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  1. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    We are to release 157 but the cost of the workbench is impressive. Currently I read that in the creation of legendary items there is a discount of 25% but usually I spend 175 gold in legendary. (By now I have spent all my 7000 gold for nothing)

    crafting of 4 identical green is 2.9 golds x 4 = about 12 gold
    crafting of 4 identical blue is 12 golds x 4 = about 48 gold
    crafting of 4 identical purple is 116 gold

    Total about 175 golds. (122 golds with discount).

    None of this makes sense because the item that I get cost me a fortune but being unusable because of poor statistics, if I sell it to me is repaid 5 golds.
    Please reduce to 5 times the cost of crafting.
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    The demon is not really a good foe for the DK. I haven't done any of them this time but last time sargon and heredur attacked slow enough that they could be beaten by doing the circle dance and hit in the back strategy.

    For the demon, my guess is that the easiest strategy is to get a couple dwarves and just drop tesla coil turrets and shrapnel shots on him until he dies.

    Having different villian types is a good idea as it allows different classes to have various advantages at times.
  3. Rev

    Rev Active Author

    Map 120 Iron Forest at Night, Repeatable quest, Sweety Hallows.

    This quest asks the player to kill 20 Jack-O'-Lantern Soldiers and Archers each. One would expect that this quest would be completed in one run, however, it is not. Sometimes there are enough archers to complete the quest, in other instances there are not enough, which results in spending 240 pearls for one quest. There is some absurdity in this if that is the way it is designed. The repeatable quests in the other maps that require 30, 60, and 90 pearls are all done in ONE run. Why make the map that cost the most pearls variable? If this is a bug, please fix it.
  4. Reinier

    Reinier Someday Author

    About pathfinding...I don't know if it is a desired behaviour, but I had a very confusing issue.
    If you have the quest on the right (i.e. you are reading how many elements are still needed to complete it) BUT you don't activate the pathfinding for a specific item, then the number does not increase with each item you pick-up.
    To force a text refresh you have to activate/deactivate the pathfinding. It seems like the text is refreshed only if pathfinding is enabled?
  5. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    This is totally part of the game unfortunately. There are quests where I had to do a map 3 times when others did it once...
  6. Rev

    Rev Active Author

    Yes some quests are done in multiple runs, that is clear. All the repeatable quests of map 30, 60, and 90 are done in one run 100% of the time. The repeatable quest for Iron Forest at Night can also be done in 1 run. However, sometimes there are 1 to 4 archers that are needed to complete the quest, which seriously begs the question why don't they just raise the pearl count by perhaps 10 or 20 to enter, so that it is possible to complete the quest in one run. It is so pointless to have to go in again just to kill archers, not to mention waste another 120 pearls for 1 to 4 archers. The reward from the chest is most likely 30 pearls and 1 green item. This reward versus the cost to complete the quest is seriously unbalanced and really needs reconsidering.
  7. Kiwigal1244

    Kiwigal1244 Active Author

    Not to sure if this is the right place to post this. Fingers crossed.
    Would someone explain *What has happened to *Frozen Relic quest 2/2 in Iron forest* ?
    After completing 1/2 of this quest.. There is no further quest available.
    Only the repeat *Sweet Hollow* quest

    Also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the new additions of *path guide* This comes in very handy when looking for strays.
  8. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    So ... when is the Ranger rebalance? This is the second time your rebalancing DK and still nothing has been done about Ranger, it's rediculosly strong, like whole game is around 1 class, the Ranger ... Thats the main reason I left the game.
  9. -Skygazer-

    -Skygazer- Advanced

    Hi Kiwi,

    Tomorrow's patch should fix that quest.
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  10. Ergooooooo

    Ergooooooo Forum Apprentice

    Could see the lasers before and since the last days they are invisible, i didnt change anything in the meanwhile. Then i tried group, and solo again, reinstialling client, cleaning cache and other stuff, playing the browerversion, nothing is working, with the amount of dmg given by lasers i can forget making a decent progress in this event, and the group ratio for mobs going up in hp/armor/dmg is not making worth it going for group either then the lasers will take me down even more....
  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The first image is from the test server ... I had no time to make 15+ runs and pearl collecting in the TS.
    The rest of the screens are from my ranger.
    When playing all the quests together those quests are becoming side quests and the main is "Frozen Relic".
    By the time you finish the frozen relic ... you would finish the first 3 main quests plus 15 runs of the RE quest :D
    Always take all the quests at once (if possible).
    The RE quest will reimburse some of your pearls needed for completion of the Frozen Relic quest.
  12. Rev

    Rev Active Author

    That is not the issue. You're missing the point. I already have 136 insignia for the quest, but part 2 of it is bugged anyways. The point is the cost to complete the quest "Sweety Hallow," versus the reward from the chest that can be opened repeatedly. If it was simply one run that would be okay, but instead it wastes 240 pearls from time to time, not to mention going in again to kill another 2 to 3 archers to finish off "Sweety Hallow," quest. Not talking about the bugged Frozen Relic quest.

    [MACEDONIAN] Forum Greenhorn

    shame on you all..what you did with dk it is unforgivable..if you want us dk to stop play just say it. after 3 years of play i am starting to consider that
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  14. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    Is Underground Relic 4/4 broken? I killed the spawned boss at the sapcophagus, but couldnt click the chest.
  15. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Feedback for Dragan Mini event #2, 23-26 Oct

    I was impressed with the effort put into the formations and mechanics of the mobs in this mini. A fire archer with a circular shield wall around it, a wedge wall moving in formation. Trigger spawns that appear above and behind in narrow paths. Secondary spawns after killing a shielded foe. All made the map fun and interesting to explore and conquer. Well done. The mobs speed being very slow was really the only detractor for me.

    I also appreciate that the HP increases in mobs was not significant enough to deter group play. It was nice to run with others to share statue summons and group play without the normal extreme penalty that makes us want to solo. Candy drops were fair although id always be happy with more.

    Suggestion: Every mini event should have a way to earn Amphorae keys. Every Event should have a way to earn Amphorae keys.
  16. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    It should but it isn't. They dont compesate players they don't fixing game. You can just hope for that mission
  17. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    Add a visual timer for the cooldown and activity on the signet of dragan ring. The timer shld show the time left for the guardian to be active and also the time left for the cooldown for guardian to dissipate, that way we can use the ring more strategically.
    Even after fix for drop rate of pearls in the dungeon maps inside dragan castle, the drop rate of pearl is still ridiculous.
  18. Knifefromjack

    Knifefromjack Someday Author

    Give us back the ability to use a mount even though we are not yet properly mounted my 4year old thought that was funny as all else!
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  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    This x100! This is one of the only reasons that the viscanium event is worth playing... for key farming! No other event allows for good key farm.
  20. Dewesh

    Dewesh Someday Author

    give the regeneration of DK in Dragon Hide and Furious Battle Cry as before not in Battle frenzy, its useless skill
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