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  1. rpfo

    rpfo Padavan

    I must say im getting tons of quivers with HP too lol. Like u , i dont expect HP on my quiver!
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  2. yiannis_l

    yiannis_l Forum Apprentice

    Hello Everyone,

    As a personal note, I would like to offer my congratulations to everyone involved for the creating of the New Paraller Worlds.

    I have been playing DSO for approximately 3 years now. Nevertheless, due to the way missions at Q's needed to be completed to advance, I was very discouraged and never reached Q5 and khalis. I reached up to Q4, which was a certifiable nightmare concerning drop rate in general. So I stopped Q's and focused at m1, m2 and mortis.

    I always wanted to reach Q5 and khalis. I had been hearing about people saying that they had gone to khalis some 5000 times and I was anticipating the time that I would able to go there as well.

    With the reworked parallel worlds and their new quests, I finally managed to complete everything and faced Khalis for the first time yesterday.

    At this point, I would like to say that -due to the fact that these dungeons have high difficulty and need more than one player, at least for my power level- it would be a very good idea to have all 3 dungeons of each Q opened (like Q4) so everyone would be able to complete the missions of each Q, while participating in a group and be able to follow the other players on their full run through all the dungeons.

    It is indeed very difficult to find a group that will be willing to let you follow only at the first dungeon and leave the group crippled for the rest of the even harder dungeons.

    Thank you.
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  3. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    MegaNuker said: ↑
    You know you can disable that right.
    trakilaki said: ↑
    No we can't

    Very very odd bc mine is off. I tested it on a nude toon I get no message and the item is my level well it is lower level. I wonder how it works for me.
    Spent the coin for all white gear still no message. What triggers it for you guies when you have the message.
  4. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    I think it happened the 1st time your toon got a pink / yellow drop . . won't happen the next time....
  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Nope, it is seemingly random and support confirmed that it is indeed a bug to be fixed. They were a little short on the whole "when" part, but we can keep dreaming of the day when we can fully and truly ignore this useless feature.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Usually it is the item's level.
    I have level 47 focus ... when I pick up any level 50 legendary focus it is always triggering ... even if those level 50 items are not even close to my focus. But that is not the point ... the point is it is appearing even if it is turned off in the settings.
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  7. Wiggles

    Wiggles Active Author

    it is only counting the stats before you upgraded...


    158 is great if you have paid enough to be able to hit really hard and have bought a lot essence otherwise... The drop rates suck and you can't even farm to build up anymore. Lower bosses are back to dropping anything good anymore. No more good grinding spots.

    Building and strategy are out the window now it is now full on pay to play. And unless I am missing it, there is no way to get to the new area without paying for it or getting premium...

    These roadblocks on the upgrade path might great for the already up there players. But players like me who get premium every now and then and like to farm for consumables are just lost.
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  8. el_banndito

    el_banndito Forum Greenhorn

    For the love of whatever god you worship, please fix the equipment popups. My settings are marked to disable them, but every time I log in they pop up. I check my settings to make sure that something did not default and it is set to off. I have to turn them on and back off again, not just when I log in to the game, but for every character. Annoying and distracting.
  9. onelove

    onelove Forum Apprentice

    +1 bro, I was killed because of such 'nice' feature by clicking on the pop up & was stopping instead of dodging mobs, what a 'nice & useful' feature!
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  10. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    Why stop there, ever got the purchase window up in the middle of PVP or a boss fight because your mouse was at the far edge of the screen trying to shoot something, or more likely, you couldnt find the damn thing and a HUGE advertisement for buying mounts covered the world.

    The contradiction is amusing with these; they let you disable your name bar so it doesn't destroy the illusion of complete submersion in the game, they make changes like deleting CoT because they disrupt the flow of the game they lock a 3rd person perspective in so control of your toon can be simplified and you can be completely immersed without having to draw your brain out to consider character control: then they counter all that other work with a shower curtain advertisement or tooltip alert or notification window that you just picked up a random nonusable item. Make up your mind, is this a premium cable channel or network television. Do we need to be interupted on a recurring schedule every 12 minutes to ask us to buy something like a network show, or can we watch the show from beginning to end without interuption like cable? Some of us are paying monthly for that premium cable but still getting the network advertisements.
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  11. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Still waiting on that extra essence slot...
    Didn't come with this release, and it seems it won't with R159 either...
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  12. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    Good features are all still in the waiting queue for some reason unknown.
    Slot to swap essences. HUD locking. Guild wars.
    All of them were promised to be coming soon and they are being pushed away with every release.
    If other features are too much get these thing along other features in a single release, do an update with a release giving these small amazing features together once and get back to your usual road map or plan or whatever.
    Correct or enhance features that are already in game before bringing in new stuff.
  13. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    What 'bout yee mate! To make you feel a bit better I melted my low level weapon adornment and I equipped this one:

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  14. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Why did you do that?) I would love them to improve lvl50 stuff, not to take yours) and to be honest, there are much crazier items still in the game even though you've done that move of respect)