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    Hello Heroes,

    With release 151 we are improving the game entry and cutting the playtime of levels 40-45 in half to prepare your character for the content update Lor’Tac. Besides, we have eliminated bugs reported by you, which affects the Dark Dwarf Heist events in the future and the permanent content.


    Playtime for character levels 40 to 45 cut in half

    At the moment it takes very long to play through the content from level 40 to 45 and there are only a few maps to do so. With release 151 we cut the needed time in half so it will be more enjoyable and give all players a chance to reach level 45 for the content update Lor’Tac.​

    In order to achieve this, we took into consideration:
    - how many monsters a player has to defeat
    - how much experience points per monster are gained​

    Game Entry has been improved

    The tutorial and the maps after the tutorial have been adjusted in the following ways:​
    • a new NPC called Leron Gorrington will offer you the very first quest
    • more hints that explain the user interface
    • more regular equipment (white items) is dropping for your character
    • the monsters of the map Swerdfield Pastures have been rebalanced
    Map Blackborg improved

    This map had destructible trees which caused collision to the player character. They have been replaced with identical looking, non-destructible trees, which don’t cause the collision anymore. Consequently, the map should feel much smoother now.​

    Bug Fixes

    Pet Pudgy Dragonspawn now available again after purchase

    The item pet Pudgy Dragonspawn could only be purchased once per day. After the purchase it became greyed-out in the shop, and when trying to buy it again, a system message appeared informing the user, that it can only be purchased once a day. This has been fixed and the pet can be purchased unlimited times now.​

    NPC Master Vithrandir stays dead

    In the tutorial, if a character died in Grimmagstone or the Fortress of the Alliance, (NPC) Vithrandir died as well automatically. If the character used a Mighty Spirit Guard to respawn at the current location, Vithrandir did not respawn at the same time. Consequently, the character had to travel all the way back to the start of the map for Vithrandir to spawn again. This has now been corrected and Vithrandir resurrects together with the character.
    Visual bug on sales fixed

    Glyphs of Power Sale: Players performing smaller upgrades were seeing many prices as reduced all the way to 0 Andermant for Glyphs of Power rather than the 25% reduction, that they should be seeing.​

    Ancient Wisdom Sale: Value used to be displayed as 0 instead of 25% off.​

    In both cases the error was only visual. The correct amount of Andermant was still being deducted and the costs were reduced by 25%. They were simply displayed as 0.These visual bugs have been fixed now and the reduced prices are displayed correctly.
    Character Classes Achievements stuck

    The progress bars of achievements of the category Character Classes were stuck and players were unable toreview their progress. This issue has been fixed now and the progress bars are updated as intended.
    Achievement Dark Dwarf Heist Doubled

    If a player unlocked one of the Dark Dwarf Heist event achievements and then changed the map, the progress for the achievement Heist Cancelled was suddenly doubled. This occurred only after the first map change.This issue has been fixed.
    Go forth and conquer heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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