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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    In Brief
    Dear heroes of Dracania,Release 159 comes strong and loud!! It brings Chapter 2 of our reworked Parallel Worlds, the Winter Solstice event, plus the enhanced versions of our monthly New and Full Moon events. On top of that, we are bringing cool group improvements, the Quick Mount slot + Teleportation feature (requested by you!), a new Duria set, a lot of in-game improvements, and of course, a number of bug fixes!
    Enjoy the new content!

    New Features and events

    Chapter 2 of our reworked Parallel Worlds

    Release 159 is bringing Chapter 2 of our reworked Parallel Worlds! What’s new in this edition?
    New Difficulty System!

    Every dungeon will be playable in three difficulties: Painful (current parallel world difficulty, playable for all allowed characters with level 10 or more), Excruciating (minimum level 50), and Fatal (minimum level 50). You can always select your desirable level of difficulty before entering in the dungeon. The selection window will also show you the best unique item rewards possible on that difficulty. Higher difficulties will:​
    • Increase the damage and hit points of the monsters (especially the bosses)
    • Give champions and bosses more abilities to use against you
    • Increase the experience point gain and the amount of dropped coins, Andermant, and Materi Fragments
    • Increase the quality of loot the bosses drop (items, gems, currency, drop chances…)
    • Increase the minimum enchantment quality on items
    • Increase the chance to roll maximum enchantments on items
    NOTE: Increasing the minimum enchantments quality and the chance for maximum enchantments will result in overall better values and less variance for Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange items that you find while defeating Parallel World monsters in higher difficulties.​

    The difficulty selection window will look like this:​

    New unique items and crafting options!
    Because we know that you like great loot and to work hard at the workbench, we are introducing new crafting options for some unique items that you can obtain in the Parallel Worlds.​

    Brand new sets: “Arachna’s Children”, “Grimmag’s Fury” and “Heredur’s Pride”
    • You can find Tier 1 items from the aforementioned bosses on “Painful” difficulty
    • You can find Tier 2 items from the aforementioned bosses on “Excruciating” difficulty
    • You can find Tier 3 items with maximum stats and set bonuses from the according bosses on “Fatal” difficulty.
    • Four Tier 1 items used on the workbench create one Tier 2 item.
    • Four Tier 2 items used on the workbench create one Tier 3 item.
    Arachna’s Children bonus set
    Grants the holder the chance to spawn small spiders that fight with him for a certain amount of time.​

    Grimmag’s Fury bonus set
    Transforms a specific skill of your class to an fiery empowered version of itself.​

    Heredur’s Pride bonus set
    Adds a frosty effect to a specific ability of your class.
    Note: all item sets can be viewed in the preview window of the parallel worlds.​

    “The Untouchables” - New Ammon set!
    • You can now find the Untouchables items as drops in the dungeons and you will get one part of the set after completing the quest arc for each dungeon.
      • Players who have already finished the quests will receive the items automatically via script
    • Four Tier 1 items used on the workbench create one Tier 2 item.
    • Four Tier 2 items used on the workbench create one Tier 3 item with maximum stats.
    • Items of all Tiers can be combined for the set bonus.
    • The dungeon specific Materi Merchants were removed.
    NOTE: We received your feedback regarding “The Untouchables” items. This set is aimed to give a solid base for players that just finished the normal content and are new to the Parallel Worlds as well as to provide a toughness boost for easier farming. We will probably slightly adjust the placement and stats of the set in future releases to achieve an optimal position to match these roles.​

    Parallel World Rings
    From each dungeon boss you can find a specific ring. These can now be crafted into a Tier 2 version when you combine 3 times the same ring with the “Transformation Fragment: Parallel World Ring” on the workbench. The Transformation Fragment can be obtained from the central Materi Merchant “Salvendar”.​

    The rings are:​
    • Fyrgon’s Ring of Fire
    • Oceanos’ Ring of Poison
    • Agathon’s Ring of Order
    • Balor’s Ring of Chaos
    • Artaya’s Ring of Life
    • Mortis’ Ring of Death
    NOTE: We will introduce further new unique items, more updated old unique items and additional crafting options with the future releases. We also will improve the ingame explanations of the crafting options further and add more offers that can be purchased for Materi-Fragments!​

    Group improvements!
    • New bonus - To improve our group play experience, we have introduced an automatic boost for groups. From now on, everyone in the group will receive extra Experience and Health Points, according to the following table:
    Number of members in the groupAutomatic buffs
    2 players+1% in HP and 1% EXP when defeating enemies
    3 players+2% in HP and 2% EXP when defeating enemies
    4 players+3% in HP and 3% EXP when defeating enemies
    5 players+5% in HP and 5% EXP when defeating enemies

    Note: The group buffs will work even when one (or more) of the members of the group is back in town. In this case, each member still in the map where they were originally fighting will receive the group buffs while the player outside of that particular map will not receive that group buff. The players fighting in the original map will still receive the group buff according to the total number of members in the group.​
    • New interface design and option in the group window - When you create a new group you will notice that you can now invite nearby players and also your friends.
    • A number of options have been moved from the general user interface to the name of players - This means that you will need to left-click on their names in order to see them. The options will appear as an expandable menu on the left. These are the following:
      • Whisper to player
      • Add to buddy list
      • Invite player to group
      • Invite player to guild
      • Promote player
      • Demote player
      • Delete from buddy list
      • Delete player from guild
    • New group interface on main screen - We have enhanced the overview of your group so you can keep better track of who is with you, their level, and their class. You can also add members of the group to your friends list from this window.

    Save the cookies!! - Our Winter Solstice event is finally here!
    We know that you have been waiting for a long time, but our greatest winter event is finally here! Release 159 brings back four weeks of winter madness. Big Paws is stealing Queen Antonia’s cookies again and he must be stopped! Join in to discover the brand-new items and quests, and the in-game calendar feature. You are sure to be amazed! More information will be provided on these forums soon!​

    Reworked New Moon and Full Moon events
    Release 159 brings a reworked version of our monthly New and Full Moon events! From this release and onwards we will be releasing a complete new set of items (the old ones are still staying, so you can still go for them!), plus two difficulty levels for Karabossa and Vargulf (Normal and Painful). The mechanics of the events remain the same, but because it has been greatly improved, getting there will take you 10 Realm Fragments to access both Blackborg and Varholm, instead of the prior 7. We will publish soon a brand new guide for these events, so stay tuned!​

    The Quick Mount slot + Teleportation feature is back!
    If you click on the Quick Mount slot (provided, of course, that you have a mount there) and then on Teleportation you will appear on that mount automatically when in the hub. This feature was originally a bug that got fixed by our team but after reviewing your feedback we decided to implement it again. So enjoy it!​

    Say hello to our new Duria set!
    We are introducing a brand-new Duria set into the game! The Duria set will only drop from monsters whose levels are between 20 and 30, and will be composed of 7 parts (gloves, boots, torso, pauldrons, helmet, off-hand item, and main weapon). You will be able to obtain all parts of this set as World Drops, although the boots are also obtained as a quest reward after finishing the quest The Goddess of the Hunt 3/3 and the torso is also a guaranteed drop after killing Arachna the first time (if you have finished already these quest rows you will only be able to obtain these as world drops).

    NOTE: This Durian set is the first delivery of a new array of continent-themed sets that will make it into DSO with each release! Stay tuned for those!​

    Bonus set:
    Amount of equipped partsBonus
    2+5,00% to all resistance values
    3+5,00% to Armor Value
    45,00% faster travel speed
    510,00% to increased damage
    615,00% increased critical hit value


    Life-Keeper changed
    We have introduced a change to the stats of this Gnob weapon, in order to address an unbalanced situation in PvP. From now on, this magic mace will allow you to regenerate 0,8% of your maximum Health Points with each successful block (the previous value was 1%). Besides that, we changed the proc-mechanic of the healing effect: It now just triggers, when direct damage is successfully blocked - this means , that all blocked damage over time effects like burning, poison or bleeding will not trigger the healing effect anymore.
    Players who bought already this weapon prior to this change will get an automatic compensation of 4.500 Drakens.​

    PvP: Disabled healing in overtime
    We have disabled all healing effects and potions in the 1v1 and 3v3 PvP modes as soon as the Exhaustion feature kicks in.

    “Storm the fortress” map changes
    The 6v6 Map has been adjusted so attacking players cannot shoot towers from within the attacker auras anymore. We also enlarged the effective size of the second phase to grant both the attacking and defending group more maneuverability.

    Movement limit to the flag bearer added
    We have reduced the base movement speed from 5 meters per second to 3.5 meters per second (the 30% flag penalization is included there) and applied all the character modifiers on speed after that, following this formula: 3.5 m/s + your character bonus (X%).

    Arachna’s Spider-Meteor values have changed
    We have raised the damage of Arachna’s Spider-Meteor skill and also reduced its cooldown.​

    Hero Light is expanding!
    We have added our Hero Light feature to the Atlantis and Myrdosch areas!

    New monster staging in Slifmoor and the Cult Tower
    All heroes traversing these two areas will see new spawn animations and effects for the monsters that dwell there. Over the next few releases, additional monster spawn animations and effects will be added to other areas, until we’ve covered the entire game.

    Quest flow changed in the Slifmoor area
    In order to create more gratifying and less confusing experiences for our players, we have introduced some minor changes to the quest flow. With this rework you will be able to follow longer quest rows that will allow you to collect more Experience Points, while keeping your character immersed in interesting stories!​

    Bug fixes

    Players can no longer farm bosses with exploit in group system
    We have fixed a certain exploit that was enabling players in a group to endlessly farm the bosses in Parallel Worlds. If you leave a group while in a map you will be sent automatically to your last-visited hub. Also, when in a boss map, we have disabled the ability to kick players from your group or to disbanding the group.

    Minimum drop level for ferryman coins set for level 10
    The Dead Knights inside the Halls of the Dead (Hard mode) are now dropping coins for the Ferryman to every character of at least level 10 (before they only dropped these coins for players with at least level 30).​

    Too many champions in Grimmagstone! (Parallel Worlds)
    The amount of the champions in the Wave Spawn Ritual is now reduced to one by the end of the ritual.​

    Reduced effect of vampiric aura/life-leech
    From now on, the random monster enchantment will heal less health on the monster that has it.

    Parallel World notification and travel items for all!
    If you were never in the old Parallel Worlds (including the hub) prior to release 158, and turned level 50 after the release and implementation of the new Parallel Worlds, you did not receive the notification nor the travel item to access Cardhun. We have corrected this bug and now you will be able to access the renewed Parallel Worlds without any problem!​

    Combat Value numbers are now updating instantly to your overall score when adding gems or upgrading the item
    We have fixed a bug that prevented your Combat Value number to recalculate when adding gems or upgrading an item (you needed to change map to see the changes). The calculation will happen instantly now, giving you an exact Combat Value number for the item.

    Combat Value numbers are correct now with set bonuses
    We have fixed a bug that prevented the total Combat Value numbers to be updated when you equipped more than two parts of a se: more specifically, the set bonuses were not correctly updating. We have corrected that now.

    Attack speed on items and Combat Value
    The weapon attack speed and its incidence on the overall Combat Value was wrong in the last release due to a miscalculatipon. With release 159 your weapons will show higher Combat Value numbers (note that we have not changed any attributes of the weapon).

    Adjusted the tooltip of the focus talent “Attack”
    We adjusted the tooltip text because it was misleading. The talent relatively increases the total amount of absolute damage in the same way that the Essences of Combat, War and Destruction do.​

    No more equipment notifications in the character selection screen!
    We have corrected a bug that kept pop-up item information windows in your character selection screen.

    Steam Mechanicus skills work correctly now with target picking
    The Steam Mechanicus now moves close enough to the target when using the left mouse-click to attack enemies with skills. The character will no longer start shooting without reaching proper range those enemies.

    The minimum value for the relative critical rating enchantment on legendary helmets has been corrected
    The “+ X % increased critical rating” enchantment on legendary helmets sometimes generated too low minimum values. This is fixed for all affected items and for all future items you find so the minimum value will not be lower than 5%.

    Known Issues

    In the difficulty selection window of the Painful mode you will see the possible rewards you can get. Some unique weapons* are shown there for level 10 players but they actually do not drop for your character unless he is level 40. We will fix this display error un an upcoming release.
    * Cloaked Wrath, Predator, Starlight, Avenger, Justice, Beast, Riddle, Mechanicum.


    Duria set:
    Although the majority of the items will drop from levels 20-30, there is a chance that some of them drop also from one or two levels below or above their minimum and maximum value.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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