incorrectly
    The unique bow, available from the Mystic Cubes, was not correctly displayed when it was equipped by the character. The bow is now displayed correctly.​

    Archetype description corrected
    The descriptive text of the Ranger class in the character selection window has been corrected.
    NPC Emilia not recognizing Premium members
    We have fixed a bug where NPC Emilia offered characters the button “Become a Premium member” even though characters already had a Premium membership.​

    Lighting changed on Atlantis maps
    Some map arrows in the area of Atlantis seem to appear in the color yellow, even though their color is actually orange. The lighting has been corrected so that the arrows have the correct color tone.
    ESC hotkey functionality corrected
    The main menu was not opening upon pressing the hotkey ESC, when a player had just closed a shop window with ESC.​

    Downloadable client not locked anymore
    Whenever the downloadable client is open, if the player enters the account's details and presses the "Enter" button twice or presses it once and then clicks on the "Login" button, the player will notice that the client will freeze. We have corrected this behavior.
    Wrong info text New Moon Event progress bar
    When receiving Drakens in the New Moon event by filling the progress bar, there is a wrong info text displayed, for example, the text mentions a reward of 2 Drakens, which in reality is 20 Drakens. The info text is now correct.​

    Premium account: PVP talent setups editable on battleground
    Since release 139 premium account holders have the option to define two different talent setups and switch between them in cities. We have fixed a bug that allowed characters to switch between the two talent setups of the PVP talents while being on the battleground of a PVP match.​

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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