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    Hello Heroes,


    In Brief

    Release 143 improves upon the arrangement and appearance of equipment slots in a character’s inventory; the matching of PvP-flagged characters with other PvP-flagged characters on open, multiplayer maps; and, of course, general polishing stemming from a variety of bug fixes.

    New Features

    Equipment Selection Improvements

    The equipment slots in your character’s inventory now feature icons that indicate equippable gear. The veterans among you will also notice that the equipment is now arranged in the slots to better correspond to the character’s anatomy.


    Join PvP-enabled Players on PvE Maps

    When characters flagged for PvP try to enter an open, multiplayer map (e.g. a PvE map like Slifmoor), they will be sent to an instance of that map where other PvP-flagged characters are gathered. If a PvP-flagged character is the first to enter a map, other PvP-flagged characters will be sent to this map once they arrive. Note: If you are in a group, you will still follow your group members, regardless of PvP flagging.

    Bug Fixes

    Lehaine's Lost Hunting Bow Distorts when Drawn
    The unique bow from the Mystic Cubes appeared unnaturally distorted when drawn. This graphical error has been fixed.

    Item: Royal Iron Fist Pliers Cause Damage Bug
    The item "Royal Iron Fist Pliers" now correctly increases the damage from both hits of the “Iron Fist” skill used by a Steam Mechanicus in the Iron Dwarf mode.

    Quest Text Displayed Incorrectly After Character Creation
    A task complete message ("One survivor found") was displayed upon game loading, after a player created a second Steam Mechanicus on one account. This text should only appear once the user has spoken to the first NPC later on in the tutorial. We have corrected this mistake.

    5vs5 PvP Map has Spot in which Character is Immune to Attacks
    If standing behind a specific pillar on the “Capture the Flag” PvP map, a character would become immune to most attacks. Ranged attacks had no effect on the character, though direct attacks and the area-of-effect remained intact. Because this lead to unfair advantages in the game mode, we have fixed this spot.

    Executing Skills or Other Actions while Soulstone is Active Lead to Errors
    After a failed attempt to resurrect a dead player by activating a soulstone with a right-click – either the player revived themselves or you missed them with the soulstone cursor – the cursor icon retained the shape of a soulstone. Additionally, you were still able to activate skills, which shouldn’t have been possible. This bug has been fixed and the cursor returns to its regular shape, when a resurrection fails.

    Pets go into Starting Position and Stop Moving
    We have corrected a bug, in which pets return to their neutral position, if the character moved quickly while the pet was about to do its idling animation. The pet would not assume its regular position and animation anymore.

    Tutorial Quest Stuck in Quest Log
    If you did not accept the reward for NPC Vithrandir’s quest, Attack on Anderworld, but you did accept his other quest, Sacrilege in Grimmagstone, and completed the tutorial, you were not able to delete Attack on Anderworld from your quest log anymore.
    We have fixed this bug and the quest can now be deleted from the quest log.

    Go forth and conquer, Heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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