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  1. Hailiex

    Hailiex Forum Apprentice

    This is so sad...They don't even understand how their own game works. I guess it's to be expected when no one from the dso team actually plays the game. Cyanite still has a lower value than Diamond. Onyx still isn't worth it and now this game is meant for ranged characters only. You should consider hiring regular players to help you guys balance the game. Makes me cringe how people like Baragain posts more useful content/puts more effort in posting r155 content/new skill info on forums rather than forum admins. Shouldn't you guys at least mention to us which skills are bugged? Why is it up to us player to figure everything out?
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  2. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    No. Because we, the moderators, are ordinary players like you are. We are representing You the players. Whatever we know you know it already. If anything is bugged we let the developer's team know it, you don't need to know what needs to be fixed.
    I wouldn't say that. We are testing the features and reporting the bugs to the development team before even the players manage to address them in the forums or find them out in the game.
    That is our advantage over ordinary players, we don't have to wait our feedback to be seen by the development team in the forums.
    Sure, most of the feedback is spoken by the players in the forums, but we are forwarding it to the development team, via our CMs, without any delay.
    The rest of the process is mystery even to us.

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  3. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Ok so you do a hot fix but did you fix anything or just make it worse ?
    I am level 46 killing level 42 monsters in Gleaming Mountains and I get 2 Andermant drops like seriously ?
    I know for a fact that it was not 2 Andermants before the so called 'hotfix' !!!!!!
    This R155 is the pits a lot of players put in so much time to make there toons to be reverted to brand new starters did you even ask the players if this is what we wanted ? ?
    Do you even listen to what the players have to say ??
    And yes I see this Malificent person deleteing posts that post him in an unfavourable light
    IMO Drakensang is now a joke and doubt I will be playing much longer if at all
  4. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Basic business reality: The person a customer contacts is also the person that represents the company. It doesn't matter if they just answer the phone or take messages, they set the tone and determine the results. If they are the last person to talk with the customer, they also set the last tone and determine the final results. If the contact is impotent, it is because the company allows it, or requires it.

    DSO has support and the forums gathering and sorting information for BigPoint. Occasionally, Support can solve minor problems, or point to user solutions. But Support's power is very limited by design, and much of the time, all Support can do is send messages to the black hole of BigPoint, never to be heard from again.
    The forum administrators and moderators can address some issues. Some posts cover major issues, affecting everyone. Other posts reply to specific situations for specific players. Again, resolution of many concerns are beyond the scope of the forum, and disappear somewhere in Bigpoint. I can imagine someone at BigPoint saying, "Send this dipstick the 'We're looking into it' email," or the 'Wait for the next release' email. They must have a quick buttons for the replies, we see it so often. Also, there's the option to leave the player stuck with the problem: "Contact Support."
    It doesn't take a lot of stalling and getting the run-around, before alienation and resentment set in. No one likes to jump through hoops without a reward. The common result is the urge to kill the messenger. There are a lot of dead messengers.

    There has got to be a better way.
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  5. Hailiex

    Hailiex Forum Apprentice

    Eh, don't hate. This game would be in a worst spot without Mal. He takes into account of our problems and directs what he thinks the main problems are to the devs. What's really bugging me is that it doesn't feel like neither our concerns or Mal's are taken into consideration. Sure some bugs gets fixed from time to time, but it feels like they should've considered our thoughts/opinions and spent their time balancing/finalizing (German language/bugs) this release. We notice these flaws easily and it makes players feel uncomfortable/ashamed to play such an unpolished yet, entertaining game. Take pride in your game!
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  6. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Mal is willing to deal with a lot of EDIT and garbage; garbage men are essential. Mal is willing to play cop; enforcement is essential.
    People willing to do the unpleasant jobs are hard to find; volunteers are even rarer.
    Thanks, Mal3ficent.
    Congratulations on the Super Forum Admin. (Hope $ is involved. :))
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  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Not too enamored with the crit change since the 30% CD gloves from the merch in Andrakasch got rendered useless now. -sigh-

    Well, besides that, this update has actually upgraded the power potential of 2h SWs off the charts, so... thanks, I guess. :p Maybe I'll finally stop feeling like 2h SWs are an endangered species!

    Overall, new maps just means new things for me to do. All of these "hidden things" type quests where stuff aren't marked on the map are a lot of fun, if a tad frustrating if you didn't know where to look. Having been through all the quests now, I just get bugged by guildies who can't find/can't be bothered to find things to help. :rolleyes:

    The new "champion" type monsters make me remember the game I used to play that has this kind of feature too. However, it is well worth pointing out that sometimes I've gotten mobbed by 2-3 of these guys and usually ended up dead on the ground. While I appreciate the challenge they offer, is it possible to make it so that 1) there's a limit to how many of these guys can be within a given radius, and 2) make them drop something a tiny bit better given they're harder than the average mob? :p
  8. Celticrain1982

    Celticrain1982 Forum Apprentice

    Well, hit 50 and go farm Q6 map2, or...try at least. Yday i farmed Q6 map2 solo with blue ess, today same wep, same stats, i barely made 3 knights with lot of heartache.
    I`ve made 3 ppl party, here DK, a mage and ranger. The mobs are imposibble, dmg is insane, i`ve been hit by bug-priest with 6k while i had block skill and hp.
    I thought when ur alone on map, things can be easier? Somethin` changed after hotkix?
  9. Zamvel7

    Zamvel7 Active Author

    as i have told to my guildies you only have to move fast enough and hit while you can, i only use blues on them when a sw or ranger is next to me and wants to steal my champions :mad: , actually it's fun and challenging using all your skills according to the situation and mobs.

    also i support you on number 2, if they are champions at least they should drop pinks more often,,... or always!!!! :D
  10. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    they didn't change PW to the new system yet.or they better,its unplayable as is.
  11. Celticrain1982

    Celticrain1982 Forum Apprentice

    As i said,
    yday i farmed alone map2 with blue ess, no worries at all, except low drop.
    Today, after hotkix, map2, was unplayble solo...
  12. sdknightno1

    sdknightno1 Advanced

    With r155 hot fix you included the hidden update of increasing map2 monsters' damage 2x...
    Bravo dso, bravo...
  13. Daky87

    Daky87 Forum Apprentice

    And after this "hot" fix where will dk farm???OMG devs are NOOBS!!
  14. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Instead of saying that DKs are doomed, we should wait to see after they have fixed the block rate/strength bugs and after DKs have found good shields with better block strengths, etc. to see if they are still having issues with the new areas.

    Don't forget you need to switch your shields. Old shields are not good anymore.
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  15. Hailiex

    Hailiex Forum Apprentice

    Just you wait till you hit up the new parallel world. I guess it's better to not of known beforehand. Saves you the trouble of getting even more butt hurt. Hope you're a premium user, cause that's what you'll need to farm HoD now. Well played DSO.
  16. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I have an amazing old shield... if it worked right. 80% chance to block about 70% of the damage... that is borderline OP. Instead, because of the shield bug, I'd block 80% of the time, but only 30% of the damage, not 70%... Big difference.
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  17. Daky87

    Daky87 Forum Apprentice

    And I whant to see how much time you will be spending to find one on this difficulty in PW???I remember before where they have released lvl45 and still it was playable even I have 40lvl equipment....but this is pure madnes.Now I can just wait to see if they make this playable but if still remains same Il quit thats for sure :D
  18. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    Some short notes:

    - The quest item for "linen hand wraps" in the quest "Avery Jullov Holiday 5/x)" looks suspiciously like chili.

    - The disable skills ability for monsters are a deathtrap for DKs. Boxed in and no skill to use is a certain death.

    - The entrance to the inner map of the cradle of life costs one item per entry. The game fails to explain how to get the second one.

    - The new mosters are terribly unballanced. I have a party with all my ranged chars, because all of the monsters are slow and super predictable. I guess you can easily kill a lvl 50 guradian with a lvl 1 mage.
    All their monsters abilities are only a concern for melee.

    They explode on death?
    Good thing I never come close.

    They stun in melee range?
    You honestly think ranged players will move next to them?

    Guardians shoots meteors?
    Yawn, maybe lets walk out of the giant circle that moves in slow motion. Until the guardian is chacing me - in slow motion.

    Short range attacks from fiends?
    Well, how about long range turret, or pearcing arrow, or lightning? Took me a while to even realize that this was an attack.

    Shamans shoot various stuff?
    You can literally walk faster than their bullets. Even if not, my range is bigger and they die like flies under a 2h attack, so nomrally I dont even notice they are shamans.

    This is just bad balancing. The claw strider was the only mosters that was remotely dangerous in big mobs since they were fast and you could not freeze them all sometimes. Good thing you removed them so I can just play again wack the weasel with lightning. Its just the melee class that gets in trouble by all of this.

    Seroius question: Does anyone in the entire DSO team play the game intensivly?

    Single, slow moving monsters with heavy damage= Tough for DK
    Many, fast moving monsters = Tough for ranged class

    Heavy damage, but slow moving projektiles = Tough for DK
    Many weak, but fast moving projektiles = Tough for ranged class

    It does not work the other way around, so please find a balance.
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  19. TheDe4thTr4nce

    TheDe4thTr4nce Someday Author

    Sorry I have not read all of the previous comments, so somebody may already have mentioned this.. It seems to me that most of mobs now actually does magic damage, even though they hit us with movement that looks like a physical hit. I did small experiment on it, in 2h. One with Dark set which has higher armor but less hp, second, with Sargon set which has high hp, andermagic resist bonus, but less armor, and then tested them in Nahuatlan. One purple meteor or just 2-3 hit from Andermagic warrior can kill me while wearing Dark set. they does no less than 2k damage/hit. But with Sargon set, those warrior does only 500-650 damage/hit.

    After that, with Sargon set, I went to Cradle of Life to make second test. The Orbax miniboss which has poison symbol did high damage to me with its melee (headbutt?), I guess it was around 4-5k damage in just one hit. Sargon set doesn't have poison resist.. so apparently the Poison Orbax miniboss hits with Poison damage. while the other regular mummies in CoL that don't have specific ellements, only does small damage. physical only.

    If it works like that, this may answer some questions about the damage error. The block system still feels broken though.
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  20. edrogers58

    edrogers58 Regular

    Well I think that is enough of Drakensang for me
    After spending 4-5 years developing a character making it nearly a Field Marshal at 45 being F2P then watching it turn to a pile of sh!t after R155 update that is enough of my time wasted on this game
    What makes it easier to walk away is that I have not spent on this game
    I truly feel sorry for the people that have invested money in this game and watched the developers EDIT
    I thought I would stick around and see if it would be fixed but then I remembered the developers CM's and Moderators do not listen to the players gauging by there reaction to the events of the last year common gripes for each event it is boring,too much grinding,the reward drops are too low for the amount of time put in,the event is the same as 2 years ago with same bugs and no planning put in to it
    So if the developers can not take into account the players advice on events I really do not see why they would take our advice on this update
    As I have read on this forum the developers do not care about the veterans of the game just to get the new players coming through to spend and I really think that is now the case
    Also sick of logging into a game with a friendlist and Guild list that is always red (offline) when before R155 there was a lot of green aka online
    So good luck to everyone that does stick around on this game :)
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