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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Oct 14, 2015.

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  1. papalel

    papalel Forum Apprentice

    On dragan event, invisible lasers again. Why didn't they just remove them & put something else?
  2. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Lasers killing in 2 seconds, isn't it to much? Especially for invisible ones... no comments.

    Also, have you guys seen the final quest boss from the sarcophagus in 90pearls map? The archer, hits me with 15k with explosive arrow. single shot, doesnt need to mark. And this is against 60%armor and 40% resist.
    Trap and tree... 10k+ dmg. I didn't even understand what happend. He also shots through the walls... are you Dev insane?

    Dragan hard, and all the bosses are a joke comparing to this normal map one...

    As for the release overall - dislike. You took away the most usable post r155 skill, mounting on the way. I know it was a bug. Why do you guys fix bugs we do like so fast, but you skip those we hate?..

    You could have disabled that for pvp only instead :(
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  3. Dewesh

    Dewesh Someday Author

    new skill of DK battle frenzy (increase attack speed and critics for 10 sec), it really sucks n y dont u put summoning technique for DK, just like wolf for ranger and ginne for SW kind of smthing nice for DK
  4. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    They totally screwed DK's. Then they did it again with this latest FARCE of a "fix"... lets face it ... the age of the DK is DONE!. Its an all ranged archetype game now. And some of you still believe they can pull off guild wars??? WAAAAAAAAAAAAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Stop it.... you guys is killin me.
    If that doesnt explain how I feel about this latest fix... just look at my avatar.
  5. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Right... Feedback on r157... Well lets see...

    First off... U take away the ONLY good bug there has been in the game for a looong time! -Im ofc referring to the mount-while-running-bug... Even though U guys again and again have stated, that U are working towards a more fastpaced actionpacked game, where the fighting should be what drives us to keep playing...
    THEN... U replace it with a new bug, where most of the time, we have to press TWICE to actually get the mount to work!!!
    So not only did U not fix the" good" bug, no U guys actually replaced it with a BAD bug! -On that note, let me just remark, that I find it odd, that U constantly remove good bugs in record time, but keep bad bugs like the invisible lasers in the game for now FOUR CONSECUTIVE DRAKANEVENTS, and have still not fixed the problem!!! If I were a dev, I would be ashamed of doing such a bad job...

    Seccondly... Why keep making roadmaps and deadlines, U obviously never can uphold? I dont think we have ever had a release EVER to come out with the contense actually promised on time! U devs claim to listen to the community, but ask Urselves this: "How good of a job am I actually doing, when I cant even fix a drakanbug, thats been around for years? -Oh I know! Lets not fix the laserbug! Instead we make it WORSE by strengthening the lasers, so the event is even harder and more annoying for people to play!"

    So to recap:
    Most of the promised contense of this release was not actually released!
    The bugfixes were not "fixed", they were actually made worse!
    ...And our compensation is 10% more drops in Qs? So what previously took 11 hours to grind, will now take 10? Well wooptifrikkindoo! What a reward! =o(((
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    You need to be 100% stopped. It took me a couple of mistakes, but now I get it every time on my first key press.
  7. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    What is a live environment? A environment where a change in confition is true for all parties present in the instance, temporary or permanent. When I saw we had an interactive fire, i thought "omg cool!" and then it turned out it didn't affect the mobs in any way atall, just us. where is the fun in that? is it supposed to make it harder for us? if the team thinks its environments would be a "make it harder for them" tool, they are looking at it the wrong way. it should be "environments make this game more interesting and more fun to play". i tht i saw in twitch greg lure all the mobs into the grassy zone and set fire to them, i dont remember if that was my imagination or my eyes playing tricks, but the fire doesnt affect anything towards the mobs when i started playing . mind you i am not asking that it not hurt us. but if fire hurts us it shld hurt the mobs too, not just for show, a lil damage, but damage according to the armour and resist the mob would have. same with other surrounding things like, avalanches, ice blizzards, sandstorms etc if they are ever introduced.

    I didnt face the invisible laser problem much in previous events apart from dragan map itself. This event, there seems to be invisible lasers every location the lasers are. if they did something to make it worse, then please fix that.

    as others saying, restore mounting while running, the running animation is there, i have seen it sometimes but it just does not appear regularly because of a bug maybe, so just rectify the part that needs to be rectified, the animation.

    as for dk fix, in pve things seem to be better if u are willing to jump when hp in danger, seems odd to me somehow but is effective. the ground breaker skill is nice, i wish they make it damage along the whole path the ground breaker travels along with a 2m explosion at the end. the main portion tho was damage mitigation which hasnt been addressed, a 2h dk with 5.5k armour and 1700 resist at level 50 is still receiving too much damage too quickly if ur skills are in cooldown and u are facing a large number of high damage mobs or stunned inside a large mob crowd or facing a high damage boss, resulting in death.
    damage and crit on 2h dk is not enuf to make full use of mighty wild swing from a single boss. Distribution of skill, knowledge points for 2h dks goes too much to def to adjust to damage mitigation so very few points left to actually make use of the offence.
    lvl45 skill still useless. please give dedicated 10 skill points more and make lvl45 skill useful by changing it not tweaking it.

    feedback for pvp, havent tried yet, but i assume some of the issues will be similar to above mentioned. a 2h endgame royal gem dk still wont be able to tank a correctly built endgame royal gem ranger or steam mech. sw's wont need to tank neither need to be royal gem , just put everything on damage, shoot the fireballs/sphere drain 3/4th hp run/teleport repeat the process. they dont even need to use singularity anymore if correctly built.
  8. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Ur missing my entire point here! My point is that devs on PURPOSE replaced a good bug w a bad 1!
    They have testservers! They have tested this before it went out! They KNEW, that not only would the mounting still be bugged, but it would be even buggier than before... Yet they STILL chose to implement this new bug in the release! And having to stop 100% means slower gameplay, which is what the devs time and time again have claimed they dont want this game to be about... and dont even get me started on the other mountbug we have ATM, that makes it impossible to mount while townportalling... (in the devs defense, I read somewhere, that they will fix this and make a new button, that mounts while TPing in an upcomming release... But I still dont get, that while we are waiting to get that bug fixed, the devs decided to make mounting even more inconvinient than it allrdy is)

    If U really want to compensate us, forget the 10% that most of us ofc will not benefit 1 bit from as we will be doing event anywayz, DUH! --And give us back the run-while-we-mount in PvE at least untill U get the mountingissues fixed!
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  9. Zamvel7

    Zamvel7 Active Author

    Indeed they knew this problem while running 157 on TS, but i dont believe they did on purpose...since a bug it's a failure an error, perhaps someone wrote an incorrect code, but it was not on purpose, they are profesionals....even so if they knew maybe they decided not to change it for the simple reason of not postpone the R157 date (which had a little trouble).

    We can expect to change all the bugs, we just want to change and keep those we can use on our favor, they know or at least our mods (if they are reading) we want that "bug" back, perhaps it can come back, who knows... you are really missing some good "bugs" that came with R157...
  10. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Lets talk about 157 till now:
    1 - Mounting change - is it bad? Yes! But we will get used to it.
    2 - Slot on capes? - A bug ? - Maybe
    3 - Female torsos: Awesome
    4 - I have some words about DK , though im not a DK
    DSO team created a culture that DKs are imortals. Based on the face to face battle style , there is no one single DK that says good things after r155. What did DSO team did? They balanced DKs to make them similar to other classes. Usually what we all see was SWs and Ras dying all the time on every Strong boss of this game, and the DKs were there like myths! This is quiet unfair when we compare with other classes. Off course we luv DKs tanking Mortis / Balor and we just stand far away hitting them, but this is not right if we watch the situaton in a general mode. Why do all the other classes must accept that they have to die and DKs cant? Dks still have the greatest armors , block rates, they got some changes to make them better , but hey , DKs must die one hit if they arent really good just like the other classes. And this is what DSO team did after r155. I agree that they need to rebalance DKS to give them more chances , but unless u play 5 years and have all the best gems and gear , yes DKs must die , because all the other classes that dont fit the Maxed Character, dies.

    I really understand that DKs dont want to die! Nobody wants ! But in a general mode , i see a great balancing when they nerfed DKs. Thats all.
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  11. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I understand what you're trying to say, but the reality is that, post r155, a dwarf is a better melee tank than a DK. A dwarf can just use quick shot w/ steam regen, steam conductor w/ 5% hp regen, and tesla coil and just engage at melee range.
  12. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Yup, i totally agree they must be fixed, but i totally agree they must still be balanced acording to other classes.
  13. Sangie

    Sangie Forum Apprentice

    I've read alot of posts in the past few weeks and sadly most of them are complaining about the new bugs or how the game is getting worse. We all have things we don't like or bugs that drive us crazy. But there have been other bugs that were worse and have been fixed. The unable to mount while porting or moving is annoying but it isn't that bad. Not being unable to mount and port or move while mounting is nothing compared to old bug...when we ran through mob and thought we were safe to only realize we were still dying? Now that bug was a pain. They fixed that bug. What makes you think they will not fix this one. How many small bugs do you remember that have been fixed? Give them some credit, they are only human.
    At the moment they have so much on their plate I think we should give them some credit. Look at all the new things in the game and they are still adding more. And that is not all they are working on. Every release lately there has been something major added on or fixed while still keeping everything else going.
    I'm addicted to this game and one small bug isn't going to make me quit. Bugs are annoying but they get fixed we just need to let the mods know.
    There are some things I would love to get fixed or changed like the low drop rate on legs or the fact my lvl 45 gear is better then any drop I've found at lvl 50, but even with my old gear I kill just fine...tho die faster. But if I could learn to run instead of stand there like an idiot I would be fine. Actually I should have learned that earlier on in the game seeing my main char is a ranger...
    So anyways I just wanted to thank our dso team for doing a good job and trying to make everyone happy. That's an impossible task but they are trying.
  14. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I don't believe that they "create" the bugs on purpose, but releasing that known bug is a choice, and that was done on purpose.

    Knowing that bug negatively effects the player and still releasing it on purpose is a choice.

    Taking 2 months or longer to fix the negative bugs is also a choice. Maybe some bugs are harder to fix than others, but the bugs that negatively effect DSO never take long to fix.

    It is that kind of situation that makes some people to believe that DSO does this on purpose.
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  15. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Agree, they have super fast fixed the ability to use 100 points instead of 50 in the skill tree, fast fixed the walk-ride, etc. But to be completely transparent, there are some useful bugs that took them forever to fix, like mortis 0 dmg bug. And there are still some very useful bugs in the game :) But in general, I agree.
  16. Hannai

    Hannai Someday Author

    Please bring back the running mount! Only fun I had in game was mount skating races!! :D Now I'm left with invisible laser instant deaths and no ander! Cheers!
  17. TAIGI

    TAIGI Forum Greenhorn

    Regarding Release 157.

    RE: Female Torso's.

    Okay guys, it is clear men designed the female torso. :/ I had to immediately go out and buy something to cover up myself. You cut our dressed too low on top and too high at the bottom. CLUE: When we girls want to play dress up, it is not as a street walker. We want to be fairy princesses, Cinderellas, Queens, Wicked Sorceresses. When you design the next set of clothes for us, please consult wives, daughters, sisters, girlfriends. Go to a school and ask for a design contest and give them a prize or something. It is so clear that some men designed what you did to our clothes. Watch the ander sales, they are/will go up I am sure, because we have to cover up what you have done. It is discouraging to note that after years of females asking you to do something about our clothes, all you did was think - less. Sometimes less is NOT more.
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  18. hedwig70

    hedwig70 Someday Author

    Bring back the teleport + mounting addition and the walking while mounting one too , if you can only bring one back at least bring back the walking while mounting one , its much useful and i was kinda used to using it .
  19. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Selective marketing. The dense need less to tell the difference. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to be sold, or sold to.
    Costumes let everyone cover up DSO's fashion mistakes.
  20. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    It isn't a bug, was announced on twitch and is on patchnotes of R157 as well.