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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Greetings Heroes,

    Please post in this thread your comments regarding Release 152.

    Positive or negative, constructive criticism and ideas for improvements are, as always, welcomed. Please keep discussions on topic.​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    "Additionally, big bosses like Heredur and Gorga will also be especially rewarding, when they are defeated for the first time in normal mode after this release."

    Only for the first time?

    "NPC Zahir has expanded the number of offers
    Zahir has now the following new offers in stock (apart from the ones he already had)
    Costumes: Bunny Costume and Demon Costume"

    Does this mean the Gnob will no longer sell the Demon Costume (or any of the costumes now in Zahir's shop) ?
  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Different currencies, so probably available both ways
  4. Szmaciak

    Szmaciak Junior Expert

    Great, another, I think LAST, emotion made only for TGC is offer for common players. Shame.
    We can write, we can ask, but result is like this - BP has no respect for players who really build that game in time of beta.
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  5. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    They should remove the 1st place emote.I don't even have it.
    At least make it a difficult/rare reward for the next Helios PvP event or something(please make one soon).
  6. EvelynJ

    EvelynJ Forum Apprentice

    Does the first time drop apply to those of us that have killed the boss already? I.e. straight after the patch the first kill of the bosses will produce the good drops. I only just killed Heredur on a character, it would suck to miss out :)
  7. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Don't be so excited just yet... we don't know what they mean by "especially rewarding". For all we know, it could just be a guaranteed blue item... time will tell.
  8. whisperkiller

    whisperkiller Forum Apprentice

    i did all normal big bosses except destructor once on 2 toons and got 30+ leg and 3 uniques (Heredur shield, Leviathan gun from gorga norm and Warlord's pauldrons from Herald norm) Insanely reat looting spree, good update.
  9. Delikvent

    Delikvent Forum Apprentice

    This new release have brought me only crashes.
  10. sirsquishy

    sirsquishy Junior Expert

    So far the newest update is proving to be better. They did improve the drop rate at Gorga normal.

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  11. LordDefiant

    LordDefiant Forum Apprentice

    yes, it would be nice to see some drop improvment in pw bosess such as khalys and mortis.........
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  12. sirsquishy

    sirsquishy Junior Expert

    "Additionally, big bosses like Heredur and Gorga will also be especially rewarding, when they are defeated for the first time in normal mode after this release."

    I think that this update is a great thing, I ran all the bosses and each dropped a unique or leg and that will certainly make a difference for new players coming up. If nothing else, the gops will help improve the character.

    Kind of makes me wish that I was still leveling up so I could take advantage of the better drops.
  13. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Well, then I take back what I said before; this is awesome! Maybe now I can complete my Atlantis set by getting that amulet and/or ring :D.
  14. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    so gorga can drop the deep sea set now?
  15. monder888

    monder888 Someday Author

    Great release so far! No bugs, no crashes or lag, hand the drops for killing a normal boss the first are just amazing!
    I only wish you also improved the pw bosses drops, where we actually farm...
  16. Wiggles

    Wiggles Active Author

    So one time you hit the boss you get a drop of something nice after that... It is just the same as always so no point in grinding for rares?!?

    Yep, kill it once get something nice after that same ol' thing :p

    Yep, Yep, gorga dropped the crystal then back normal nothings. heredur legendary then nothings(always got uniques anyway) Bearach, khaly, whatsitname in the hall, and siggy baby. One legendary and then nothings. So loot change not really.

    And BTW anybody else hear their heart beat everytime they change locations too?

    And yes they did spread out the coin drops into smaller amounts to make it look like you're getting more LOOOOL
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2015
  17. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    She always could. But now you get a little extra chance :D.
    That's what I was asking, if you look a little upwards. I'll test it tomorrow by doing 2-3 runs on every normal boss and I'll report here. Would be nice if more people did the same, so we can have more feedback.
  18. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    did a bunch of runs (arachna, bearach, heredur, khalys, sigris and gorga). first run always drops legendary or unique, second run drops crap for the few i tested. I got heredur's buckler on my dk and the deep sea shield from gorga on my dwarf, all the rest were legendaries. at least once i got a double legendary drop.
  19. fds667200

    fds667200 Forum Apprentice

    First gorga (normal) kill I get Deep Sea Star Amulet. After 100 kills later I receive some gems and purples.
  20. Trolalala

    Trolalala Forum Apprentice

    shady john for dwarves has nothing

    excited about all the legendaries

    Why not destructor gear to shady items?
    Currently it's just 1 useful item and most of them useless.
    For example, for ranger one has predator, maybe gorga quiver. Everything else is useless.
    Could have added destructor gear or f.e. quiver w 10% speed.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2015
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