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  1. teddy.bear

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    Hello Heroes,

    With release 153 we introduce a quick slot for mounts in your main user interface. Traveling via mount is now only 1 hotkey away! Next to that the prices of potions have been reduced and we cleaned up clipping errors in 25 maps!​

    New Features

    Quickslot for Mounts
    The main user interface for skills now features an extra slot, where you can place any kind of mount. With hotkey [o] you will be able to mount and dismount your ride easily and enter or escape any battle quickly.
    Of course, you can change the hotkey from [o] to any other key via the settings menu.


    Price Adjustment: Potions

    The prices of Universal Health Potions, Potions of Concentration, Great Mana Elixirs and Steam Potions have been adjusted. The overall costs for these potions have dropped and are now cheaper than before.

    1 x Universal Health Potion: 79 Andermant (80 Andermant before)
    10 x Universal Health Potions: 599 Andermant (720 Andermant before)
    1 x Rage Elixir, Potion of Concentration, Great Mana Elixir or Steam Potion: 59 Andermant (80 Andermant before)
    10 x Rage Elixirs, Potions of Concentration, Great Mana Elixirs or Steam Potions: 449 Andermant (640 Andermant before)

    Travel Stones Moved
    Travel Stones of the maps The Hidden Sanctum and Dragon Caverns have been moved closer to the entrance of the maps, so that players, who travel there, are not immediately attacked by monsters, while the maps are still loading.

    Quick activation for Teleportation with key “P”
    Now you can press “P” in your keyboard and you will activate Teleportation (you will need to have this talent in your Knowledge Tree, of course).

    Atlantis Above Water: Shabby Chests had incorrect spawning behaviour

    The chance for Shabby Chests to appear in the map Atlantis above Water was always 100%, although Shabby Chests usually only have a 50% chance to appear on a map. For the sake of greater balancing this has been corrected and set back from 100% to 50%.

    Benefits of Premium Membership not triggering after purchase

    A bug was fixed, that caused premium benefits not to be applied on an account after a successful purchase.

    Skill Iron Dwarf caused crash
    A bug has been fixed, that caused the game to crash, whenever the player would change a map with the Steam Mechanicus/Mechanica, while having the skill Iron Dwarf active.

    Quest: The Mighty Powers of the Nefertari (2/3)
    Only 14 question marks where shown on the minimap, although 15 are necessary to complete the quest The Mighty Powers of the Nefertari (2/3). This has been corrected.

    Crypt of Kings - Minimap Markers corrected
    The markers on the minimap (hotkey: M) for the map Crypt of Kings were misplaced and have now been corrected.

    Cleaning up clipping errors in 25 maps

    A great number of maps have been freed from clipping into walls, stones or other obstacles. These obstacles might have caused characters and skills to collide, remain stuck or glitch. The following maps have been cleaned up and corrected:
    • Abyss of Time
    • Andrakasch
    • Ashraya
    • Atlantis Above Water
    • Burning Coast
    • Crypt of Kings
    • Eternal Grove
    • Fortress Teganswall
    • Hailstone Mountains
    • Halls of the Dead
    • Iron Forest
    • Jarlshofn
    • Khalys’ Elysium
    • Liar’s Lair
    • Mount Suvius
    • Ocean of Bones
    • Prison of Souls
    • Resistance Command Center
    • Rootrock Cavern
    • Ship Graveyard
    • Stalgard
    • Stonekeep
    • Tegan’s Sanctuary
    • The Gleaming Mountains
    • The Misty Ridge
    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  2. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Hello Heroes,

    As you know, the quick slot for mounts that was introduced with release 153 allows you also to equip costumes with the same hotkey [o].

    This was actually not designed to be this way, the item category of costumes and mounts is the same and that’s why the slot accepts also costumes.

    In an upcoming release this will be fixed – as it was not intended in the original design. Costumes, pets and emotes are likely to receive their very own slots and inventories in future.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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