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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes of Dracania,


    There is no better way of starting a month than with a brand new release! Our latest update brings the highly requested essence toggle feature, as well as an amazing quest UI overhaul, the introduction of a fairground in Kingshill and a lot of bug fixes. Later on this month we will also launch the next version of Defeat the Undefeatables, with brand new rewards. Enjoy!

    New features

    Essence Toggle

    Release 164 brings one very highly requested and convenient feature: the essence toggle! This feature consists of an addition to the UI window that allows you to place two different types of essences there (or two amounts of the same type of essences, if you prefer). Equip them in each of the slots and switch from one to the other by simply clicking the “X” key on your keyboard!

    The essences are now only controlled via these slots and no longer have a representation in the inventory. You can still equip them normally via drag & drop or a double click.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    We also heard your feedback from the Test Server and will add a function to switch the essences per mouse click and update the automatic stacking of essences in these slots in release 165.

    Quest UI Overhaul

    Say hello to our quest UI overhaul! What is this all about? We have revamped the Quest display (now called Journal) with a chapter structure, easier ways to identify and locate your open quests, some colorizations rules and an amazing Compendium to keep a clear vision of your hero’s story.

    Introducing Acts and Chapters to the world of Dracania

    All main quests will be automatically assigned to different acts and chapters, with each act comprising the story of a region/continent. There are a total of eight acts, distributed as follows:

    Act 0 – The Sundering (Artwork yes; No Chapter Notification)
    Act I – The Cult of Nefertari

    • Chapter 1: On the edge
    • Chapter 2: The Taint of Andermagic
    • Chapter 3: A Prince's Temptation
    • Chapter 4: The Wild Hunt
    • Chapter 5: A Bound God
    • Chapter 6: High Priestess of Nefertari
    Act II – Heralding a Return
    • Chapter 1:Sparking a resistance
    • Chapter 2: There be Dragons
    Act III – Ancient Souls
    • Chapter 1: Dead Kin
    • Chapter 2: The Wrath of Winter
    Act IV – A Serpent’s Poison
    • Chapter 1: A Lost Legend
    • Chapter 2: Swallowed by the Sea
    • Chapter 3: Tears of the Past
    Act V – Mechanics of War
    • Chapter 1: A Thousand Years of War
    • Chapter 2: Total Destruction
    Act VI – Heart of the World
    • Chapter 1: To Distand Shores
    • Chapter 2: The Corruptor
    • Chapter 3: Balor's Return
    Act 999 (Parallel Worlds) - A Parallel World
    • Chapter 1: The Splintered City

    Every time your hero starts a new chapter of the main storyline, you will receive a notification so you know exactly what particular story you are unlocking.​

    Quest types

    We have added a new system of categorization and coloring for your quest tabs. Basically you have now different types of quests signaled with different colors and also their own quest button:

    Main storyline quests are those that pertain to the core of DSO main story.
    Side quests are those you can further take to delve deeper into the story of each act and chapter.
    Event quests are those that relate to the seasonal or monthly events of DSO.
    Parallel World Questsare those that you can receive and complete only in Parallel Worlds.
    Battle Quests are all the PvP related quests.

    This means that we have also changed the limit of quests you can store in your quest log! There are NO LIMITS to the amount of quests you can have right now, except for the side quests, which will still have the 10 amount limit.

    With this system it will be easier for you to keep track of all the quest you have Active (symbol !) or Ready for turn in (symbol ?). It will also be easier for you to locate which NPCs give you which types of quests, by following the color rules.


    The Compendium tab

    We are also introducing a brand new tab in the Journal window: the Compendium. In this tab you will find all the completed main and side quests so you can always revisit them and have a better overview of the story your hero is undertaking.


    New achievement for entering the Splintered City of Cardhun for the first time

    When entering the Splintered City of Cardhun you will get a brand new and shiny achievement: “The Final Countdown”. Well done!


    Visit the new fairground at Kingshill!

    Release 164 brings you a lovely new spot in the upper west corner of Duria’s capital. Kingshill has opened a new fairground there where you will find all the NPCs that give you the seasonal events (of course, those events will need to be active in order for you to see them). However, you will find already some familiar faces, such as Thabo and Gnob.

    Do not forget to pass by and enjoy some mead!

    Change of background for Andermants icons up until Atlantis

    We have exchanged the backgrounds of the Andermants equipment pieces offered by the Artifact Vendors to the normal legendary orange so they properly show the updated power of those items.

    We have also corrected the values for the Spellweaver items “Antique Atlantis Breastplate” and the “Antique Atlantis Pauldrons”, so they exactly match the stats of similar items from other vendors.

    Items that were already bought before are not affected by these changes.

    Added new storylines across Dracania!

    Release 164 reworks some quest flows of certain areas in the game.

    In Slifmoor we elaborated on the dangerous coalition between the Nefertari Cultists and the Wild Hunt. Quests that were ill received by the community were altered or removed and we improved the visual storytelling in the area. Also, when playing Prison of Souls and Liar’s Lair you will now see a new quest arc themed around Khalys’ intrigue concerning Prince Aldred.

    Quest givers for all these new quests are: Father Caelius, Sister Liadan, Fighter Anselm and Lord Vane.

    What happens if I already accepted one of those quests? If you accepted already some quests in Slifmoor, Prison of Souls or Liar’s Lair, then you may notice they have been deactivated and vanished from your quest log. In this case, please head to Werian Refuge and play these new quests instead.

    These quests will be colored in grey for all high level players that have completed already the quests in those areas. This means that those players will not see an exclamation mark above the NPCs but you will still be able to talk to them and accept those quests.

    We also introduced a brand new quest between the Atlantis and Myrdosch areas, so heroes will transition between one story and the next easier.

    Gorga: more badass than ever before!

    Venture into the heart of Atlantis and test your mettle with Gorga. We have added a brand new introduction sequence just before the battle.

    More Ice Minion Defenders in the Iron Forest!

    In order to reduce the grinding factor of the quest “Cold as Ice” that happens in the Iron Forest, we have enlarged the spawn area of the Ice Minion Defenders.

    Bug fixes

    Grimmag, stop floating!

    We fixed the spawn sequence of Grimmag so it no longer causes a floating, harmless version of this boss to appear several minutes after spawning.

    Ice crystal at Hjalgrimur

    We have fixed an exploit in the Hjalgrimur map where players could hide behind ice crystals when fighting against the great Sigrismarr.

    Episodes of rubberbanding in Atlantis above Water have been fixed!

    We fixed an issue with a collision box in Atlantis Above Water so it no longer causes rubber banding.

    The Spellweaver’s Mighty Guardian will receive damage from Heredur in Parallel Worlds

    We have fixed an error that was preventing the Mighty Guardian summoned by the Spellweaver from receiving any damage from Heredur’s attacks in the Parallel Worlds.

    Getting back to Nightmare “Blazing Inferno” and to Nightmare “Frosty Wasteland”

    The travel items for these two maps have been fixed so you will get teleported correctly there when using them. Read the Known Issues below to get to know what happens if you misused and lost one of this travel ratios.

    Quest Guidance shows the proper way to complete the quest “Cloak of Power 5/5”

    Our quest guidance feature caused erratic results when searching for a path from the Kingshill area to the Atlantis map Atlantis Above Water. This has been fixed now.
    Two achievements missing from Ocean of Bones and Hall of the DeadTwo of the Parallel World achievements had to do with killing foes that… were simply not there. We are referring to the achievements for killing Murot and the Death Knights of the Watch in the Ocean of Bones and Hall of the Dead maps. We have fixed this issue and these achievements - so off you go!

    The Royal Iron Fist Pliers from NPC Emilia are working correctly now

    The "Royal Iron Fist Pliers" from NPC Emilia will now increase the damage for the whole duration of the “Iron Dwarf” skill, even when this duration is increased with the "Iron Dwarf Giant" talent.

    Scorn of the Dragon set now works correctly

    There was an issue that the "Scorn of the Dragon" set-bonus was lost after the player wearing it died. The bonus only returned after the next map change. This is now fixed.

    Known Issues

    What happens with my lost travel ratios to Nightmare “Blazing Inferno” and “Frosty Wasteland”?

    As you can read from our patchnotes, we are correcting the issue with these travel ratios not working at all. We have tracked all users who used them while they were not working (since the beginning of this year) and will execute a script to grant you automatically what you lost. You should be receiving your passes automatically shortly after the release.

    What happens with Crafting 2.0?

    *UPDATED 09.05* Crafting 2.0 is currently being finished by our team of designers and it’s expected to happen in the next release. We are still tweaking the system to add it to the Test Server and start asking you guys for concrete feedback. We thank you for your patience – we know you are eagerly waiting for this!

    Quests: Liberation (2/2) & Secure the Escape (1/1)

    When you have both quests active at the same time, but finish the quest "Liberation (2/2)" first, you will not be able to finish the quest "Secure the Escape (1/1)" anymore, since the NPC "City guard Morna" is not there anymore.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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