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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,


    With Release 161, we are again correcting various parts of the Parallel Worlds, this time the focus is on balancing monsters! In addition to that, we are introducing “Wings” as mounts that help you travel faster through the maps of Dracania, and even more; a long list of bugs has been fixed. Finally, with release 161 you can also expect a brand new event starting on the 12th of February: Perils of Time.

    New Features

    Introduction Sequences for bosses Arachna & Bearach

    Whenever a character approaches boss monsters Arachna and Bearach, a quick introduction sequence will be played before the battle against them can start. In upcoming releases (R162 & R163) additional introductions for other boss monsters will be added.

    New Epic Mounts: Wings

    For the first time in the history of Drakensang Online, a hero can now also equip wings. Wings have the same mechanic as epic mounts and allow the hero to travel faster. Please note that for balancing reasons, just like the standard mounts, the wings will also not allow you to fly over hurdles or obstacles.Next to a limited pre-sale, where the wings can be purchased directly, NPC Grizmek (Tamer) sells packages called Lucky Sphere of Bone Wings and Lucky Sphere of Feathered Wings in exchange for 799 Andermant. The packages contain regular mounts but with a bit of luck your character can win the jackpot of these packages, which are the wings plus a costume.

    These packages will be available from the 15th of February! Until then a special package will be found in the Special Offers tab of the shop: Bone Wings Early Access!

    Please note that the Bone Wings are available from the 15th of February in-game and the Feathered Wings from 25th of February in-game.

    • 16 Lock picks
    • Sorrel (Mount)
    • Palomino (Mount)
    • Black (Mount)
    JACKPOT: Bone Wings (Epic Mount) & Bone Man Costume
    • 16 Lock picks
    • Sorrel (Mount)
    • Palomino (Mount)
    • Black (Mount)
    JACKPOT: Feathered Wings (Epic Mount) & Dark Mage Costume


    Item Levels adjusted for Preview and when dropped

    The rewards shown in the dungeon access windows of the Parallel World dungeons now are at least scaled to their minimum drop level, so that low-level characters cannot confuse them as possible rewards anymore (most items have a minimum drop level of 30).

    Furthermore, monsters that are not in the Parallel Worlds on maximum level (including Balor) won't drop items below the maximum level when the defeating player is also at maximum level. Parallel World monsters already have this behavior.​

    Buffs available in the Splintered City of Cardhun

    NPC Rovette (Charmer), situated in the Splintered City of Cardhun, now also offers more temporary buffs in addition to essences, potions and dyes.
    Furthermore, traders in front of the Parallel World dungeons offer Spirit Guards in exchange for Materi Fragments. Non-premium players can use these as a safety measure when they go into the second level of a Parallel World dungeon. Spirit Guards don't work in boss fights.

    Update on Unique Items from Premium trader Emilia and from Mystic Cubes

    The item set that can be obtained from Mystic Cubes now scales to the character’s level. Multiple items that can be obtained from Premium trader Emilia (situated in Kingshill) have been updated.

    *Added on 15th FEB*
    The unique set item that can drop from the Mystic Cubes only (i.e Agathon’s Lost Battle Mace) will start dropping from the Mystic Cubes from character level 20 and onwards. Prior to release 161 this was only possible after level 40.

    Feedback text when picking-up Materi Fragments & Ancient Wisdom

    A amount will appear whenever a hero picks up Materi Fragments (same as with other currencies). Furthermore, the pickup-text now shows the correct amount of Ancient Wisdom at higher difficulties.

    Random Monster Enchantments: New Marker for Defender

    The marker for the "Defender" champion monster (tougher, casts a shield) is now white make them easier to distinguish from other champions.

    Lor’Tac Quest: The Dwarf Ambassador

    The quest "The Dwarf Ambassador 5/8" was switched to "Staged Tasks" (meaning that tasks are not shown in advance, but when the task before is done), because it should not give away an important plot twist.

    New Selling Prices for Gemstones

    The selling prices of the following gemstones have been adjusted:​
    • Astral Peridot (Now 5 Gold 9 Silver 78 Copper)
    • Cruciate Peridot (Now 17 Gold 93 Silver 34 Copper)
    • Concentrated Solstice Crystal (Now 5 Gold 9 Silver 78 Copper)
    Multiple changes to the dungeons in the Parallel Worlds

    Parallel World Hagastove Grotto
    A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 champions can appear on this map.Quests where a hero has to collect mushrooms as quest items can now only be completed as a solo player.

    Parallel World Loxley Caverns
    A maximum of 3 champions plus 1 leader can appear on this map.Spider eggs now reappear only after 3 minutes. The buff that the spiders give to all monsters around them on death is not as powerful anymore. This also makes the leader Troll of the map less powerful.

    Parallel World Arachna's Refuge
    Fewer small spiders are spawning and the cool-down of the meteor has been increased in this map.

    The following measures have been implemented to balance the strength of several monster types:

    Ranged Attacks of Monsters:​
    • Reduced maximum flying range of arrows and other monster shots by 20%
    Fairy Tree Man:​
    • Melee attack is now an Area-of-Effect attack that can be evaded
    Wailing Banshee:​
    • Increased attack speed by 100%
    • Increased cool-down of Scream from 9 to 12 seconds
    Soulless Norsemen:​
    • their attack Charge can now go through and beyond the character’s position (so they don't pile up so much)
    • Normal melee attacks can now be evaded
    Resurrected Imperial Lancer (Mount Suvius)
    • Melee attack now has 125% increased range (to represent the spear) and can be evaded by moving aside
    Resurrected Imperial Swordsman (Mount Suvius)
    • Special stab attacks now have 50% increased range, deal double the amount of damage, have 12 seconds cool-down and can be evaded by moving aside
    Monsters of the type Ice Minion:​
    • Teleport now hits 20% faster
    Dragon Berserker Thug:​
    • Dragon Breath now has a higher range so that game-play and graphics align correctly
    • Melee attack from this monster can be evaded by moving aside
    Dragon Brood:​
    • Melee attack is now an Area-of-Effect attack that can be evaded
    Monsters of the type Cyclops:​
    • Melee attack has now a higher range and can be evaded by moving aside
    Monsters of the type Boar:​
    • Melee attack from this monster can be evaded by moving aside
    Dark Dwarf Engineer:​
    • Melee attack is now an Area-of-Effect attack that can be evaded
    Frost Wolf Agitator:​
    • Now uses also a melee attack when a player gets to close to it
    • This attack does not cause Frost but deals higher damage
    These changes work for all monsters using the mentioned graphics set.

    The following monster in the Parallel Worlds have been balanced:

    Map: Parallel World Stonekeep Island
    Monster: Parallel World Evil Miller
    • Summons now two Skeleton Archers that shoot lightning arrows
    • The skill Frostwind doesn't do damage
    • An Invisible skill, which does damage, has been taken out
    Map: Parallel World Liar´s Lair
    Monster: Wandering Experiment
    • Puddle of Acid now deals 50% less damage per second
    Monster: Andermagic Minion
    • - 33% less health points
    Map: Parallel World Crypt of Kings
    Monster: The Bloody Arrow
    • The whirlwind attack can now go through and beyond the player's position
    Map: Parallel World Hagastove Grotto
    • Between 4 - 6 champions can appear on this map now
    Map: Parallel World Alliance Fortress
    Monster: Parallel World Dragonknight
    • The time between casting and impact of the meteor is now longer
    Strike attack does not cause any bleeding effect

    Heredur Normal and Arachna Normal are not dropping their uniques

    You will not find the uniques at Heredur and Arachna Normal (not in PW) since they have been removed from the loot list. These uniques may come again in the future with revamped stats but at the moment this is not official. If there are any news about that, they will appear with the patch notes of that particular release.​

    Bug Fixes

    Skill: Dwarf-in-the-box talents fixed

    All talents that belong to the skill Dwarf-in-the-box have been fixed to work as intended.

    Items locked in overflow instead of allocated to inventory

    A bug was fixed where items remained stuck in the inventory overflow instead of being added to free slots in the inventory.​

    Steam Mechanicus: Tesla Coil destroys Healing bombs of Tactical Turret

    A bug was fixed where the Tesla Coil cannibalized the Tactical Turret

    Graphical Improvement: Rootrock Caverns

    An unrealistic edge in the Rootrock Cavern was changed.​

    Grimmag’s Shady Starry Robe had negative value

    A display error on Grimmag’s Starry Robe has been corrected.​


    Missing Sale Banners / False Sales Banners

    Missing sale banners have been added to the merchant in the Dwarven Expedition Camp. Plus, some sale banners at merchants in Jarlshofn and in Yaltepetl were not showing and have now been added. The sales banner of NPC Rovette no longer displays 50% but now 25% (as intended).
    Parallel World Dragonknight can take control over summoned monsters

    The "Parallel World Dragonknight" in the "Alliance Fortress" map of the Parallel Worlds doesn't take control of the Lightning Strike of the Tayaz sets anymore.​

    6v6 Storm the Fortress Bombs effective again

    A bug was fixed that caused the walking bombs in 6v6 (Storm the Fortress) not to deal damage to towers anymore.​

    Honor level tutorial tool tip freezes on finishing duel

    After completing a PvP match for the first time, the window pops up that explains the "Honor Level" could not be closed. This has now been corrected and players can close the window.​

    Reward Display corrected
    When using a teleport item to reach Bearach in the Parallel Worlds, the map access window now also shows the correct reward items.

    Item: Heredur’s Royal Power corrected

    The helmet will now no longer be displayed whenever a character is wearing a costume.

    PVP Improvement: Unnecessary Cooldown Time

    Sometimes, at the start of the last battle round of a PvP match, a hero would start with the skills still being unavailable due to cooldown time. This has now been corrected.

    Locker causes crash

    A bug has been fixed that was causing the game to crash whenever an item was placed from the inventory to the locker while being on the maps Blackborg or Varholm.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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