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    Hello Heroes,

    Release 154 will be synced early next week. With Release 154 we are implementing new and convenient benefits to our current premium membership and presenting you with the Lucky Mount package. Moreover, we have decreased the difficulty of Heredur, Bearach and Khalys. A brand new event, Lor’Tac Bound, will also start shortly after - so stay tuned!
    New Features

    Premium membership improvements
    Release 154 brings interesting additions to the existing benefits that you have by purchasing premium! As you know, premium accounts enjoy of the following:​
    • Free use of travel stones
    • Free respawning in the place where you died
    • Extra inventory space of 28 slots
    • Free talent reset
    • Free reshuffle of daily challenges
    • Mystic Cubes (extra loot drops)
    • Increased Honor Points (PvP)
    • Extra daily surprise chest
    • Special NPC trader with amazing offers
    • Toggle between two talent setups
    On top of those, we are implementing the following:​
    • +10% to earned experience - It will show as an icon over the skill bar, equivalent to other XP bonus icons
    • 25% reduction in crafting costs on the workbench - it only applies to Andermant costs and you will be able to see each time the discounted price in the crafting window.
    • Daily login bonus of 100 Andermant - beware, this will only happen once per account, not per character! Also, if you do not log in, you will not receive this particular reward (login time is 24 hours)
    • An awesome Tempest Phoenix pet to accompany in your adventures
      If you have Premium active at the time of this release, you will receive the pet in all your characters, also on the new ones you create. If you decide to purchase Premium after the update, you will receive the pet. And when the premium runs out, you also get to keep the pet you already received!
    These changes will be immediately applied to all Premium accounts, even for the ones which started before the release.

    Lucky Mount Offer
    The lucky mount is a package you can purchase now from the in-game store (by pressing the default key T) or in any pet vendor. The package will give you one random mount of those that are on offer at the pet tamer, and you have a chance of receiving a new epic mount, the Amber Dragonspawn, which cannot be obtained elsewhere. Additionally, each package contains 999 Essences of Destruction.

    Try your luck and obtain one of the following:​
    • Steambike (Epic Mount)
    • Amber Dragonspawn (Epic Mount)
    • Blood-Scaled Dragonspawn (Epic Mount)
    • Mother of Pearl Dragonspawn (Epic Mount)
    • The Legendary King’s War Horse (Epic Mount)
    • Rainbow Unicorn (Mount)
    • Unicorn (Mount)
    • Blue Armored War Horse (Mount)
    • Steed of the Crown (Mount)
    • Sorrel (Mount)
    • Black (Mount)
    Please note: of course you will need to have the talent Mount and Epic Mount in your Knowledge Tree if you want to use any of the mounts that the Lucky Mount Offer will bring you.

    New Event

    Lor’Tac Bound - Harbingers of corruption
    Mysterious rifts are appearing all over the world of Dracania and no one knows why. Will you be brave enough to venture into the darkness to clarify the mystery? Release 154 brings you a brand new event that will prepare your heroes for the incredible adventures that await yonder…
    Coming soon to the world of Dracania, so stay tuned!


    XP increment in quests for levels 24/25
    The following quests will give you more XP than before:​
    • The Mighty Powers of the Nefertari (2 / 3)
    • The Mighty Powers of the Nefertari (3 / 3)
    • Plan B (1/2)
    • Plan B (2/2)
    • Arachna's Bandits (5/5)
    Changes applied to boss monsters until level 30
    With Release 154 we have introduced some changes to the encounters with Heredur, Bearach and Khalys, decreasing their overall difficulty.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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