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    Hello Heroes,

    With Release 155, we are implementing the content update Rise of Balor. Your heroes can finally level up to character level 50. A whole new continent, Lor’Tac, with new monsters, maps, quests and items, has to be explored. Together with the content update, we implemented an entirely new skill system, we added new features such as random monster enchantments and finally, as always, we have improved the game by fixing a great number of bugs. Get ready to travel to the deep jungles of Lor’Tac!​


    New Features

    Rise of Balor

    A new continent, called Lor’Tac, can now be accessed via Andrakash. Talk to Agrasha Carpenter in Andrakash, accept the quest Expedition into the Unknown to start the journey to the mysterious continent. Note that your character is now able to reach character level 50.

    The continent Lor’Tac features:
    + 11 new monster types
    + 16 new maps
    + more than 150 new quests
    + more than 200 new items

    More details can be found here: Rise of Balor & Lor’Tac

    New Talent Point System
    The entire skill system, including honor and wisdom skills, has been reworked.Each character can now allocate 50 talent points for each section skills, wisdom and honor. Each character has a total of 42 additional talents for the 14 base skills, 8 Honor Talents and 8 wisdom skills.

    Important Note:Existing Ancient Wisdom and Badges of Honor/Honor Points will be transferred to the new system one-to-one. Your character will not have to start collecting these units from zero again, unless it is a character that was created after release 155.

    All Badges of Honor that have been invested into Honor Talents prior to release 155 will be refunded to you. A detailed overview can be found here: Overview Skills Talents (Experience)

    More inventory space available
    You can expand your inventory by a 5th tab that gives your character an additional 28 slots.

    New Item Enchantments
    We updated the enchantments that you can find on uncommon, magic, extraordinary and legendary items. You can find now powerful relative enchantments (e.g. X % increased damage) on your armor, for example.
    More detailed information about all changes to items can be found here: Changes to items

    New achievements added
    A total of 71 new achievements have been added to the game.An overview will be available soon.

    New Bonus: Guild Activity
    Members of a guild get a permanent bonus to earn experience points, Badges of Honor, gold, silver, and copper. The percentage of this bonus increases along with the number of guild members. The more members are joining and active, the higher the bonus. For every active member + 0.1 % is added to the overall bonus, the maximum bonus is thus + 5% Active Member: a player that has been online in the past 30 days.


    Random Monster Enchantments
    Monsters in Lor’Tac of the category Champion can now have one random enchantment. Currently there are 11 different enchantments that a monster can carry but note that a monster can only carry one of these at a time. The type of enchantment can be recognized by the coloring of the monster’s marker as well as by icons which are featured on the monster’s Health Points display.

    Marker Color:Violet
    Basic attacks have a 25% chance to cause Silenced (cannot use skills for 3 seconds).Orb of Andermagic - A slow homing missile, that deals 50 % base damage as Andermagic damage and causes Warped Andermagic for 3 seconds
    [​IMG]Fire Magic
    Marker Color:Red & Burning
    Basic attacks cause Burn for 3 seconds and 33 % base damage per second. The monster explodes in a single large fire nova for 300 % base damage on death (has anticipation time).Flame Nova - Casts over 3 seconds 4 rings of fire around it. Each ring deals 100 % base damage and causes Burn for 3 seconds and 33 % base damage per second.
    [​IMG]Ice Magic
    Marker Color:Blue & Frozen
    Basic attacks cause Frost which reduces the movement and attack speed by 50 % for 3 seconds. When the champion monster dies it will cast a Frost Explosion.Frost Explosion - Cast an ice orb on a player position that gradually charges up and then explodes in a large frost nova which deals 200 % base damage ice damage and causes Freeze (Stun) for 2 seconds
    [​IMG]Lightning Magic
    Marker Color:White & Lightning
    Basic attacks are ignored in favor of Chain Lightning.
    The monster explodes in a single large lightning nova on death (has anticipation time).
    Chain Lightning - this projectile bounces off to additional targets in the near vicinity. Targets are charged. Charged targets that are hit with Chain Lightning get an additional 25% damage. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
    [​IMG]Poison Magic
    Marker Color:Green & Poisonous
    Basic attacks cause Poisoned for 3 seconds, which slows the movement speed by 33 % and player loses 3 % of their Health Points per second.The monster explodes in a poisonous puddle on death.Poison Stream - Casts a piercing, acidic bullet which leaves 2 poison puddles on its trail that remain on the ground for 30 seconds.
    The bullet deals 100 % base damage as poison damage.
    Players in the puddles have 33 % reduced movement speed and lose 3 % of their Health Points per second.
    Marker Color:Normal red marker
    + 100% armor and resistances and immune against all negative effects.Shield - Casts a large stationary energy shield on the position of the player that increases the armor and resistances of all monsters beneath it by 100% and make them immune against all negative effects. Shield lasts for 30 seconds and removes the personal shield of the champion in this time.
    Marker Color:Champion red marker
    Basic attacks cause armor and resistances to be reduced by 50%.
    The champion monster an aura that gives all other monsters in the vicinity
    +25% movement and attack speed as well as 25 % cool down reduction.
    Marker Color:Champion red marker
    -Enrage - Monster gains additional +100% movement speed, +25% attack speed, 25% cool down reduction and immunity against all negative effects for 15 seconds.
    Marker Color:Champion red marker
    -Teleport - Monster casts Teleport towards the target it is attacking.
    Marker Color:Champion red marker
    Successful hits with basic attacks (or chain lightning) heals the champion monster. -
    Marker Color:Champion red marker
    +2 movement speed, +25 % attack speed, 25 % cool down reduction. -
    New Health Points Display
    The display for Health Points for monsters and for enemy players has been changed to the following types:

    Health Points Display of MonstersHierarchy of Monsters
    [​IMG]World Boss
    (Khalys, Herald, Sigrismarr, Gorga, Destructor, Balor, Dragan)
    [​IMG]Threat(Heredur, Bearach, Arachna, Medusa, Nefertari)
    (Example: Leader Ripper)
    (Example: Champion Ripper)
    (Example: Guardian Ripper)
    (Example: Ripper, Enemy Player)
    New Quest Type: Clear Region
    A new quest type has been added to the game: clear the region. As the name entails, a character will have to clear a region from a specific monster type. Clearing means that all monsters of this certain type have to be defeated and wiped out from the entire map.


    Lootlist update
    • Overall drop chances of Ancient Wisdom have been increased by 50%
    • You can now find extraordinary, legendary and unique items in PvE areas (i.e. Thunder Crest)
    • You will no longer find normal (white) jewelry items – instead you will find more coin drops
    • You will now only find Universal Health Potions on all levels instead of different potions for each level range
    Rebalancing of Items
    We adjusted the items in the game to fix long existing bugs and address balancing issues. Highlights are:
    • The bug that caused high upgrade costs has been fixed
    • Crafting does not create items with a level that is too low anymore
    • Cyanite and Onyx gemstones now provide higher stats
    • The base damage of all weapons has been increased, especially for two-handed staffs and two-handed rifles
    • The base armor provided by normal (white) items has been increased and rearranged
    • Critical Hit Rate and Block Rate will not have diminishing returns anymore
    • Block Amount (Blocks) was converted into Block Strength
      • On a successful block the damage you receive is divided by your Block Strength value
      • Defensive off-hand items like shields and orbs provide a Block Strength of 2 or more with enchantments on them
      • Block Strength will not be increased with item upgrades
    • Longbows will now reduce the concentration costs of all skills by 20 %
    • Dragonknight Weapons are now more distinguished (swords are the fastest, maces deal the highest base damage and axes provide the highest critical damage)
    • The character screen and item tooltips were updated accordingly
    Enchantments on the items that your character already possesses were not changed (apart from Block Amount). But they may have slightly better values than before due to bug fixes to the item level.

    More detailed information about all changes to items can be found here: Changes to items

    Rebalancing of Monsters
    Monsters from level 25 onwards will now have less Health Points but will deal more damage. With this combat will be faster paced but also more dangerous when you are not using your support skills frequently.

    Monsters in Stalgard will now be level 44.

    Normal difficulty for Destructor World Boss was added
    You can now choose between difficulties normal and difficult when you enter the Teleportarium. The normal difficulty allows every player to defeat the boss alone, while the difficult difficulty is the same as it was before and provides way better loot than the normal difficulty.

    Independent Attack Speed for summoned creatures
    Summoned creatures, such as the wolves of the Ranger, have an independent attack speed that is not influenced by the attack speed of the main character.

    Costumes added to vendor Zahir
    Costume vendor Zahir now offers the following costumes and emotes as temporary and permanent versions:

    Costume_Damsel.JPGCostume: Damsel
    [​IMG]Costume:Native American Warrior
    [​IMG]Costume:Court Jester
    [​IMG]Costume:Count Vampire Costume
    [​IMG]Emote: Wrestlemaniac!
    Bug Fixes

    Costumes can be dragged into the Mount Quick Slot
    It was possible to equip a costume via the quick slot that is designated only for mounts.This issue was fixed and the slot is now exclusively for mounts.

    Compare items with level restriction not functioning

    Due to a bug it was not possible to compare items whose level requirement had not yet been fulfilled by a character. This has been fixed and now your character can compare any item, even if the level requirement has not yet been fulfilled.

    Immediate attack once enemy is targeted
    Melee skills executed with the left mouse button made the character run towards the targeted enemy but not attack immediately. This issue has been corrected; the character will run towards the targeted enemy and attack immediately once the attack range has been reached.

    No temporary invincibility shield upon respawning

    If a character is killed in a PvE map and chooses to respawn on the same map, the character did not get a temporary invincibility shield upon respawning. This behavior has been corrected and the character receives a temporary invincibility shield upon respawning.

    Steam Mechanicus’s banners displayed despite wearing costumes
    Certain banners of the Steam Mechanicus were displayed even if the character was wearing a costume. This has been corrected and banners will only be displayed for certain costumes; exactly those costumes that also allow cloaks to be displayed on the Ranger, Spellweaver and Dragonknight.

    Sargon’s Powerful Book of Shadows gives wrong bonus
    When equipped, the item, Sargon’sPowerful Book of Shadows, gave wrong bonuses to the character than displayed in the item tooltip. This has been corrected now and item now boosts your character with +20% more damage and subtracts -15% of Health Points.

    Negative Andermant Balance blocks purchase of items

    If a character tried to purchase items for gold, silver or copper, a message was displayed that this is not possible due to a negative Andermant balance. This has now been corrected and characters with negative Andermant are not excluded from purchases that are paid with gold, silver or copper.

    Inappropriately high support score

    Spellweavers using the skill Chain Lightning in combination with the talent Charged Lightning received an inappropriately high support score in PvP Battlegrounds, which makes the Honor Points distribution at the end of the match unfair. This bug has been corrected and all classes now receive the same support score.

    Clean Up Maps

    The following maps have received a checkup where multiple graphical clipping errors, invisible obstacles and other visual hurdles have been corrected. In addition, several objects might have been relocated from their location:
    • Fortress of the Alliance
    • Ruins of the first Circle
    • Grimmagstone
    • The Gleaming Mountains
    • Hagastove Grotto
    • Mystra
    • Ellonidos
    • Eternal Grove
    • Eternal Watch
    • SlifmoorKingshill
    • Desecrated Sanctum
    • Varholm
    • Jarlshofn
    Known issues

    Honor Talents System
    The PvP-Merchant Shop is fully accessible also in PvE areas, although selling to the merchant should only be possible when a character is in the safe environment of a city.

    Pure as Water (4/6)
    There can be issues resolving this quest in a group

    Expedition into the Unknown (4/6)
    Sometimes the dialogue window is flickering when accepting the Quest.

    The Last Fire-Tamer (1/2) & Slash and burn (2/2)

    There is an issue with the objects picking box. The character needs to stand next to the object to interact with it.

    Repeatable Quest rows are not displayed automatically. The character has to reenter the map before he is able to see and accept one.

    There are some quests, items or monsters which are not localized in all languages

    • The map Meat Chamber – entrance map Nahuatlan
    • some improved equipment (green items) for the Steam Mechanicus
    • The monsters Sharp-Eyed Fleshwalkers
    • NPC Acton’s quest Gone Missing – the acceptance text is in German
    • NPC Ancestral Warrior of the Opal Shrine – a text is missing
    • NPC Kaylin Lefrye’s speech bubble in Agathon’s Alliance Hall is still in German
    • Quest “Destroyer of Mummies” states a wrong location in the Quest Task. It says “Temple City” but actually the location is called “Nahuatlan”.

    Frog River Delta

    A water texture is missing


    The deco for the Color Sale is missing

    NPC Tlazar

    The asset from NPC Tlazar changes to a wrong NPC asset when doing the quest where you have to defend the NPC


    • Ranger´s Talent “Quick Death” shows an incorrect Buff-icon
    • Steam Mechanicus talent “Under pressure” doesn´t regenerate Steam on the first hit
    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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