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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I would like to report two more issues (defects?):

    1. I used to store a number of crystals with various combination of good stats of dmg, crit, and crit dmg. I own 13 good crystals of various levels, most of the 45. I used the to balance the build and specific setup. Before the 155th release, the first upgrade (to lvl 46) was quite an improvement over the following updates. For instance, lvl 45 dmg stat 24 was becoming 27 at lvl 46. 170 of a crit - 200 at lvl 46. 27 dmg - 30 at lvl 46, etc. Now the upgrade to lvl 46 only gives plus 1, not plus 3.
    The issue is, that you 've said you will not change the existing items. But the upgrade journey is also a part of the item. And I kept some of these items only because their 46lvl stats. Moreover, I melted some of the very good lower lvl items, since they looked similar at lvl 46. Now, I regret that I have lost 8dmg in my pure dmg crystal, which was 22,22,24,24 at lvl 45, but upgraded to 46 it was 25, 25, 27, 27. Now it is only 23,23,25,25. I should have kept my lvl25 item, which would be much better.
    2. Positive bug, but since I'm not a fun of bug abuse, will post it here. Also because I can't reproduce it when I want :)
    I was killing Balor yesterday with a good team, and I was able to shoot 5+ meteors, 10+ lighting strikes in a row) it was always at the beginning of the fight, and also sometime in the middle. Now idea what was the cause.

    And one thing I really liked - cooldown decrease when in a Singu is a joker thing. 4 mages can fire whatever they want instantly. 3k gold staff, super fast teleport, and strike, strike, strike) no more archers in my teams, never ever)

    Edit: I have found one more issue. 49 level items are frequently dropping in m2 even though I am level 50

    And finally, upgrade cost of items with % attributes is not yet fixed. I still own 2 bugged skulls.

    Edit: one more bug. Blocker talent does not add 50% of block rate if the item with %based attributes is equipped. it works perfect, however, with shields like Riddle.


    I dislike this release more and more. Guess I will stop playing so unless they do some major rollback. I don't even like the 'benefits' anymore - all those new possibilities to customize.

    Now we have less points to chose skills, and various usecases require different selections. 1. Normal map. 2. M2 run. 3. M2/q3 full. 4. Balor. 5. Mortis/khalys. 6. 5v5. 7. 1v1/3v3. In all those 7 cases I have to change skills. I used only 3 setups prior to that. Not enough points!

    PVP is broken. You can say whatever you want, but it is broken.

    Noobs getting all the candies is unfair. I worked hard to reach that fame. I worked a year. Now they get all the candies for free. And candies are no so good anymore.

    Low lvl items crit is not fixed. It is a year already, since they fixed that bug but did not address the existing items. Now, it is even worse. CM is saying new items have potential of being better. That is not true. Low lvls used to be with close to maximum stats, all 4 attributes. Nowadays, you cannot have all 4 attributes being max. 2 of them, maybe. And you now need to find them. All Low lvls were perfect, you just had to find all the crit lines, but every line was perfect for sure.

    % Upgrade cost is NOT fixed.

    Glyphs are not returned.

    Double armor break does not work as it used to work, even if that was a bug. Now, it will be impossible to run the knights that fast, so you can't be getting 1M glyphs per day. Unless you have the god stats.

    DSO of pre r139 items should be called golden era. Low lvls, and armor break 'bug'.

    All those new maps, new mobs - yeah, they look nice. But you know who would play them - noone. Only Noobs that are leveling up. This is bottom line. What is left for the end game? Same stuff - q3, m2, bosses. So +1 boss with the R155. That another lvl45 joke... noone will do it. Spend time to kill 500 mobs and get 2 green items? Who cares. Q3 is still doable as a team, m2 full or 3k - too. Fast run is now complicated. Doable but complicated. I know those are lvl50 mobs, so we could improve our chars. But hey, I have perfect items, all of them. I will not be able to replace them with the lvl50 crap. Ohh, I'm apologize, those lvl50 mobs drop lvl49 crap.

    Balor drops are not better than mortis, though it is much harder.

    White items at lvl 50... is that a joke? Please, just replace them by no drop. I promise, no lvl50 player picks them up.

    At the end if a day, I was the only online player of my guild at some point. And I had nothing to do. Nothing. I cannot kill balor solo. I can't kill mortis solo anymore. I can only kill khalys. Q3 is too long solo, m2 is resourceful. PvP is a joke. I'm field marshal, and I'm not doing it anymore unless something is being done about it. So I ended up doing blackborg, the only somehow rewarding map, thanks to cubes and preparation to the event. Now I have 3k+ woods. Hey, I can't play it forewer.

    So what do I do, lonely mage in this game?.. or you think that the players who forgot already how to run m2 killing all the mobs will start doing it now? No, no, hell no. I, we, have worked real hard to build a masterpiece char, or at least a fraction of that. And it looks like it does not matter.

    I'm tired of this game. Apologies.
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  2. _Dragonscale_

    _Dragonscale_ Advanced

    Personally, I think this expansion is easily the best one so far. And I mean this EXPANSION. Not the release as itself, I know many people are complaining about the problems they are bringing with it. But I also know they will be fixed in time.

    So, what did I like?

    The leveling. The leveling and questing in Rise of Balor took a HUGE step into the right direction. It was overall quite enjoyable with many new quest mechanics, and the story was told well - instead of purely through quest text, it was told through action. Things like NPCs moving from map to map alongside with you, or the map changing and growing as you complete the quests.
    Though still, it could've been taken much further. For example, there was one quest, where you had to draw a map for an NPC so he could find his way out of the jungle. Instead of this, the quest could've involved the NPC following you, so you'd have to show him the path to the travel stone, while also guarding him from mobs. This is already done in the new tutorial area, so I guess this was a missed opportunity.
    Anyways, kudos for the devs for not making the leveling as tedious as it was with Myrdosch.

    And also the new maps. They have some of the most amazing-looking scenery in the game. Stillwater Bay, Twilight Downs, Fjalnir's Frostcradle, Nahuatlan - I love all of them. The level designers have really outdone themselves this time.

    Plus, the new skillsystem. Some people are hating on it, but I think it's better than the old one. More talents to choose from, more room for customization. Yeah, there are some issues with balancing, but that's to be expected. That happens all the time, when new classes, skills and talents are released.

    And what I didn't like?

    The new equipment set. Especially the spellweaver one looks really ugly. Would be nice to get a normal set for once, maybe for the next expansion.

    The bosses. They were disappointing, to be honest. They are doing too many bosses that move around the map. I would've hoped Nefertari was something like Khalys, and Balor... the rage system is bad, the mechanics uninteresting. I was expecting an epic fight, maybe with a second phase where Balor descends into the Anderworld and goes all nuts. But that would've been too cool, I guess.

    And... I guess that was it. Nothing else that I really didn't like comes to my mind. That's my thoughts on the expansion. Some things could've been done better, like, for example the above mentioned things - but overall, this expansion was pretty good, at least better than the previous ones (though not better than Norselands).
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  3. Vazful

    Vazful Junior Expert

    As a DK the game for me is currently unplayable. I log in to make the daily and log out.
    If they want to make the game playable then they have to reduce the overall damage of ALL classes around 70% along with monsters HP. Then there might be room for playstyles. cyaz around!
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  4. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    So I think everyone's covered all the negatives, so I'll skip straight to the stuff about this update that made me happy. :p

    First of all, the changes to the skills system have been great. Prior to my premium days, I rarely ever changed my build since it would cost me 100 ander per change. End result was that I rarely switched my build, and if I did so for the sake of PvP, I went on these crazy months-long PvP binge sessions that left me bored of it. After my premium days, I got annoyed because every time I reset the tree, it reset everything. It was a lot of clicking to put everything back in place when you only need to modify 1-2 things. (I usually had 3-4 possible builds, so only have pre-selection 1&2 were entirely insufficient.) Now I can fine tune my build for any situation... at no cost! :D I really hope the skill system stays totally free for changing skills.

    Speaking of PvP, now there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for me to PvP. :D This actually allowed me to rearrange my build setup for full-time PvE in a way I never did before: I retired all my res gems to gem holders, and went full HP gem mode. And it feels epic. :cool:

    The other epic thing are all these new relative enchantments on items, and damage on gloves and boots. I've not been a huge fan of most unique sets, but used them for their relative enchantment bonuses. Now legendaries and extraordinaries with the right enchantments can completely surpass these uniques. Just a matter of finding them, of course. If anything, the ability to have offensive stats on every type of gear now creates the possibility of a real glass cannon. All offensive stats on every type of gear, and the only kind of armor you'd have is from the base stats on items. Scary. :eek:

    Overall, I feel this update was meant to diversify our characters, and it has achieved it. There is more flexibility in our skill trees, increased possibilities in our gear, and PvP is entirely optional.

    The only thing left is to fix all the bugs. :p And maybe crit.
  5. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    the cost upgrading gear, changing gems etc is higher then the gold that we can make it doesnt add up its a big issue dso should of thought about this... , it would be great to have more end game bosses and ones that people can solo with out looking and begging for groups also bosses that are "FUN" with alot of mechanics this would improve the game alot and people will consider this game for other reasons then just "PVP" cause thats about all anyone does is pvp cause the PVE is trash farm like a dog just to get 1 leg and that too at the end got to melt or sell cause stats are bad. sw has no crit no more and all sw was good for was dmging.. and now they can hardly do that ranger out does them by far i cant speak for dks but all the DKs on tegan are complainning how they cant play as they used to and that they just die few hits the talent system "idea" is great but i feel you guys havent given enough points to use on the EXPERIENCE tab oh and the items are horrible...
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  6. qe222

    qe222 Forum Apprentice

    I am a level 50 player. Once I killed a monster in Stillwater Bay, and I just only got 1 andermant. I think it is a bug, please fix it and I will be very appreciated. Thanks.

    *(frog river delta TOO)

    I am a level 50 player. Once I killed a monster lv46 in Twilight Downs , and I just only got 2 andermant. I think it is a bug, please fix it and I will be very appreciated. Thanks.
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  7. wizzo90

    wizzo90 Junior Expert

    I like some of the PW changes.

    Giving a monster +100% hp for another player is fair because the game allows you to team up, but does not force you.

    Teaming up should be fun and not a pressure to get 5 people together because the hp scaling demands it.

    I can only hope you stick to this in events. The upcoming dwarf heist for example was designed for groups last time.
  8. Zamvel7

    Zamvel7 Active Author

    amm at first i was complaining about that too, but then i switched my skills, Dks are having now 2 stun breakers just need to use them at the right time, and be careful with the little dragons...they suck our rage,...but if you kill them fast everything will be easier.

    i'll have to disagree, if he gave to you a key because he is protecting the goddess, i would think"hey maybe i have to kill him everytime, there is a reason he is always at the top"... just saying

    yeah... i hate that but hey it's more gops..., honestly i hope they do something about it, i dont remember doing hod at lvl 45 and getting 44 gear.

    soo? as silver said you can change those skills for free. for FREE man!!!, it's true i dont like the release very much (i love the environment and the bosses), but changing your skill set everytime you need it's a good upgrade...maybe i dislike some skills but being able to change it at your disposal without wasting ander and TIME is an huge upgrade.

    amm you need to spend anders to actually have the discounts

    i know your pain....but i have found that partying at these moments it's faster and SAFER than solo.

    do you realize you called yourself a noob? we all lvl'd up in nahuatlan...

    i am with you here... they are useless i dont even pick them up to sell them later.

    i am clearing hod now... and with my guild is fun, at least i have them and they make the game easier, i dont know but i am having more legs now in hod, there is a myth but you need to die twice for every leg in hod you could win... XD,

    or upgrade or crit and give us more fact boosting both with the same option using knowledge (because they did a change with the hp, but unless the dk is tanking and not dealing dmg it's pointless)... i am saying dk are nerfed but i believe if devs listen to the advices, DK can be powerful again. (and rule as we used to muajajajaja)

    and maybe??? MAYBE??? jajajaja, dear Santa or "reyes magos" in mexico, give us more crit please.


    Ok, i was thinking i know i hate the new release,... i know i need more crit, as i said before it would be awesome to boost it using knowledge with same dmg option, not making it another choice...,

    i remember greg said during one twitch about the new melting system, and now from my point of view, we need it more than ever, we dont want to melt our awesome 45 legs, or uniques, because that will meant to say goodbye to them, it would cool to have the opportunity to just move the glyphs from one ítem to another.

    also i was thinking and i dont know if this something someone has already said it before, most of the times i have to open the inventory to place the ess i just collected or i was using against a boss just because i dont need them or i dont want to waste why not instead of everytime open the inventory window and making a free spot just to the pile of ess i have, we just can click on the ess orb at our right side and block it, that way we know we wont waste them on easy mobs and when we are about to face a boss or knight click on it again (an hotkey will be even more awesome).

    Now guild need active ppl, but there is not a way to be 100 sure who is not active. If inside the guild window we could know when was the last time an x guildmate was online it will help us a lot. or at least it will help me...i forget i cant speak for everyone XP-

    Again i dislike the fact that dk are nerfed, but i think and hope, things will be better soon.
  9. Brunken

    Brunken Forum Apprentice

    I rarely post but I feel like I have to on this one as I honestly feel very cheated by BP and the staff at DSO. The disregard for all the effort (hundreds of hours) I (and many others) have put into building a DK is total and I will tell you why I feel this way:

    First of all I started my DK about 15 months ago. As I wanted the lvl 40 regeneration skill I played PVP (which I pretty much hate) for three months straight with almost no farming at all. Once I was done I farmed some decent equipment and the game gradually became fun. The entire build was built around high attack speed and crit with a 2h weapon, my armor and hp was low before the update and my DK pretty much relied on killing the monsters before they killed him while slowing the process down a bit with the heal spins. Fast paced farming with my Guild where we killed or got killed was the order of the day and when someone wanted to do an occasional 5vs5 I could throw on a shield and at least hold the flag somewhat effectively if the game came to a locked position with both teams having the opposite team's flag.

    As it is now the regeneration which I busted my ass off for 3 months to get is nerfed so badly that it isn't worth the points it costs and holding a flag is nothing to even think of as I heal too little and am a sitting duck - it's better to just hand the flag to a ranger or SW as they can at least kill enemies at a distance. When it comes to crit and the rage a heal spin requires it is all nerfed so badly that my DK simply has become a burden for any group, too nerfed to survive two handed which leaves the option of tanking with a shield which only means a slower and more painful death with almost 0 damage output meanwhile.

    All in all, you put in new content and it feels like there is less to do then ever before. PVP which pissed me off before now is unplayable as I can't contribute at all, farming which before was fast paced and exciting now is slow and dull.
    R155 pretty much turned the game from a 8-9 on a fun scale to 2-3 for both me and my girlfriend. We have a few months left on our 6 month premium and won't renew once it runs out unless something radical happens which i sadly don't think will happen.
    The creators have gotten a bit better at listening to feedback during the last year but have a looooooong way to go still.
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  10. qe222

    qe222 Forum Apprentice

    Drop Knowledge book please change five? Otherwise in accordance with normal procedures? To 1 year and a half to 50
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  11. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    so after some time experiencing pvp and pve i like to give my opinion about the game so

    class 1 :


    pve took a hard step for 1h or 2h dk . Before it was too easy for a 2h dk now its not the case i think its fair cause before 2h dks can solo farm anything other classes couldn't. It took a back step for 1h dk though now its tougher for them .

    pvp got awful for 2h dks but in 1 h with a bit of both defence and offense they can be food . Or 5v5 total deffensive bild.

    so Point: 2 h dks need improvement Manley i seriously think the critical value for every character should go up further cause the new lvl 50 items dont give any super items with super critical value as far as i am concern .


    pve and pvp;

    with new armor break and the new 49 skill with precise shot this character got most improved not only pvp but also pve i think the range of the 49 skill is also higher than the mages 49 th skill . And i seriously doubt its not fair to the other char. cause it got more balanced. The lvl 49 skill can 1 shot you in pvp especially if you are a mage.

    Mage :

    Pve : simmer to before either improver or the other way its same

    Pvp: the new skill is only for pvp but doubt many use it cause it take too much mana points and its low range affect it only doses dmg at the end of the range i think its hardly useful in pvp it does no dmg in its way up to the end like the fireball .IT seriously needs to be improved.

    2h dwarfs got very good on pvp cause u cant see the difference of 2 skills Heavy shot and Mechanical Turret in pvp one should see the difference and its almost not visitable in open pvp this( their attacks ) needs to be improved visually in pvp.
  12. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    Generally I've been rather positive about R155 (in part, no doubt, because I play a ranger), but as I've gotten further into the new levels, I've begun to experience a lot more of what other players -- all classes -- have complained about: the lousy drops at endgame levels.

    1. Weren't gray/white drops supposed to end past lvl 45?
    2. Why have andermant drops been reduced? Really, 2 anders for lvl 45+ players, really? 14 and 11 (the former drop amounts) were chintzy enough. Now it's like being at beginner levels again.
    3. Why, eg, do I have to kill 20+ Toltac shamans (essentially, run a whole map) to get only *1* satchel of Oztoc powder? The ratio should be no more than 10:1.
    4. In all fairness, I have gotten some extra and legend gear, but with much lower stats than what I have now. That = useless.

    I understand Bigpoint workers have to make a living, but this is downright shameful and abusive to high-lvl players (if the Chinese love to grind, arrange their game to indulge them). I guess Big point accounting figured it was more profitable to just keep baiting in fresh meat rather than keep the older players going.

    As such, it might be charitable for older players to start warning the newbies what they're in for.
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  13. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    can I also ask, what the point of the boss in agathon alliance hall is? you have to grind to get entries to the boss, then when you kill it, you get only green items? I got a legend on first kill (which is from previous release) and had nothing but green since? surely the time it takes to get an entry to it would indicate that there is a reason worth going?
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  14. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    A lot of bosses earlier in the game are like this - bearach, arachna, etc. First kill is nice, later kills not so much.
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Consider yourself lucky, I only got a green and blue from my first kill. I was not happy.
  16. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Really? I got the temple guardian helmet when i killed nef-ertari. Or whatever her name is. I just sort of assumed the guaranteed first kill drop was in play. Maybe just random luck.
  17. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    i gotten green/blue as well
  18. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    well in 5 kills I have only had green except the legend on first run. not worth the time farming for entries when you get nothing
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  19. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    After trying this expansion for some time and dealing with the hot fixes I think the Developers of the game are the only people that find this fun anymore
    You FAILED
    After every hotfix the game gets worse after not having the time to really play for 2 days I log in and go to Oceanus to find that I now take a lot more damage then I did before the Frost Hotfix asked among group they agree
    Andermant drops ??? What are they 45 minutes of play in Oceanus and 0 drops of Andermant
    If the developers are trying to make this game Pay to Play you have got rocks in your heads
    No one is going to put there real life money into such a bugged laggy game that has so many things wrong with it
    Do you even read the forums ? Can you not see the player feed back ?
    I have contacted support about a number of issues with this game and the response is a long the lines of get a grip and deal with it
    If you spend time developing something then watch it get wrecked by people that either do not play or have rigged the game so they only have Uniques and only play with Red Essence what would they know of normal players ?
    Sorry but your game is now pathetic all I get is annoyed and frustrated when I play it is not even fun anymore !!!!
    Maybe someone should start a new post where we can put in new games that support and listen to players unlike DSO who do not
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  20. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    Next disappointment:

    If you haven't already noticed, check your percentage increase in HP next time you level up. HP is supposed to go up 3%, right? o_O

    Anyone actually getting that?