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  1. misterbean

    misterbean Padavan

    How were the enchants? Because that's the most important thing. Did you notice much better enchants on the items from the hardest level?
  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Nothing that jumped out at me, but I only looked at the exo and leg drops, none of which were close to what I have now. So much depends on "luck" so there may be some who get loads of good drops and those who get average stuff. It's the pure randomness that will keep me from doing the harder maps when it doesn't appear to be much better than the normal maps.

    If someone can do the hardest map on blue ess, it would probably be worth it.
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  3. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I also found these two (or three) problems:

    1. The materi fragments are not getting picked up automatically as promised.
    2. The minimum values of legendary items in higher difficulties certainly needs reworking or calibration. I picked up a cuirass with +4.01% damage and two-handed hammer with +26.02% weapon damage in Q3, fatal difficult. These are some of the lowest stats I have ever seen, they are most certainly not on par with what was promised. Both items were legendary level.
    3. (maybe) The materi merchants are gone but the set also is not on sale by the main merchant. I am not sure if that's intended or not though. It should be, as we were saving materi fragments to buy four of each item and combine them, hoping for good stats. Now we are left with 20K+ materi and no use for them.
  4. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    OK... Upsides:
    *We were all given the untouchables-set (unuasable to all players, that has been lvl 50 for more than a week... Maybe DKs can use em a lil longer, I dunno...)

    *We can now work to improve and upgrade our uniques (also redundant, since 99% of uniques are now WAY weaker than legs, and 35.000 materifragments to upgrade to tier 2??? CMON! U havent even calculated how long it will take to make 1 tier 3 item, let alone a set!!!)

    *Good thinking with 3 lvls of difficulty in the Qs! (But sadly redundant as the items U get is no better than the 1s U get from regular Qs)

    *Nice lil feature w the calendarcaves!

    *Cristmasevent is ruined! Not only are those infernal run-the-gauntlet-stones still shooting us down like crazy (thank God U didnt base the minievents on those after seeing how hated they were last year [sarcasm]! Way to listen to the community! [more sarcasm]), but the droprate of everything is a joke! This is my 4th Xmasevent! -But its the first time in all four years, I will only play the event untill my progressbar is full! -its simply that bad!
    Presents now gives precisely the colour displayed! (Green present=green items etc...) Last year we at least had a small chance to get something decent, when we opened the presents... And dont even get me started on the 1.500 coins needed/5 coins repeatablequestthingy... That feature is just... appauling! =o(((

    *Maps now are oriented in a way, so U HAVE to play them from start to finish! Especially in Qs its annoying, that we no longer have the choise to play as we see fit! Back in the old days, we could decide to form a group for Mortis and down him like 5-6 times in a row... In my guild we made sceduals, where a weak lvl 50 could join up with 4 strongs 50s and get some decent drops... Mortiscoins were farmed in smaller groups as a preparation for those get-to-gethers... We had the freedom of choise! This way we have no freedom anymore!

    *Autopickup is still a joke! Not even materifragments as promised is being picked up... But look in Xmasevent! I actually spent more time picking up eventprogress, presents, questsitems, etc than fighting! CMON! (*CLICK* 1/12.000, *CLICK* 4/12.000 etc... not REALLY what U, BP have said countless times about making this game more about the fights itself, and less about preparation and postparation, is it???)

    *The new groupfeature is invented by guys, who CLEARLY dont play the game! More nontransparent EDIT to block my wiev, and make it impossible to target enemies... And now I cant even follow rage/mana/concentration/steam of my fellow players... CMON! At least make us able to toggle the transparancy of all the cr*p U implement so badly! (a feature the community has longed and asked for, for several years!)

    *Our inventory simply cant handle the new tier-implementation! People have been complaining about problems with inventoryspace during draganevents, where we have to hold the items till they are tier 2, to get the best meltingvalue... now imagine people having so many uniques from the different sets, just waiting to get upgraded... INSANE! -and again thought out by people, who simply dont play the game!

    So lets cap this up: No freedom to play as we see fit is resolved by the fact, that its harder to see and down enemies, but thats a good thing! Cuz if we did down the enemies, we would not have the inventory to hold the weak drops they would have provided!

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  5. misterbean

    misterbean Padavan

    All my thoughts there ^
    Especially when it comes to playing their own game. They said on numerous occasions that they also play.... Well that's a big lie obviously. Nobody who plays the game would take such obvious counter productive decisions
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  6. misterbean

    misterbean Padavan

    the tier 3 items are only a little better than tier 1
    Pfff what a joke, so much effort and inventory waste for crap items -.-
  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    I haven't had time to check out everything, so just a few initial thoughts.

    Thanks for the free ammon set gem holders/gop! I wasn't planning to buy the set in the first place, so it's a nice bonus. I love free stuff. As well, excellent move on removing the overpriced new ammon set from the shop. Since I don't need the transforming thingy to make crappy rings into slightly less crappy rings, my spending options have now narrowed. Choices are now so easy to make. Everything except the weapon costs the same, and is worth the same in the furnace.

    While I'm on the subject of materi frags, can I have a stack size increase, or conversion to an actual currency? (While on the subject of stack size increases, ess, mortis coins, and amphorae keys could do with another 9 in front of it.) I also don't see the promised auto pick-up of materi frags.

    The various social menu changes are kind of interesting. I like that the group name is displayed on the right side now. But the opacity and missing resource pool of people in my group are annoying new additions. If I'm not wrong, Ctrl+Click in the chat has been removed (I realize the Ctrl+click feature hasn't been working spectacularly for me for a few updates now, so I could be wrong on this one). The new single click from the social menu is kind of nice. I suppose it'll take a while to get used to.
  8. draco994

    draco994 Active Author

    Hello developers.
    well, here are my updates on new release.. First of all , i am so deeply impressed there is no much experiencing bug as those in past patches. so dso improved a lot on that issue. that gives hope we can wait for more impressive things from them.

    Secondly. as many already pointed out, the group window is disturbing vision and opaque make it vulnerable . the whole size it takes is too much, especially others resource tab gone. In group, it is highly important as I play looking at and evade some attacks from boss looking at those bars randomly which helps a lot , it helps us understand the group member can hold himself til i am back to resource full. when i switch it off, i cant even see if some one joins, dead, resource down etc, making it more vulnerable.

    Thirdly, the difficulty version drops higher quality drops, but the failure to make use of it is due to the fact that the crafting mechanisum is still broken and u havent yet introduced the promised crafting mechanisum 2.0 where in we can craft the desired items.. this fatal error of not introducing that and introducing this new diff map with higher quality item ends in mishap as we can only glyph those and cant take it in inv anymore to keep it consuming space till u introduce the new crafting system. for now, the diff version is waste as blues cant be used to craft eos and eos good crafted cant be made to make good leg..

    Fourthly, The buffs icons should be transparent, clicking on it wont move the chars as desired creating or resulting in death in crucial points like boss area.

    Fifthly, The Dk weapon weather available on gnob cave or not , not confirmed yet officially creating confusion.

    Sixthly, still no idea of who all are offline for a month on guild even though guild activity introduced. at least gm should be aware of lot of those details to maintain the guild.

    Seventhly, every thing is removed from social window except the red, leaving guild which makes it automatically go for it , accidentally or inadvertantly as we are used to go down as usual, if no confirmation , it is crucial. I now kicked many active members thinking they are not online for months due to time zone difference. ----------------------Same is with creating gem slots. i lost lot of ander on creating /crafting gems and accidentally open the next slot. even though u ask for gold confirmation while opening no such window for slot opening is ridiculous.

    Eighthly, We are promised in forum of giving us back the run and mount option bug which was more acceptable than mount and tele bug of earlier version. but contrary , u introduced the first bug than the promised bug which is highly disappointing. we need the run and mount bug beautifully done or plz devs work on putting it back, we are ready to suffer the animation prob for its usage as we already has enough bugs still in game and never complained now.. llke emote no sound on wave, war cry ,etc which are broken for more than 8 months and not yet corrected even after continous demands.

    Ninthly, WE need more slots for one more skill and a slot of pots , potion to make it usable and a hot key to revive the dead group member in maps if we already have stones in inventory nd that pop up window during maps is really annoying and disturbing in crucial times... what ever u r point and advantag eof advertising u see in it. it is more annoying than bugs that is in game.

    Dracoknight994 ,GM, IImmortals dk, 45
    Draco994, ranger, Kita gila, 47
    Dracospell, sw, Thebraveidiots, 47
  9. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    On the drops, I have already got few nice items. Gloves with 20%+ attack speed, a ring with a decent mix of dmg, crit and crit dmg. I have had 3 legendaries dropped from heredur at a time. And also his ring the next run, but tier 1. I thought those harder bosses will drop higher tier rings.

    On the bosses themselves, you didn't make them hard, you just made the boring. 8-10 min on blue dancing around heredur... come on. At least make it drop blue essences in 100% cases. Or at least 50%

    So quality if enchants is the only really good thing here.
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  10. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    All I wanna say is the data streaming of game graphical models jams so easily. A lot of components are invisible or white color. My DK stays in Kingshill over half hour, it's still the same.
  11. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    Now the materi fragments will only buy old stuff. The untouchables set went to everyone and is available all over the parallel worlds.
    It only took a month to trash the new currency. Thanks for wasting our time.
  12. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Please allow me to disagree. I did about 10 runs in Lethal mode and the drop is almost the same than Painful mode.

    Gloves with 20% speed are very rare but not anything special, one month ago I got pink gloves with 18% speed on just 2 bonuses (+8,5% and +9,5%). And one friend of mine got about 30% speed on 4 bonuses, several months ago.

    Now, with r159, you can occasionally find an item maybe blue with some stat higher than usual. But I've seen they are rare like white flies. If you report a such rarity to the legendary items, which in themselves are a hundred times more rare than blue, you draw the conclusion that the effort goes well far beyond the taste.

    Maybe Heredur gives 2 legendary items per run (never dropped 3 together) but he takes a so long time to die that you can easily fall asleep in the meantime. Every so often, I would also like to have fun, and do not condemn me to play as if it were a job.

    Last but not least, from yesterday I have combined at workbench about thirty pink items gotten in Lethal maps, and I have always obtained crappy legendary items (excuse my French slang).

    I'm going to repeat what I already said: BP declares a loot better of 250% of something, in Lethal mode, versus the 150% in Painful. If this was ever true, you should notice some improvement in several or even many of the items you get, not just in one every thousands.


    Sorry, I am really disappointed because I consider myself a high-end player, and I am waiting harder difficulties from a long time, provided that there is the concrete chance of getting items really more powerful than the older ones.

    From lev 45 to 50, most of us improved much more for merit of the new wisdom system, than for any drastic increment about the items quality. But - I do not know about you - I have much more fun and satisfaction when I hardly farm for a better weapon, than for clicking on the "plus" button aside the wisdom points.

    Now, with r159, the apotheosis: there are mobs with four times HP and double damage than before, while we do not have a realistic possibility to reach double HP and 1.5x damage than we currently have, especially looking at the new sets (do not let me say what I think about the "new new set" of Karabossa) even at tier 3.
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  13. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Yes, you can disagree. But those legendaries are really better than common junk. Dmg line of 30+ all the time, even on pink items. Got 30,32,34 dmg pink boots) crit 200+ every line, also got one 247 which I close to max possible. Decent weapons too. You are right heredur is boring, and it takes much more time, but you can take this as an opportunity - need glyphs - go normal. Need some quality - go extreme. I was farming 2M per day in m2 before r158. I have seen thousands of legendaries, and 99% of them were junk. Here, in two days I got a number of items that are with the stats close to max, that I would consider and do the math. But, anyway) you have your right to do what you want)
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  14. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Well. If this is true - and I have no reason to think that you are lying - this means that you are more lucky than me AND many other people (those that posted here above, like all my friends with whom i have talked during the game).

    Or, if not a matter of luck, it means that the drop continues to be good for someone, and bad for someone else, based on choices that will certainly continue to be unexplained to us. For example, penalize the strongest players to allow the less strong to reach their power - NOT for merits of play, but just because this is the policy of the game (just think to level 45, which was practically given as gift to those who still it was not, while we had to sweat for it).

    Some consideration, always in the (remote) hope to be constructive:
    • After other several runs that i did yesterday (maybe 20 in total, from the first day... just out of curiosity: how many runs you did right now??) I can say that damage line is NOT over 30 all times. Surely, NOT for pink. I could post several pic of items dropped in Lethal Q3 that are well below it.
    • I also have seen thousands (say hundreds to be more realistic) of legendaries, so I well know what are junk. Those I've gotten these last 2 days (even those from workbench) are their close relatives.
    • Doing more glyphs... for what?? 2,5 million glyphs to improve the level from 50 to 51 and having maybe +5 damage?? Don't make me laugh. The glyphing system is obsolete and actually useless: it needs a drastic improvement... like the whole gameplay.
    • In general: even assuming that the baseline is a little higher than 30 (and given that I already own items with 3-4 bonus damage aligned to those values) do you really believe that this is satisfactory, when the monsters are gone from 400% till 1500% HP?? If so, lucky you (again).

    After having carefully read what BP states, I finally understood (sorry, it is the fault of my usual hurry :( )

    When you enter the parallel world, in any mode, the window explain that ONLY the minimum stats would be higher than before (= quality). And that, at highest difficult, you also find a higher number of special/legendaries/maybe uniques (= quantity).

    That's all. And it is unfortunately almost useless, if you already have a gear close or aligned to the highest possible stats of r158. Ufff.
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  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It would also be nice if every item's minimum number of slots was raised in the harder two difficulties...

    For example:

    On the harder difficulty, all items would have +1 slot added to their minimum:
    Improved: 1+
    Magic: 1+
    Extraordinary: 2+
    Legendary: 3+

    On the hardest difficulty, all items would have +2 slots added to their minimum.
    Improved: 2+
    Magic: 2+
    Extraordinary: 3+
    Legendary: 4

    Something like this would make me want to farm in Fatal, because I'd know that I wouldn't have to spend andermant to open the slots if I found a good item.
  16. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I am afraid that you were just lucky. I got many items with just 17-18 DMG, 140-150'ish critical rates, 4-5% increased damage, etc. I just dropped a two handed legendary axe 5 minutes ago, in Q3 fatal and the drop was by heredur himself, that has only 26% increased damage and 25.6% increased critical damage. My lvl47 axe that I am using has two times higher stats than these and still they could have been significantly better.

    If the system was working correctly and the minimum stats of the items were really increased, there should not be legendary items with such low values.

    Actually, no. You are exactly right that the quality of the items (should be) increased, but the drop rate remains unchanged. Only the bosses have a higher chance of dropping rare items (uniques or at least legendaries - I hope I won't ever see a fatal difficulty boss dropping me just one extraordinary item).
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  17. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    just so you dont think I'm lying) just in case, here are few screens of the items I got yesterday and today, in recent hours) I have few more pretty nice items in the locker, but I'm in the middle of the map. 20% speed gloves I mentioned also have 297 resistance.

    All of those in two days and one night, all from q3-q4, heredur and bear. some of those just dropped in recent hour. Some not impressive, but some are very good. and all of them are surely nothing like just from whatever map prior to r159

    Previously you had to drop 100 legendaries to get 1 item like those (better) below. Now they drop all the time, and in few days or maybe weeks you would surely find something very very interesting. I have actually replaced few of my items already. Didn't make screenshot of amulet, from the first day.

    So, you may keep saying I'm lucky, but the quality of the modifiers was surely improved. Besides those I've got boots with 900+ armor, 250+hp, another gloves with 16+% speed, armor and damage etc. All of them would be considered rare prior to r159.

    And finally on the glyphs. It is your right not to glyph things up) I have 120M+ and it does make a difference. But it is surely up to you)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    As for amount of drops, I get more items in fatal mode. both on the map and from the boss. I have had 3 legendary items dropped from Heredur. Also got his unique, but tier 1 despite fighting fatal. But one of my friends got tier 3 ring in the first 10 kills.

    I did 50-60 runs since since r159, maybe more.
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  18. pydragons

    pydragons Padavan

    We were supposed to automatically pick up fragments after 159, right? Or, am I lost somewhere?

    BP calls them Painful, Excrutiating, Fatal. Players calls them normal, hard, very hard. Talk about design..

    Mobs are exactly the same, just more HP and damage. Exactly what I said/predicted. Don't expect any different behavior from the mobs with that ancient FSM system.

    PS: Why on earth every event we have to collect stuff.... I want to run and kill monsters like a tank, not stopping every wave to pick 10 quest/event items. It disrupts the battle flow, isn't it obvious ?!
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  19. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    Nobody said you are lying. You just got lucky. Well, for the most part. You have an amulet there with 8.28% critical damage. The minimum possible critical damage on a legendary item is 8%, so that's nearly the worst possible stat. It should not drop in fatal difficulty, where the minimum value of the stats should be higher.

    I, who was not as lucky as you, got plenty of legendary items with very low stats, some nearly their worst possible value. If the minimum was really raised, these shouldn't have dropped.

    The drop is about the same for the entire map, except the bosses. I did more than 30 Q2-Q3 runs in fatal mode since yesterday. In half of them, I did not get a single legendary until the boss. In painful mode, there have been times that I got 3-4 legendary items in just one run. So, the drop rate is not better, until you get to the main boss anyway. Besides, BP themselves said that they are not going to mess with the drop rate, just the quality of the items.

    By the way, you cannot get a Tier 3 ring as a drop. It always drops Tier 1 rings. Besides, there is no Tier 3 ring to begin with. Rings go up to Tier 2 only. Your friend should seriously reconsider his/her statement.
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  20. MANOJ

    MANOJ Forum Pro

    Wait, what?? :eek::eek:
    That isn't supposed to be tier one in there if am not wrong.