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  1. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    They indeed do not reset their health points if another player enters the map via travel rations. About this, I have mixed feelings, here's why: of course I thought the same as you, the twinks might exploit this to their benefit, BUT, they can't buy passes for excruciating and fatal, not even with andermant, which is fantastic in my opinion, also, they still have to pay a prize for painful, be it in andermant or MF to get there, it has some limitations, which is good.

    The counterpart is when you actually have a group of fully cooperative players around the same level, if one needs to be afk for 5-10 minutes, because reasons, it actually lets the group start the work while the other player does what he needs to do, removing the non-reset status would lead to a bunch of us waiting idly for 5-10 minutes inside the boss' map for that person to become available, or have an idle dead toon inside the map, representing extra waste of resources for all of us, or, wait in the town reducing the effective runs you can do over a certain amount of time, so, for now I don't think the negative impact of this overthrows the positive one, at least from my point of view, maybe I'm overlooking something.

    Also, regarding the healing bosses, it's around the third time I state this and I see no disclaimer or official response about it, the mini-bosses at PW Grimmagstone still go back to full health if I'm soloing, die, and choose to respwan inside the map, happens in both map 1 and 2. Perhaps this is what scares me about them messing with the "fully healing when new toon enters the instance" feature.
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  2. Noriyull

    Noriyull Forum Apprentice

    ...R 160... YAAAY Its a live ... nebula... grrr edit edit edit... I am in Slum city... edit edit... oki lets roll again! yaaaay !!

    oki the thing whit 160 r is u try to get us focus on what dev. tim call FULL RUN DUNGEONS from first to last mob/champ/boss and they FAIL cozz of nice new addition to the game after we got nebula/dissociation/any crap we end up in city. Last night this thing happens x6 times on boss runs (& don't know how many in regular farming) i spend MF/portals/teleport,ess,time for fast kill boss and i got only frustration from it .. this only happens when DEW tim don't lessen to us players/payers we say "OPEN THE DOOR TO BOSSES AFTER WE FINISH AMMON Q." so we can do Bosses normally like it was in good old days... GRRRRRRRRR...

    ..The 2 good thing are in 160 r if u ask me. good but not perfect, they can be perfect but need this EXTRA touch like always
    1. teleport for bosses is GOOD u need just to lover the price in MF cost , i am talking about fatal 450 is just to much to pay if u plan to run 5-10-20 runs ... 100 or 150 will be super, do that u get A+ form me for this ...

    2. is MF/materi frags auto-loot is good but u miss to add a battle text how much we get in loot! Fix/do that A+form me ...
    ...hope this will be add it to RF when time come ...

    TXY u Nori
  3. chop77

    chop77 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, I hoped that you will fix crafting price with hotfix today, 4 extraordinary eqiupments cost is still 116 gold instead of 84 or 87 as it was.

    Second, I want to report that wisdom skill for steam mechanic is still not working.

    "Adept Inventor"

    Increases your maximum steam by 25%.
    You'll receive 30 steam back when you dismantle Turrets.
    Costs 10 Talent points
    Required wisdom level 25

    It gives only 20 steam back when dismantling Turrets. When I play alone I can't stay at place and quick shot to get steam (dead rly fast), so I can not throw 2 turrets all the time. It's more harder now. In nerfing there was not a word about this, only smaller turret range. In game under skill description still says 30 steam back for dismantling. But as I sad it is not working, it gives back only 20.... which is by default
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  4. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    What he said
  5. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    And a quote from Teddy.bear was...

    Reduced Crafting Prices

    We have reviewed the community’s feedback and decided to reduce the prices to craft items on the workbench:
    Andermant and Gold crafting costs from Magic (Blue) →Extraordinary (Purple) will be reduced by 50%Andermant and Gold crafting costs from Extraordinary (Purple) → Legendary (Orange) will be reduced by 37,5%

    So as you can see with the numbers provided a level 45 legendary should be 98 to 99 gold. Now what is it not sure. and if it was messed up before and to low then people please be thankful they let us keep the lower price this long.

    I really enjoy the legendary items from m.frags. I hope I did not mess up I got one weapon and after dailies dropped wondered if that was the time you could get another and it was buyable so I got another. Might want to wait til hotfix to purchase another.
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  6. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    R160 issues: Not liking the new kick to city bugfeature that accompanies a disconnect. I understand you want to stop players from resetting the bosses and make people go through the entire sequence of maps, but really, a door like the old mortis map would be appreciated.

    I don't think the cave wares get updated until the gnob visit, which is tomorrow. So afaik, at this moment, the cave would not have fragments, but I could be wrong. In any event, not worth it to me to spend a cave map to check given gnob's impending arrival in kingshill.

    Gnob announcement here:

    That being said, I don't see anything in the announcement about upgrading elements.
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  7. KellueéHazé

    KellueéHazé Junior Expert

    The legendary weapon sold by Salvendar in Cardhun should only be purchaseable once a day, but it can be purchased multiple times if the player reloads the map.Whats this? You cant buy weapons more than once?, can your team get any more stupid?? -_-. And why not let non prem users find cubes? Premium people get enough benefits, Free travels, 100 anders per day, a better box for daily, free reshuffle of challenges, A free pet, And more xp!, and more honour!, what do us free players get? Oh yeah, NOTHING, not everyone can afford premium
  8. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    The legendary weapon thing is a known bug.

    As for the premium thing, my opinion is the opposite of your opinion. I cancelled my premium as I feel the benefits are not all that significant once one reaches level 50 wisdom. If the cubes were free, I never would have even bothered getting premium, as the cubes are probably the single most significant benefit after talent reshuffling. My take, in the context ofR160, is that the costs of premium either needs to decrease or the benefits need to increase.
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  9. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Well there are a lot of things I really like about this game even on the free side. Granted the free respawn is awsome and the reshuffle of daily is nice pre knowledge 50 but the extra storage space and the new locker everywhere... The reasons people don't get premium.... Maybe the can not afford it... Some places can not buy it...
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  10. Red_Jaeger

    Red_Jaeger Junior Expert

    I think you are overreacting. Almost noone from Greece can get a premium account since July due to the banking capital controls. They cannot perform any payment to abroad, including to Bigpoint, so they cannot get premium packages if they do not have relatives or friends abroad. It is inconvenient, yes, but they did not go extinct. I play with a lot of high ranked people without premium accounts, flag bearer and up, technically everyday.

    Of course premium should have some benefits, or nobody would be getting it. Actually, I do not find the current benefits of any use to me as they are now. I rarely die, travel costs are minimal and I store or sell the cubes. The pet is just for show too. There are no major benefits from having a premium account if you are an above-average end-game player. I only pay for the premium package because I feel that, ethically, the developers need support, or there would be no game.
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  11. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Another thing, you messed with the rewards system of the jesters and when you bet 1 gold you basically get a stack of 5 blue essences 95% of the time, at least prior to this release the stacks were more..., colorful o_O

    Also, I dunno if someone has adressed this before, but there are some squares on different parallel worlds, but mostly in map 2 of grimmagstone where we have specific areas of the map where certain skills WON'T deploy when facing a certain direction, even though you're pressing the key or the mouse button, I've found them, so far..., in grimmagstone, alliance fortress, halls of the dead, hunting call clearing, and eternal grove. You can see it by yourselves here:

    0:53 when he tries to deploy Ice Sphere on the bear

    Adding to that, I know the maps are supposed to have obstacles that might make some skills not reaching properly, but there are also a lot of instances in these maps where I'm fighting in plain terrain and the frozen sphere explodes half way of its range due to invisible obstacles.
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  12. crazyelli

    crazyelli Junior Expert

    ok i am not crying or whining as i dont play the ranger toon but why would you all mess with a class that has finally became decent because of a few who have cried please nerf them... now from what i can see most rangers unless high payers can not play ,,or survive now,,, Please stop nerfing toons and find other ways to balance the game
  13. Silentmist

    Silentmist Junior Expert

    I'm a ranger and I like the last nerf. Everyone was asking for a PVP nerf, and they actaully made a PVP nerf, nothing more.
    They decreased the damage of the single target skill by 25%, and they didn't change the AOE damage.
    In PVE the damage loss on one mob is -12.5%, and the essence cost has been decreased by 16.7%. We have two consequences:
    • we save essences when we have a group of mobs
    • we need slightly more time to kill a non-immune boss, but we still use the same amount of esences
    They also increased the delay of the explosion, and if it worked in the right way (here the bug) I wouldn't see it as a nerf. We actually have more time to hit the mobs while the armor break duration is active. Here the explanation: if we hit the target with the first arrow at instant 0, the armor break will start at 0.2 sec and it will last till 3.2 sec. During the first 0.2 sec after the hit, it would have been hard to land an hit, so we are actually saving that time for later.
  14. IceStormer

    IceStormer Forum Apprentice

    The maths are way wrong (as I was calculating with in my deleted thread)
    I will not bother do make another post one since they can not understand real criticism but one advice: "do AGAIN do RIGHT!!!" you are not even close with the math ffs
  15. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Regarding the Parallel Worlds from my point of view,

    I like the fact that you have added more mini-bosses now.
    I like the addition of more variety to the types of mini-bosses and also for the variety of skills and multiple special abilities.

    However, I dislike the following:

    1. Too many skeleton warriors everywhere in Grimmag. I would have preferred a more balanced number of archers, warriors, trolls and magus.

    2. Poison mini-bosses are a pain. They have very high poison damage which cannot be blocked by shield or armor I guess since I am receiving a lot of poison damage from these guys.

    3. The purple mini-bosses stun you too frequent. More than half the time I am being stunned and cannot do anything. The frequency of the stun should be a bit lowered. May be 25% of the time? Or provide a reasonable way to avoid the stun. For now, if we run away from that stunning homing missile, by the time we avoided it, the boss cast the next one. So, there is absolutely no point trying to avoid it.
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  16. chop77

    chop77 Forum Greenhorn

    Wisdom skill for steam mechanic is still not working after 2 hotfixes for 160 patch and in patchnotes for 161 is also not on fix list

    "Adept Inventor"
    Increases your maximum steam by 25%.
    You'll receive 30 steam back when you dismantle Turrets.
    Costs 10 Talent points
    Required wisdom level 25

    It gives only 20 steam back when dismantling Turrets instead of 30. In game under skill description still says 30 steam back for dismantling. But as I sad it is not working, it gives back only 20.... which is by default when skill is not turned on.
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  17. Passive_Aggressive

    Passive_Aggressive Forum Greenhorn

    I'm not sue if this is an R 160 change or came earlier. but it used to be that I got a certain percent of Fairy Wood drops from Blackborg Mobs. I just ran my ranger all the way to the top, without a single drop. As a generally solo player, I've skipped this realm for a long time, but hoped to see improved soloability. For my character levels on ranger and steam mech, I now survive longer, but with no chance to complete the quests, it just isn't worth the time. As a counterpoint, the other realm that's always up became much more soloable.
  18. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    It keeps going downhill. Stop breaking what was not broken, and fix what is.
  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No ... that is not the case.
    Those champions and bosses with Lightning Magic are still broken. To be more precise ... their Explosion is broken.
    You still get damage after the explosion already finished. And of course it is not a lag issue.
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