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  1. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    after 10 hrs of play:
    Graphics - excellent, some brightness issues.
    Story line - good.
    Difficulty - ok so far. (Haven't seen the challenges.)
    Quest complexity - good.
    Drops and drop rate - ok. Changes of mix could be faster, to avoid misses by people short on time. Jr. drops inadequate. No Aholt drops after quest completion.
    Lag and rubberbanding - horrid at times.
    Quest glitches - several random drops missing or too slow.
    Respawn spots close to bosses - brilliant!
    Invisible lazers - unacceptable. (still flogging a dead horse; really?)
    Server crashes and event postponements - ludicrous.
    Mounting while moving - missed.
    after another 6 hrs of play:
    Sound effects - great.
    3 of us couldn't use the jullov pickax. No flaming pumpkin. ("flaming," snicker)

    after another 6 hrs of play:
    Challenges require hugh amounts of time to prep for about 18 runs in the map, and will get worse with each new challenge - almost impossible for the casual player.
    Jullov pickax is wasted, if can't find flaming pumpkin - better if it auto-spawned near Jullov.
    Lag deaths in monster mobs - good reason to game somewhere else.
    Sargon statue does not drop Sargon gear, level 50 - bogus.
    Devastating Black Knights do not drop anything - bogus
    Arzator's Insignia & Sticky Sweet Treats drop too slowly

    Day 4:
    The pop-up ads are a nuisance, and a miss-key can get you killed. Change them, so they can only pop up in towns and atriums, and not in dungeons and wilderness areas.
    The tutorial pop-ups are unnecessary for end-gamers. Let us turn that clutter off in settings.
    Where are all the big pearl drops? Starving us already?
    Dragan Difficult underscores the need for a spirit stone hot button.
    The trumpet blare for killing elites is getting old. How about less brass and more drops?

    Patch #1:
    Things are settling down, some improvements. The increased rate of pearl drops makes completing the challenges more likely. TY.

    Patch #2:
    19 Uimit's Insignia in 1 run; the previous average was 2/run. LOL

    Challenge #2:
    excellent graphics: design, layout, animation, military formations. lots of thought & planning went into this.
    sound good.
    invisible elite Dark Archers somehow fit right in.
    some invisible barriers blocking shots and movement.
    Another bugged hole, you go in, you can't walk out, run out, teleport out, or reset out. Cupped in some rocks at the north end of the map.
    Took more time than expected.

    Running for pearls and dungeon chests:
    Running rounds against the clock: Castle normal is faster, but Castle Difficult has more drops. The better rate/hour depends on the player/group. Results vary between players.
    Could only get 100 spider eggs/run in the sandy desert = 2 runs required to open repeatable quest chest. Bummer.

    One of Drake's quests took a turn: Arzator's Insignia were dropping about 1/run, then 20 dropped in 1 run. Woo Hoo!

    Overall: B+ , subject to change.
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  2. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Since I did not see a feedback thread for the event this will suffice I suppose:

    The Good
    - It was nice to see some "new" maps in the event even if they are rehashed.
    - Pumpkin Head Archers, Bakers and Mages with different skills were a nice addition. Mini bosses were nice in the map as well.
    - Draken drops from completing quest were very much appreciated and a nice bonus
    *So far I like it

    The Bad/Ugly
    - First off I don't understand why it takes a week after the event starts to put some official information out about it.
    - Lasers too strong and at times invisible but you knew that already
    - Drop rate of pearls from Bosses is extremely frustrating. I'd estimate the drops to be 4 Pearls 85% - 90% of the time. I did receive 3 drops of 10 but certainly not the possible 12 or 20. Update: Still have not had a 12 or 20 drop
    - Dragan Jr. is about as useless as the Dragon that was there previously and no one should waste the time to kill him
    - Gloomy Pastures/Sulfur were found to be a bit too "mobby" by some but hey who doesn't like a challenge. In some instances you were mobbed and after killing enemies you were essentially "frozen" in place while your health ticked away.
    - Gloomy Pastures seemed to be a huge map for an event according to some but you know what they say about opinions...
    - The mini challenges should be extended another day or two as not everyone has the time to grind and complete in the time allowed
    - Barrels containing health pots are gone
    - Please make a male version of the Witch costume so we don't look like the cast from "To Wong Foo..."
    Update: Insignia of Arzator drops too slowly and 2 runs which I just completed dropped none at all
    -Why in the difficult map do Knights not drop pearls
    - At the current rate of pearl farming 16 - 28(10 drops are very rare and 12/20 drops non existent) from bosses and say another 10-15 from mobs this event will drag on forever. Kudos to those who can handle the mind numbing grind.

    Regarding the Update
    -Thanks for listening and adding the free gem slot to capes/cloaks
    -Please return the newer version of mounting. The "Running Mount" which would have sped up farming for this event
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  3. Sangie

    Sangie Forum Apprentice

    I liked the female torso's. A lot of women dress for Halloween because they can't do it any other time without being called names. And if you look at any other game out there you will see more things showing then dso is showing it the female torsos, it is very mild to what I've seen in just about every other game...unless the game is set for little kids. [EDIT]
  4. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    Not on Tegan. The 1st slot is 2400 anders !


    About lasers! Well guys , when the event started I didnt have any problems with lasers. Today , when I started playing solo i didnt see the lasers anymore , and it was like this all the times i left hard map to empty my inv. Than a guild mate asked to group and farm together. Coincidently i have cleanedan área close to an invisible laser and stood there waiting him to get in, so we continue together. Guess what happened? In the exactly time he got inside hard map, the laser suddenly and surprisingly appeared right in front of me. I noticed that 3 times and also I made a vídeo. Just wont post it because i dont think i can show a guild m8 here unless he aprove it. After that , im not considering lasers as a bug and I really think there is more than just a bug behind this problem. Just dunno why. It cant be graphic cards and for sure its not!!!

    When i go to map and there is no one inside , the lasers were invisible. If i group and the guy comes to the map I am , the lasers show!

    I suggest u to try it to see if its just with me or not.
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  5. Wiggles

    Wiggles Active Author

    The dungeons have been redone...


    O and the event notices wont stop dropping. And ain't they supposed to be a package with them too?


    O and also the SW ain't crying out every time it gets hit....
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  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    He is only there because quest part 5/5 from the guy at the beginning of the castle involves killing him for an antidote.
  7. DocWhisky

    DocWhisky Forum Mogul

    Balancing???? more like trashing of the DK class.
    I think your missing the point of a DK in relation to the game .. We are MELEE fighters! We HAVE to STAND and fight... how the hell are we supposed to do that if we are dead????? . We dont get to hit and run, like ranged fighters, or fire heavy shots from a distance. All of our attacks are right up close and in your face. Not saying a DK should be invincible, just able to do his job without being easier to kill than a comparable ranger. Hell, any more ... rangers and SM's make better tanks than the ONLY archetype DESIGNED to be a tank.. As I said before... the age of the DK is dead! ... thanks to the DSO Dev's love for ranged fighters and absolute hate for melee fighters...
  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Feedback in re first mini event - is it just me, or is the pumpkin chest at the end of the first mini-map that gives candy not actually being credited to the mini-event counter? I've noticed 3 times now that it does not change the counter.

    edit. I'm an idiot. The pumpkin gives cursed pearls, not cursed candy. Curses.
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  9. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    the lasers are invisible everywhere if solo and appear as soon as a group member enters the map.
    Might be a point to note for fixing the thing. i remember that this used to happen in dragan boss map in prev events too. however in prev event if someone did map solo not always the lasers were invisible in general map.
  10. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Here are some of my feedback.

    1. With this update, I am experiencing significant freezes when switching maps, opening vault or inventory or even registering for a PvP match. This only happens sometimes but when it happens my screen completely freezes for about 10 seconds.

    2. Yesterday, I have completed my 100g cloak quest and received a cloak of Enlightenment. My DK is level 43 but I have received a cape of level 37. My previous cape was level 40. Why is this? Is this a bug or a new feature? If it is a new feature, I certainly do not like it.

    3. Previously, in Thunder Crest up in the east wall, there were lot of Dragan Commanders. Now there is only 3 of them. Why were they removed? It is now difficult for us to complete the kill 50 quest because we have to wait for the respawn.

    4. PvP matches are rare when there is a running event, would you consider relaxing the match making rules when there is an event happening?
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  11. Dewesh

    Dewesh Someday Author

    I am 48 lvl DK with 1600dmg max, health 12500 and speed of 1.35 with gud resistance, but the event is hard for me, i cant get any cursed pearl for normal and once I get it i died almost 7 times by laser instead of killing. Now as other said DK is worst character now. I hav another char. Ranger of 46, now i m on it. DK should hav regeneration HP as before
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  12. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    Drake,soldier of misfortune NPC ?
    quest Frozen Relic 1/2,
    i have to collect 45 Arzators and the Reward is 45 Arzators.

    and An underground Relic 3/4
    i have to collect 25 Uimits the Reward is 25 Uimit.
    seems to be backwards for Rewards, what am i going to do with these rewards?

    and it's no drops or 1
    so i can't finish these quests.
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  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yes you can finish it ... only you will need a lot of pearls.
    I did it and it took me something like 2000 pearls for the Frozen Relic quest.
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  14. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    got 1 from mini and in 14 runs on hard got 12 cape...last event i didn't have room for saving them but it was pretty fast

  15. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    I'll try again.

    Costumes can cover up the juvenile, sexist slop from marketing.
    Why would warriors expose weakness, or draw attention for targeting?
    Really good artists could draw some female warrior costumes with more appropriate battle gear. It can still be feminine, without advertising ovulation. LOL :p
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  16. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    cool,but how did you get 2 frozen relic quests in your pic?
    and underground relic quest drops 1 item,so 90x25,way to waste our time.
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  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Test server is a wacky place... unusual things happen all the time.
  18. taketh

    taketh Regular

    I like the pathfinding part of the quests. I give a round of a applause to whoever implemented that, maybe they just copied the code over from some other game. I also like that you have learnt from your mistakes and not released a half-completed project, even though some of us can't wait to see the new pws and items. I also love the rewards for this event.

    I do not like how difficult the event is to complete. It is time consuming, and insanely hard. That demon statue, can anybody kill it? Those statues can not be tanked, how is a dk supposed to kill it without premium? Also i do not like that there is not a consistent supply of dragan normal entries; someone could have bad luck and not get anywhere close to getting the dragan set.
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  19. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    The amount of anders needed to open all slots on the cloak is ridiculous to say the least. If I just gamble that money away I can get maybe 2 cloves if lucky and many other useful things. Please reduce it. 1 cloak may not hurt many but imagine if dso started introducing more cloaks with lvl50 and then further content expansions. spending so many anders to just open slots on cloaks would be like spending a part of our fortune for just opening slots. The amount of pearls needed in this event is also ridiculous.

    I still feel my hand will cramp trying to generate rage on my dk. Why not just make rage as it was? or bring back speed of 2h swords to 1.05? Angry strike if not tanking balor still seems kinda useless in pvp and pve alike specially after crit nerf.
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  20. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    They reset the quest. The reset had a different quest ID so me could choose it again. Reason the quest is reset would be due to a quest error. The devs would have completed the quest so makeing a new one helps them test.