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    Hello Heroes,

    Release 149 finally reintroduces the in-game cinema - this time for real. Deleting characters is now free of charge and you will receive tips on how to improve your survivability, should your character die. In addition, we have fixed a variety of bugs.

    New Features

    In-game Cinema

    You can now receive Andermant by simply watching video clips. Click on the button with the shopping cart symbol to bring up an offer window, where a new tab, called cinema has been added. For each clip you watch, you get 10 Andermant. You can watch a maximum of 10 video clips per day.

    Important Note: This feature is not yet available in all countries. Whether this feature is available in your country depends on the local coverage of advertising partners.



    Hints After Character Dies
    Whenever your character dies, a variety of tips will pop up that suggest how to improve your character’s survivability and avoid dying.

    Delete Characters for Free
    Deleting your character will no longer cost you 200 Andermant. As of this release, deleting your character is free of charge. Before your character gets deleted, you will have to accept a final confirmation. Please be reminded that support will restore your character no more than two times, even if deleted by accident.

    Display of Path for Screenshot Location Changed
    The message that tells you where a screenshot has been saved on your hard drivewhen you take a screenshot (hotkey F10) now appears on the bottom left corner of your screen and not in the center of your screen.

    Bug fixes

    Corrected Title for Achievement “Oath Group”
    If you fulfill the achievement "Oath Group," your character earns the title “Brother of the Oath” even if your character is female. This has been corrected and female characters are titled “Sister of the Oath.”

    Holding Down Left Mouse Key Not Always an Attack
    A bug has been fixed that cased your character to stop attacking when double-clicking an enemy, while holding the left mouse button.

    PvP Rank Exploit

    The following issue has been fixed: The daily and weekly PvP rankings can be exploited if the player participates in any PvP game while the ranks are being reset. Upon exiting a match, the player then has a combined rating for the current and previous day, instead of just the current one, thereby artificially putting them at the top of the rankings.

    Stuck During PVP Mode Storm the Fortress (6 vs 6)
    A bug has been fixed where players remained stuck in the waiting room when trying to enter a PvP match of 6 versus 6 (Storm the Fortress).

    OS X (Mac) Version: Several Errors fixed
    Several issues that occurred when playing Drakensang Online on a MAC have been fixed:
    • The message “Unidentified Developer” does not pop up anymore
    • The display of currencies now updates in real time and not only after a map change or reload
    • The following error does no longer occurs when clicking on the jackpot widget of the Jesters:
    ERROR ***
    Application: Drakensang Online Client
    Error: *** NEBULA ASSERTION ***
    expression: !this->IsShown()
    file: /Users/svc_hudson/jenkins-slave/workspace/dro.stable.osx/nebula3/code/addons/ui/
    line: 111
    func: void UI::Widget::Show()
    • The following message should no longer appear when launching the game:


    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    CM Greg & DSO Moderation Team

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