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  1. Hello heroes,

    The complete patch notes of release 157 will be published here on the 14th of October.


    Kind Regards,

    CMs Greg and Haruki & The DSO Moderation Team
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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Release 157 is here and it brings a whole new array of balancing measures, map polishing, interesting features and a lot of bug fixes. In this release we have tackled specially the Dragonknight class, improved the loot in the parallel Worlds and also pave the way for one of the biggest enemies of Dracania… Dragan! Beware of those candies and pumpkins! Enjoy!

    Dragonknight balancing changes
    • Increased passive rage gain by 40%
    • Moved the Cleanse ability from the 2nd skill talent of “Rage Jump” to the 2nd skill talent of “Dragon Hide”
    • Added a new 2nd skill talent for “Rage Jump”, that will allow you to significantly mitigate damage for a short period of time
    • Removed the rage cost from “Dragon Hide” completely
    • “Charge” now stuns enemies for 3.0 (PvP: 2.0) seconds per default using the “old” stun mechanic (all hit enemies are stunned)
    • Changed the 2nd skill talent of “Charge”. It will now increase the skill damage of “Charge” from 100% to 175%
    • Increased the skill damage of “Rage Attack” from 75% to 100%
    • Increased the radius of the explosion of “Splitting Earth” skill talent from 2.0 to 2.5 meters
    New Features

    Quest guidance is here!

    For those of you who get stuck sometimes in the vast world of Dracania or lost their way in the wilderness we have implemented this quest guidance. When enabled, the quest guidance feature will show you how to reach your destination for completing a quest. A line of arrows will lead you to the point in the map where this happens and this could be a specific monster, an interactive stateobject or an area in that given map.​

    The quest guidance can be activated at any time by simply clicking on the quest of your choice in the quest window (by pressing Q). You will also be able to click directly on the quest progress menu (upper right side of the screen) and we have added an option to activate/deactivate this quest guidance of the quest progress menu inside the Game Settings menu.​

    Female torsos are here!

    Attention to all female characters out there! We have introduced the female torsos in the game so if you have a female character you will see automatically a change in your equipment (if this torso has the female option). We have implemented this feature across the normal progression torsos and also a number of attractive sets inside the game. You will see a female variant of the jester costumes as well.

    You can expect further implementations for newer sets and other costumes in the future so do not forget to tell us in the forums if you would like to see other equipment sets or costumes with this female variant!​

    New sliders for settings: Gamma Correction, Brightness and Saturation!

    We have added three new setting sliders to bring you a more personal graphical experience when playing the game. Now you can choose your own levels for the intensity of the general light, the mid-tones and of course the saturation. You can find these sliders in the graphic settings menu so feel free to explore these new options if you feel that the maps are too dark or not colorful enough for you!​

    Drakensang and El Capitan
    A new version of Apple’s Operating System (OS X) has been launched: Version 10.11 (OS X El Capitan) is now available for all Macbooks and iMacs. The version is now fully compatible with Drakensang Online - when installed the thinclient will work. You can update your OS X on Apple's Website, here.


    Radiant gems available at the jeweler

    You can find now a new sort of radiant gems at every jeweler.​

    Loot lists have been improved for Parallel Worlds!

    Since the update of the Parallel Worlds did not make it into this release, we wanted to give you an improvement nevertheless. We have increased the drop chances for extraordinary and legendary items for normal monsters in Grimmagstone, the Ocean of Bones and Halls of Death by ~ 10 %.

    Furthermore we increased the loot quality of all champions in the Q1-Q5 Parallel World maps. Over half of these Champions will now give you at least an extraordinary item, like the Death-Knight-Champions of the Halls of the Death do. The other half of easier champions will give you at least a magic item with still a high chance for an extraordinary or better item.

    We have also increased the drop chances of extraordinary items after defeating big champions with random monster enchantments (like the Orbax, for instance) in Lor’Tac.​

    Gem-Slots on Cloaks

    Cloaks can now have gems slots. Every cloak in the game got one free slot by default and can be upgraded further. You can slot defensive gems and event gems into it.

    Minimum level to participate in events set to 20

    We have set up a minimum level requirement to participate in all our events (seasonal events such as the Dragan event and also the monthly New and Full Moon events). Your character needs to be at least level 20 in order to participate in all those events now. As a result, you will not see any event notifications in your game if you do not comply with this level requirement.

    Please note that if you have Realm Fragments you will still be able to talk to Thabo and access the normal versions of Blackborg and Varholm. However you will not be able to participate in the monthly events on those maps.

    New pets for all!

    Grizmek has received a brand new stock of pets. Do not underestimate their enchanting looks for they bring incredible magical buffs with them!

    a5.png*NEW* JabbaxEffect: +6% Increased Critical Hit Value
    a6.png*NEW* White chickenEffect: +10% Increased Critical Damage
    a7.png*NEW* Brown ChickenEffect: +10% Increased Critical Damage
    a8.png*NEW* Black ChickenEffect: +10% Increased Critical Damage

    New items added to Zumpe, our gambler vendor
    Zumpe has also expanded his stocks and it’s offering the following new items for all those Clover enthusiast out there:

    a9.png*NEW* Jester Red/OrangeNo effect
    a10.png*NEW* Jester Pink/WhiteNo effect
    a11.png*NEW* Jester Black/WhiteNo effect
    a12.png*NEW* Aviator chicken+8% Attack Speed

    New items added to NPC Zahir
    Pay a visit to this floating and charismatic man at Kingshill and have a look at his new set of wares!

    a13.png*NEW* White Spellweaver
    a14.png*NEW* Skeleton costume
    a15.pngOlympia costume

    New staging for Khalys and Herald and improved appearance for Grimmag!

    Grimmag has received a physical tweak and he looks more menacing now. On the other hand, If you fight Khalys and Herald once again you will notice some changes done to their staging. This applies also to Khalys in the Parallel Worlds.

    Rework of some quests present at Kingshill, Hagastove Grotto, Catacombs and Crypt of Kings

    In order to make the quest experience for early levels (level 10-16) smoother and more enjoyable we have reworked several quests in these maps.

    Addition of min level to the open PvP Arena in Kingshill and the PvP quests

    We raised the minimum level to participate in PvP quests and the open PvP arena to level 15.

    One door only between Catacombs and Crypt of Kings

    In order to simplify the adventure progression through these maps we removed the lower connection between the Catacombs and the Crypt of Kings. Now there is only one entrance possible to the Crypt of Kings inside the Catacombs.

    Plenty of room for Heredur!
    You will notice that the fighting area for Heredur inside the Crypt of Kings is bigger so it is easier to avoid his attacks.

    Support points for PvP matches have been rebalanced

    Due to a bug Spellweavers used to get a big amount of support points while using their Singularity. The support point gain has been equalized for all classes.

    Dragonknight Weaponry – Graphical Changes

    Weapons for the Dragon Knight that can be bought from event merchant Gnob have been increased in size. Maces and axes that can be obtained in the final levels of Drakensang Online were missing unique looks and skins and have now been added.

    Tiger, White Tiger and Lion Mount Make Over

    Following players’ feedback we increased the size of the lion mount, now it is definitely the King of the Felines.In addition, we removed the ‘Iron Panties’ from the feline mounts and replaced them with a smaller iron saddle.

    Bug Fixes

    Skill’s bleeding effect works again normally

    There was a bug by which the bleeding effect did not start when you attacked a player or a mob with the skill Bloody Wild Swing or Rageful Swing. All bleeding effects are triggering correctly now.​

    Honor skill “Steadfastness” decreases the suffered damage correctly

    We have tweaked the skill damage computation so it works without any problems now.

    Ranger’s Adrenaline skill does give 100% Concentration

    The Adrenaline skill of the Ranger generates 100 % Concentration, as opposed to the previous situation where it would only grant 100 Concentration points.

    Wall glitch in 5v5 no longer existing

    We have fixed an issue with the 5v5 arena where the players would be invulnerable at a certain location.

    Essences do stack correctly now

    Your inventories will look now much tidier than before. Essences being dragged from the essence slot to the inventory and onto other essences there are stacking correctly now, provided that it’s the same kind of essences of course.

    Walking/gliding while summoning a mount

    The funny looking gliding movement has been taken away from all heroes of Dracania and it will no longer happen when summoning a mount.

    The quest Fate of the Jarl 6/6 has been fixed for group members

    We have fixed the existing issue with this quest. Finding the frozen Jarl and killing its spirit is possible now for all members in the same group.

    No more mind-control over Herald!

    It is said that heroes throughout Dracania were able to mind-control the Herald of the Anderworld during the fight with Balor. This is utterly impossible so this may be just as legend…

    Mortis battle and wall clipping

    We have fixed the Morti’s chamber in such a way that players will not be able to clip through the wall and receive no damage from mortis and the Death Knights.

    You can now obtain the PvP rank Nemesis

    There was a bug that prevented players from getting the Nemesis rank in PvP even if they met all the requirements. This has now been fixed.

    10.000 Fragment Realms makes for a great realm wandered!

    The achievement “Wandered of Realms” needs 10.000 Realm Fragments to be completed. This has been always the case and we have corrected a Localization error which stated that you needed 1.000 of those fragments.​

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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  3. teddy.bear

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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Please note the following issues of Release 157 are known:

    Silent Intros

    The introductions for Boss Monster Herold & Khalys are currently without sound.

    Quest Guidance

    Destinations such as Blackborg/varholm, which can only be reached
    via a teleport item are not referenced correctly by the quest guidance

    Dragan’s Conspiracy - Halloween Event

    Unfortunately some player might still not see the lasers in Dragan´s Refuge and Castle Ravencaw. However, new measures to tackle the problem have been implemented – investigation continues.

    Event Quest: Bite the dust (3/3)
    Currently this quest cannot be completed by groups

    Parallel Worlds

    Parallel Worlds Khalys is lvl 1 and drops lvl 1 loot

    New Costumes deactivate unintended

    Costumes that were introduced with release 157 disappear after map change. The character still wears them but they simply become invisible.

    Female Torsos

    No female torsos in character selection screen when entering the game.

    Cloak Improvements

    Gemstones cannot be removed from banners (cloaks for Steam Mechanicus)


    The achievements that require you to get 4000, 5000 and 6000 achievement point achievements are not localized.
    Achievements that are connected to undiscovered cities (hubs) to not unlock correctly.

    Special issue affecting Tegan – free slot in old cloaks
    If you owned a cloak prior to the release 157 you will see that this cloak has not a free slot for you, as the rest of the cloaks (newer cloaks you find after the release are not affected by this). This is not intended and will be fixed as soon as possible. We will soon deploy a hotfix and all the cloaks affected will receive automatically that free gem socket.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team