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    As usual, the first page was pretty constructive. The second page was almost a total attack.

    YouWinOrYouDie has always been a "straight shooter" when it comes to answering questions. Mal3ficaint is like me...I don't sugar coat *EDIT* :D

    There are certain people that work for BP that y'all shouldn't vent so....let's say opinionated towards. I agree others deserve a good tongue...err...keyboard lashing.

    Back on topic.....

    I agree with Slitrobo, my lag has SLIGHTLY cut back. The whole ingame cinema thing I know nothing about so won't comment about that.

    About the PvP exploit fix...can't comment on that either. It has become so OP it's not even fun anymore.

    Fixing the left mouse button: awesome job fixing that. Now y'all can fix the stun attacks so they actually stun the monsters, that would be equally helpful. Also, my ground breaker doesn't always go where it's suppose to. Althought my DK is as bad as some, I consider myself a veteran player. (over 3 years) and hope I'm not prone to such a noob mistake :D
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    If you have doubts submit a support ticket, our support officers can check the matter and assure you that that is impossible.

    Keep it on topic.
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