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  1. Dear heroes of Dracania,

    This eagerly-awaited Release 156 brings you a large number of balancing measures that tackle different aspects of the game: quality of enchantments for legendaries, monster balancing, and so on. We have also fixed a number of bugs and polished some maps for you.



    Increased quality of legendary items

    We increased the minimum values of armor, critical rating, damage, hitpoints and resistance enchantments on legendary items, which increases the overall quality of legendary items. This will also increase the values of all existing legendary items that have been found after release 155.

    Changes to PvP-Exhaustion
    Exhaustion damage in 1v1 / 3v3 arena can no longer be blocked or reduced by resistances. It also doesn’t trigger the lightning strike from the “Tayaz” sets anymore.

    Updates for unique items
    We updated the stats for the “Dark Corruption” set, which can be found from Balor and corrupted enemies in Lor’tac. All of its items will allow you to leech “Dark Power” from your enemies and the set bonuses improve the effects that “Dark Power” has on you.
    Furthermore we updated the “Dark Armor” set pieces, that you can buy now on your character level from Gnob. Users that have items of the old “Dark Armor” set will be able to craft them into the new ones with the help of the “Stones of Darkness” which are also offered by Gnob.
    We also added visual effects to both sets.

    Addition of level 50 monsters in Temple of Life and Temple of Death
    From now on you will encounter level 50 monsters both in the Temple of Life and the Temple of Death.

    Improved Andermant drops for high level characters in Lor’tac
    The penalty for killing monsters below your level was too hard on level 46-50. You now receive the normal amount of Andermant again while fighting through Lor’tac.

    Balor rebalancing
    The final boss has been tweaked: his Crystals will stay longer, his Breath Attack will deal more damage and some of his skill cooldowns have been shortened. Beware!

    Better performance in Stillwater Bay
    We have tweaked the map so your gaming experience there will be smoother than before.

    Improved spawn animations for Lor’Tac monsters
    We have enhanced the spawn animations of some of the monsters in Lor’Tac including Protectors, Chimeras, Anderworld Creatures, the Toltac tribe, Orbax and Mummies.

    New effects for uniques added
    • The Corruption set has the “Dark Power Leech” effect: a nova with 8m radius that drains dark energy from the whole towards the center.
    • The Dark Armor set has the “Shroud of Darkness” effect: a dark mist of fume with 3m that shrouds and empowers players in it.
    Unique look on Champion monsters
    From now on you will find different and attractive Champion variations in the world of Dracania.

    Hero Light further implementation
    We have added the Hero Light effect for several early locations up to Kingshill including the two first catacombs.

    Lor’Tac and Myrdosch monster balancing
    We reduced the damage monsters can deal and increased the hit-points a bit. In addition, we made most melee attacks of monsters in Lor’tac evadable and overhauled the Orbax to make them less deadly. We have also reduced the Orbax attack range from 12 to 9 meters and the one of the ranged mummies from 12 to 8 meters.

    Reset of cooldown on passive talents at the start of any PvP match and any single round of a match
    We have made it so all the cooldown on passive talents will reset in the beginning of each new PvP match and each single round of a match. The relevant passive talents affected are the following ones:

    PVP - Supportive Aura

    Wisdom tree - Emergency Measures
    PvP - Fiery Vengeance

    Wisdom tree - Cyanite Shield
    PvP - Final Supernova

    Wisdom tree - Survival Instinct
    PvP - Forest’s Vengeance

    Wisdom tree - Superhuman Regeneration
    PvP - Wail of Death

    Collision improvements in maps
    We have cleaned up the fighting areas and thus enabling better combat and less hindering experiences in the following maps:MystraMount SuviusHeart of AtlantisSpawning GroundTemple SectorAbyss of TimeAtlantis Above Water

    Adjustments of all Travel Stones
    The Travel Stones have been enhanced so they will be in a safe zone. This way you will not get immediately attacked by monsters when entering a new zone.

    Polishing of early areas of the game
    Some minor tweaks have been applied to quests and monsters to ensure a smoother gaming experience for new players in the early levels. Your adventures through the Swerdfield Pastures will now be more linear and gratifying. You will now find the entry to Hagastove Grotto in Kingshill (lower right area of the map) and not in Swerdfield Pastures.

    Changes to the Hubs
    All Hubs:
    we have removed the professions from all NPC class Trainers placed in the game, so you will not see the overhead icon displayed any more. They will be now just quest givers.
    All Hubs: switching to open PvP function is now located on all hubs by speaking to the Masters of Battle, situated near the arena.
    All Hubs: from now on there will be a PvP merchant (Master of Battle) in each Hub except Grimford and the Dwarven Expedition Camp.

    Dwarves and DKs are no longer immune to damage over time effects when using certain skills
    If a Steam Mechanicus uses the skill “Iron Dwarf” with the talent “Unstoppable” active or a Dragonknight uses the skill “Dragon Hide” eith the talent “Golden Scales” active they will no longer be immune to damage over time effects (poison, burn…). The immunity talents are supposed to grant you a reliable protection against any effects that hamper the efficiency of your character, but they should not make the character immune to damage on top.

    Bug fixes

    Values of critical damage enchantments on offhand items improved
    Books, Gadgets and Quivers could have critical damage enchantments with values that were lower than intended. The chance to have a critical damage enchantment on these items is now less than before but the values of these enchantments are higher.

    Improved combat text for healing and Mana regeneration
    Lifeleech of the warrior is now displayed with green combat texts again. Also the Mana gain from the “Mysterious Charge” talent is now displayed.

    Some talents are no longer selected after switching maps

    This issue has been corrected and now you can change maps without losing your selected talents.

    Defect Items were corrected
    We have fixed the unique items that did not have the correct enchantment values after release 155. This affected upgrade values for low level uniques and the longbow “Macrocheira”.

    Correction of some buggy skills of Champions
    We have corrected some of the buggy effects and rebalance the behavior of those Champions of Lor’Tac with Random Monster Enchantments. The combat experiences against those foes are now better.

    PvP Damage normalization for the Steam Mechanicus Heavy Shot talent “Fiery Impact”

    The Heavy Shot talent “Fiery Impact” (three small bullets with 85% damage instead of one big bullet with 250% damage) now causes three times the 85% base skill damage, before it wrongly caused three times 250% damage.

    Selling prices not correctly displayed

    We have corrected this issue with the vendor's interface and now the selling window is correctly displayed.

    Universal health potions everywhere!!!
    Alchemist vendors now only sell universal health potions.

    Honor skill “Ready for battle” is fixed

    This skill is now working as intended and it will grant you 15% of your max HP if you defeat a player.

    Tooltip of maces
    Maces are no longer labeled “axe” in the item tooltip.

    Blazing Path quest 1/2 in group is fixed
    At Oceanus’s Opal Shrine we have corrected the bug that did not allow every member of the group to open the chest with the item Pure Water.

    Last Fire-Tamer 1/2 quest is fixed
    At Fyrgon’s Path of Fire you will be able now to open the cage without any problem to proceed with the quest.

    The NPC Tlazar will not change during the completion of the quest Surprise from above
    We have corrected the bug that changed the shape of Tlazar, at the Frog River Delta. You can now defend this NPC with his correct shape.

    Ranger’s talent “Quick Death” shows correct buff-icon now
    We have fixed this issue and now the correct buff-icon is displayed.

    Known Issues:

    Wearing items of the “Dark Corruption” set may corrupt some numbers in your skill tooltips. This is only a display bug, the effectivity of your skills is not affected in combat.

    The tooltip of the mage skill “Singularity” also states wrong numbers, but the skill still works correctly in combat.

    There seems to be some display errors with the character PvP bonus in the PvP score board. These are only display errors and do not affect the bonus.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
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