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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. battlefist5

    battlefist5 Forum Greenhorn

    Just want to check in to say that my knight definitely felt nerfed in the first week of the expansion, but things have definitely improved in terms of survivability. In fact, now that I've gotten my skills and knowledge levels tweaked, I feel at least as strong as before the update. Fixing the block bug made a huge difference. The upside is that knights can further specialize their preferred playing styles. I found the settings that make my sword and board style most effective.

    The new maps are gorgeous and entertaining. The lvl 41-45 maps really irritated me, whereas these maps don't demand quite as much grind. The random minibosses also make each run more interesting.

    As far as old maps go, I don't see the problem in PWs. I'm running map 2 with lvl 50s and feeling about as strong as I did before the update.

    The one disappointment left is the low quality of drops. I'm lvl 48 now and have yet to find an item worth replacing my pre-update gear for. I haven't seen any of the new uniques either. End game PVE is all about grinding for the best gear, so I hope DSO is getting ready to sweeten the pot. The way the last few hotfixes have addressed game issues gives me hope that more improvements are on the way.
  2. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    Well you must get payed for that post.
    I used to solo mortis, solo destructor, solo m2, solo everyfrikingthing now can't do m1 or q1 solo without blue. In pvp win some lose some but it was more fair than it is now. My healing is taken away and now i have to hide behind sm,sw,ra and their guardians and wolf pack...

    Well...karma is "nice girl" and now i am that one who "begs" sm,ra and sw for balor and mortis... it is a payback time :cool:
  3. battlefist5

    battlefist5 Forum Greenhorn

    Funny, Mario, but DSO isn't paying me (though I wouldn't mind a kickback!)

    I never got to the point where I was soloing mortis or even m2, so I can't vouch for the user experience at that level. That's what I've been working towards, though. Hopefully the new system didn't put that out of reach.
  4. THAS_maniac

    THAS_maniac Forum Apprentice

    3% hp that for wisdom tree , for leveling I think vary per class
  5. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    What I'm noticing is ... leveling up = damage and HP go up, both about 2%, which is accurate for damage. But HP also goes up only 2%. Even if I move a second point, say from damage to HP: the increase in HP is still like 2%, not the 3.0% I should be getting for 'each point spent'.

    Well, from what I've read in the forums, they gimped blue essence, so why should this be any different.
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Do you have any items/gems/pets that give % HP? All those %s are calculated in the same step as the % HP from knowledge and it all functions off of your "Base HP" (what your HP would be with 0% enchantments). For example, if you have 2 Solstice Stars, a RoL with 2.5%, and a 5% HP Pet, you'd be getting +9.5% HP already... In this example, you'd have to divide your displayed HP by 1.095 to find your base HP. From there, you could take the base and multiply it by your total %HP bonuses from items/gems/pets/knowledge points and it will accurately predict your HP.
  7. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    That makes sense. Thank you.
  8. kama5utra

    kama5utra Someday Author

    cant even tank a knight in m2 anymore and that with blue.before could tank mortis . not much to say about this incredible release
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  9. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I hear you. I tried Mortis yesterday and needed to use reds and potions and I still died a couple of times. In the past, I tanked him with blues, no potions, and maybe one death in 20-30 runs if I was unlucky. Long story short, the PW balancing needs some more work.
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  10. jayr3d

    jayr3d Regular

    i can solo it now :D i couldnt before all i needed was 10k red ess 1 hour 10k anders 500 potions :D (just a joke)
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  11. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author

    crafted various legendaries since 155 for sw and ranger have not found any better items than my old ones ,are we doomed to keep existing equipment and just farm for glyphs


    forgot to mention u don,tget as many coins when u sell them
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  12. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    I'm already assuming my current, pre-R155 gear is my endgame gear. This way, if a once-in-a-lifetime, useable legendary should drop, I will be pleasantly surprised ... even if the new armor is not as cool-looking as the drakescale, fireleather and sunleather gear. I mean, at least for rangers, it looks like a return to stuff made of dead animal parts and plants. :confused:

    Though to be fair, some of the gear from Chocolatte looks pretty spiffy.
  13. Sangie

    Sangie Forum Apprentice

    First I would like to say that I'm glad you added new lvls to dso. Second would be new skill tree would be nice, if we had more points to distribute, but seeing as we get very few it's more sad then anything. Third is that I like the knowledge and honor upgrades somewhat.

    The new lvls to dso look great but the monsters deal too much damage. I have had my char for over 2 years now and play daily, I was strong but not overly so. But with the new monsters damage I die so much it's pathetic. I die at least every 3 minutes. You took away hp and blocks from all classes. It is a cruel thing to give monsters more damage and take away our defenses.

    I have a dk, ranger, and sw. Dk's lost so much so that I think you will have almost all of the people who chose a dk as a char and spent so much time on them leave the game. Dk's are supposed to have good armor, hp, and the ability to regain hp. You took all of that away and made it a class that is pretty much cannon fodder. Rangers gained damage and speed but you took away so much hp and block so that if they get a chance to hit something they kill it but die soon after, oh and crit is a joke it is now. Sw's gained way to much, there are some drawbacks to the change but over all you made them the strongest class. Do all your testers use sw? I feel like they do because every other class got screwed over.

    You should have kept the knowledge tree the way it was it worked before and just added another thing for the knowledge points to be distributed. There should also be a higher max for it 25 is too small.

    Talent tree was destroyed especially for dk's. Most of the skills should have never been split the way they were. Since it was split so horribly we should have alot more points.

    Drop rates are horrible, I've been playing every day since the release and I've had only one legendary drop. I've spent hours in hod and got no leg drop there. Cube drops are so low unless you are in an event map. Still its only 1 drop a run if that. In normal maps I don't see any cubes dropping and I spend 2-8 hours daily playing the game. So far every pink item drop I get has only damage stats unless it is a ring or arrows. What is up with that? Rings and arrows should have more damage then boots, gloves, armor, and helms.

    If your plan is to get more pay to play people in the game your plan will fail. Spending so much money on a game that will just screw you over with the next patch is pointless.

    I have a good feeling that you are going to lose quite a few players. Most being the ones who have stuck with you throughout all the ups and down. You might gain some new people in the game, but none of them have as much invested in this as people who have be loyal to you for years.

    I think it would be smart to make each class equal, if sw's have damage give rangers crit, sm armor, and dk's hp. But also give each class a decent amount of resist so that every class doesn't die ridiculously fast.
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  14. MeanMachine

    MeanMachine Forum Apprentice

    Few words about what’s wrong with DK class after 155. From PvE point of view…

    I must say I don’t PvP anymore since 155. I never liked PvP. I actually truly hated it. The only reason why I did PvP in the past - was to get useful skills for PvE - to be a better tank. What may seem even more strange to most “normal” people that still play DSO – I used to buy a lot of Ander to be a better PvE player.

    But since 155 took all the useful PvP skills away, there’s absolutely no way I will PvP again. Now, even when I get new DQ and it’s a PvP quest (Since I don’t buy premium anymore) I rather waste Ander and keep reshuffling until I get PvE quest, even if I waste 800 Ander doing so.

    Now, that being said and you understand better where I'm coming from, here’s my opinion of what is wrong with DK class in PvE:

    First of all and most important – my healing skills are gone and replaced by something completely and absolutely useless. Before 155 I used to almost fully restore my HP while tanking Mortis or Khalys PW using Battle Cry + Dragon Hide… Now, I can’t do that anymore. I still can use Mighty Wild Swing to somewhat heal myself, but after my crits were drastically reduced, I just don’t do enough damage to fully compensate for losing Battle Cry & Dragon Hide healing abilities.

    And don’t forget that Mighty Wild Swing only useful when DK is surrounded by a bunch of mobs. If you’re tanking Mortis or Khalys PW there’s either no mobs at all, to heal yourself with Mighty Wild Swing, or they already were killed by the SWs/SMs/Rangers, and while at it, those guys also stole all of your healing spheres (rangers and SWs like to do that in Khalys and Mortis). So you end up buying Ander… To buy pots to be able tank Khalys or Mortis…

    But what about the new healing skill – Battle Frenzy… First of all there’s no place where to put this new, so called “useful” skill. I use all of my available sockets and I just don’t see how I can sacrifice any of my skills that I already use - it will degrade my tanking efficiency even more. Players been saying for years that we need more sockets on the skills panel. Devs added socket for a mount, but couldn’t add additional socket for the new skill…

    Now, lets examine how Battle Frenzy - a skill that supposed to heal me and refocus mobs argo from my teammates to me - works in Cata PW:

    I have 10k HP. Surrounded by 10 mobs (archers etc.) and 2 nefertari, I receive about 500 dmg from every mob and about 700 dmg from each nefertari (without shield, going 2h) which is (500 * 10) + (700 * 2) = 5000 + 1400 = 6400 give or take, while the new skill heals me about 200 hp every second… Oh yes, and I lose 60 of my rage points every time I use that skill, so I can’t really do any dmg at all - just stand there, be a target practice for the mobs while trying to heal myself in hopes that my party is strong enough and fast enough to kill the mobs within next 4 seconds - before I run out of hp and die…

    I guess that’s the new way DKs should play now – You jump into a pack of mobs, immediately after that you press Battle Frenzy and waste all of your rage, because 2 seconds after you jumped, you already lost half of your hp, especially if your Dragon Hide was in cool down at that time…

    Then you press Iron Bow to get additional rage and use Fury of The Dragon to do some dmg to the nefertari, then press Battle Cry to get some more range so you could use Charge to get out of the dodge while you still can, and let them SWs/Rangers/SMs deal with the mobs, while you hide behind your teammates, use them as your shield and heal yourself some more (if you have any rage left to do so)

    And yes, the refocusing issue - You must be insane… Absolutely out of your mind to use the “Condemn” ability with Battle Frenzy to refocus mobs from your teammates on to you - when you cannot even heal properly anymore…

    DKs can manage without crits, but to tank without proper healing skills is a very hard task for us in PvE. Increasing Battle Frenzy healing ability from 10% to at least 30% and adding additional socket where to put this new skill would make PvE oriented DKs much more happier, I think.

    Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a negative post. I stopped posting negative posts after patch 89 when DKs were killed the first time around ;) It just makes me sad when I log in to the game, open my friends list and see that 1/3 of it is greyed out since 155 – mostly DKs that just couldn’t take it anymore, mostly very nice and intelligent players, like 1honeynancy for example.
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  15. Hannai

    Hannai Someday Author

    I hear ya, and if not greyed out then just not playing anymore. I don't really play now, I log in to chat with my friends but it's them that keep me in game so as soon as we all find a new game.. we are dust. Many think this will get better and they will de-nerf but I'm not so hopeful.

    Making the game all cash-driven will be a game full of people with too much cash and time for their own good who just continue to trash each other in local chat *eyeroll* because there won't be enough people to get a match with! So who wants to be in a game full of egomaniacs and drama queens?! Will just be them using laugh emotes on each other in atriums so same-same! :rolleyes: I also see some on 24/7 so I’m assuming they either have very sad lives or using hacks and bots,. like spending 30k in real dollars wasn’t good enough! For that I would have thought you should be no.1 in game so I guess some skill is still required! ;p meow!

    If a company wants to sell me a product, then that product should work first before I consider buying it! Be like buying a car with no oil or windshield so car jolts, bugs fly in my face and I crash into a tree! Like what I did there?! A game full of lag, bugs and crashes etc.. that's not a finished product and DSO want not just a one-off payment.. they want me to pay everyday. Uh uh. So now as f2p, we can't even compensate for cash by grinding maps for glyphs to upgrade our gear as we have to sell those few precious green and white drops for travel and repairs! (sorry sorry.. AND the 4 blues and 2 extros I got this week my bad!). They added 20% extra costs to repair for f2p too... cheers for that! Plus I am burning ess like never before so I have to use gold to buy that too now as it drops as often as a legendary!

    This is how a game should be in my opinion... Fun to Play not Pain to Play! A game should make you WANT to play it!! That would be the definition of business success I would think and would get people to buy it! In a game, you need to feel like you win sometimes ya know?!! When you play and are beaten down over and over again and find yourself giving monsters the finger when death screen comes up.. time to move on! :mad: You grind a map over and over and bosses over and over for no drops! Why bother?! You come home from work and want to chill out and now end up feeling deflated when you were winning before! Not gonna entice me to play or tell my friends.. Hey, there's this great game online which doesn't work most of the time and makes you livid and want to throw your PC out the window and best of all have to pay to win! .. check it out!

    Worst is, I loved helping people out trying to get through PWs but now I have to use blues which run out fast and I just die.. over and over and get so annoyed I just end up logging.

    I would like a new achievement added: RAGE QUITTER and I'd claim that title everyday!

    Real shame.. game is losing really good players and fun people everyday : ( DSO needs to go back to Hack n Slash not Hacks n Cash!
    That is all! :(
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  16. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    Not sure if this has been posted in this thread or somewhere else
    I play Agathon server so can only talk from my experience there
    The Nahuatlan Map has the worst lag I have ever seen in an online game and it is not a connection problem everyone in that Map has the lag issue .
    It is hard to even play the Map at times I don't have Premium and I am close to giving up those quests and probably the game because of this issue .
    The drops in the Agathon Alliance Hall are seriously a joke after the first time I thought oh yeah I will get some new gear here so while helping guild mates and friends complete quests I did extra farming to get extra entries, low and behold next 10 times green and white items
    Guys seriously ?!!!
    This is a boss monster we need to kill plus the farming involved in the quests to get the entries ?
    I am really trying to find something positive to stay playing DSO at the moment it is my friends and guildmates that keep me playing but with more of these leaving daily it won't be long before someone finds a better online game to play unless the developers pay attention to the players and make some minor or major changes.
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  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Even if she were free to fight, she'd barely be worth the time to farm with her current drop rate. Maybe if the difficulty were increased 10x with a 75%/25%/>0.5% chance for an exo/legendary/unique... then she'd be worth the time to farm entrances for.
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  18. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I'm beginning to think that I was wrong about this "improvement".

    Before the update, if I sat in Watery Grave I would get all sorts of people asking me to run HOD, Mortis, Kahlys, 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, now it is much quieter:

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