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    Hello Heroes,


    In Brief

    Release 163 brings the highly awaited glyph removal feature, which will allow you to remove Glyphs of Power from your items without destroying them. On top of that, we bring a new tier system for the towers in PvP, a reworked version of the treasure chests, a bunch of bug fixes, and our next invasion event!

    New features

    Glyph Removal

    The Glyph Removal feature opens a new UI window with each Blacksmith of Dracania, into which you can place any item (or group of items) that have had Glyphs of Power invested. With a simple click of the mouse you will return that item (or amount of items) to its original level and get those Glyphs back! Each transaction will cost you coins - the bigger the transaction is, the higher the price will get.​

    Some basic rules of this feature:​
    • Items can only be downgraded to their original level (scaling items will be restricted to the level they were when the player first received them)
    • The refunds are in Glyphs only - never in Andermant!
    • The refunded Glyphs will go directly into your Glyph counter, not into the inventory as items.
    • You can choose to melt that item later on when you have removed the Glyphs from it at no extra cost.
    If you close the UI window by clicking the X in the upper corner, the transaction will be automatically cancelled. The item(s) will return to your inventory, unmodified.

    Introduction of a Tier Tower System in 6v6

    Aiming at balancing the efforts made by the Red Team (attackers) and Blue Team (defenders) in the 6v6 encounters, we have introduced a Tier Tower System.

    If you are attacking, you will need to destroy the Tier 1 towers of the map (the ones that are closest to the starting point of your team) before the rest of the tiers become available for you to destroy. Only when you have destroyed all tiers of towers in at least one lane you are able to attack the bridge control.

    This should give the Blue Team a little bit more of buffer time and overall provide combats with further strategy and evenness.​

    Coloring of very high enchantment values

    Exceptionally good enchantment lines on Uncommon, Magic, Extraordinary or Legendary items are now displayed with golden numbers in their item tooltips. In regard to the upcoming Crafting System 2.0, this will help you to parse through your items more efficiently!​

    Backend changes in preparation for the Crafting System 2.0

    This release contains item backend changes in preparation for the Crafting System 2.0, which could change the absolute enchantment values of some items slightly (+/- 1 due to rounding). Most items won't be affected, this will happen only for rare edge cases.


    Shinier, better chests through Dracania!

    What are those sparkling things that your eyes can see? Those, my friend, are reworked chests! We have introduced better appearances and effects for all types of chests in the game: Shabby (which, by the way are now known as Abandoned Treasures), Magic, Extraordinary and Legendary.

    We have also improved the loot quality and quantity of the Magic, Extraordinary and Legendary chests as follows:
    • Magic chests will now always contain at least two Magic or better items.
    • Extraordinary chests will now always contain at least three Extraordinary or better items.
    • Legendary chests will now always contain at least two Legendary items and, additionally, three items of Uncommon or better rarity.
    s1.png s2.png

    s3.png s4.png

    Updates on stocks for Smiths and Artifact Merchants

    We have introduced a number of changes across different vendors:
    • The offer tab for “One-Handed Weapons” has been renamed into the category “Weapons” and it contains now all equipment items available for both hand slots.
    • The various common (grey) item offers from smiths have been reduced to one offer for each slot that always can be purchased on your character level.
    • The Artifact Merchants in Andrakash and Yaltepetl are no longer missing the Unique items they were selling. You can purchase them again there.
    • Every equipment merchant now sells Magic items again. The prices of those Magic items have also been reduced and adjusted accordingly to the quality of the item.
    • The equipment merchants in Ellonidos and Ashraya now sell new pieces of equipment. Their stats and prices are identical to the other equipment offers in Kingshill, Jarlshofn and other earlier cities




    Zahir and cloaks

    The required level for the cloaks you can buy from Zahir has been reworked, so that most of them don’t require level 40 anymore to wear.

    Maintenance of the bosses staging

    Bossfight intros will now load more reliable when you encounter those bosses.

    Readjustment of the Dragonbane and Jungle Crawler costumes

    From now on you will receive these costumes from monsters levels 45 to 50 that have the rank Guardian (see picture to recognize their rank by the style of their health bar).​


    Duria set for all!

    The parts of the “Splendid Durian Armor” set are now dropping from monsters beginning at level 15. On top of that, Heredur (Normal) has a chance to drop you a part of this set as well. In addition, we have increased the probability to drop a Magic or Extraordinary item from Heredur and Arachna on normal difficulty slightly.

    Bug fixes

    PvP quest rewards added again on Kingshill

    The two following quests, The Road to Fame 3/5 and The Road to Fame 4/5, have been added again to the game so players will be able to handle in the quest again. Rewards remain the same.

    Monster general bug fixes on Parallel Worlds

    The radius of Frost Explosions is now indicated by an outer line of frost cracks on the ground, so you can better anticipate the area of effect. This affects the skills of enchanted monster Champions and Leaders as well as skills of the Parallel World version of Heredur.
    We have applied the following changes/bug fixes to Heredur:
    • The three explosions that come after Heredur uses his Frost Teleport skill now apply damage and effects correctly.
    • The cooldown times of the skills Frost Teleport and Frost Explosion have been increased slightly so Heredur will use them more seldom than before.
    And the following ones for Bearach:
    • Bearach has no longer two secondary enchantments on the Excruciating difficulty level
    • The damage dealt by the skill Cross Lightning Strike has been reduced
    • The skill Bee Swarm will deal only physical damage - it was partly lightning damage in the Parallel World version
    Mechanical Wings have no shadows!

    From now on, the Mechanical Wings will cast their corresponding shadows over the ground.

    No more crashes when moving your Mystic Cubes to the Deluxe Locker

    We have fixed a bug that prevented Deluxe membership users from putting their Mystic Cubes from their inventories to a stack of Cubes in the Deluxe Locker tab.

    Antonia’s Glamorous Gown suits Steam Mechanicus the best!

    Or maybe not… But one thing is certain: this attractive dress fits now all dwarves out there!

    Kaylin’s cloak and standard has a selling price now

    If you do not fancy that cloak or standard you got from Nefertari in your latest run, you can now sell it to a vendor. Profit!

    The Orbax spawn in their correct areas at Oceanus’s Opal Shrine

    The Orbax spawn now in the sewer area of the map, which will lead to less confusion for everyone trying to finish the quest “Pure as Water”.

    A false visual description by NPC Emilia has been corrected

    The three equipment pieces you can purchase from the NPC Emilia with in-game currency do not have a falsely displayed level restriction anymore. You can always buy these items and their prices and stats scale to your character level.

    Take that “Mighty Banner of War”, Grimmag!

    We have corrected a bug by which the talent “Mighty Banner of War” from the Dragonknight was not dealing damage over time on Grimmag in the Parallel Worlds and the Champion monsters nearby. We have corrected this behaviour.

    Wrong display of Premium/Deluxe remaining time

    An old legacy code caused Premium and Deluxe to be displayed for 12 hours longer than its real duration inside the tooltip. This has been fixed and the tooltip will display the correct real value at all times.

    Behavior corrected for the tactical turrets’ projectiles

    The projectiles of all dwarves’ tactical turrets were wrongfully passing through the members of a group and sometimes they were blocked by other turrets on the field. We have corrected this so they heal/buff your allies in battle correctly. They should not get blocked now either.

    Fixed incorrect door in Parallel Worlds

    We have fixed the misplaced map exit arrows in which would return players back to the Splintered City of Cardhun in the following maps: Grimmagstone, Hagastove Grotto, Stonekeep, Wildherz Caverns and Ruins of the First Circle.

    Let’s compare Unique items!

    Critical Hit Rating on Unique items is now compared correctly in the item tooltips.

    Less void attacks for the Dragonknight

    After targeting and attacking a faraway enemy with the left mouse button, the Dragonknight was often walking towards these opponents and then hitting the emptiness. We have corrected this so Dragonknight characters strike their enemies again.

    Minor issues with Deluxe Membership fixed

    We have fixed three minor issues with our Deluxe Membership. These go as follows:
    • The Deluxe crown icon is no longer missing from the map UI window when travelling
    • We added a clearer message to all old Deluxe players who are trying to use their Deluxe mount and pet without a current Deluxe Membership. Latest message was stating that those items were not ready and this was misleading.
    • Whenever your Deluxe membership ends both the pet and the wings will return to your inventory next time you change maps and they will remain there. You will not be able to use them unless you renew a Deluxe membership subscription.
    Known Issues

    What happens with the Nightmare maps issue and with my lost travel rations to Nightmare “Blazing Inferno” and “Frosty Wasteland”?

    Currently using any travel ration to the Nightmare maps will not work out and you will appears at the latest hub. This is NOT fixed with this release and we are aiming for R164. We are tracking all users who have used them for the last 90 days and who will continue to do so until this gets fixed. After this happens we will execute a script to grant you automatically what you lost. You should be receiving your passes automatically in the near future (communicated to you via the Official Announcement section of the forums in any case).

    What’s wrong with Gorga’s flood?

    Gorga’s flood behavior was changed and this slipped our patchnotes back then (ups, sorry!). Armor, blocking and resistances are not working against it anymore and this is intended. You will need to stay away from the flood when Gorga pulls it, so you better run quickly to the starting area of the level.

    PvP quests and weird titles

    Because of some quest reworking being conducted by our content team, all PvP quests will have a “(0/1)” written behind the title. This will be fixed in the next release.

    Glyph Removal

    When trying to remove Glyphs of Power the text “/n /n” will appear in the confirmation window. This is only a text error and will be corrected soon.
    Thin Client Download

    The Client will state that it requires 995 MB to be downloaded completely, however,
    the actual size is 1200 MB.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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