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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes,


    Release 165 brings the highly awaited quick slot for potions (both for Health and Resources). On top of that, we have introduced a number of game improvements (essence toggling with one mouse-click, general polishing...) and some bug fixes, of course. Also, stay tuned to the forums and social media as our new drop event, Looter’s Fortune, will start soon!

    New features

    Quick slot for potions

    We have introduced two extra slots in our game UI. You will locate down the Health and Resources orbs respectively and you will be able to place there your HP and Resources potions. This way you will be able to consume them without the need of opening your inventory or sacrificing a space in the skill bar!
    Golden Feather Wings

    A new set of wings, the Golden Feather Wings, will be available in the game.

    Environmental Storytelling Improvements

    As our next step to bring the best immersive experience to all heroes out there, we have polished several maps to visualize the story of the game better.
    • We have updated the lightning in the Troll Canyon slightly, so the skeleton mobs will be more visible now.
    • The Jarl is now easier to find in the Norselands.
    • You can now see that the Hoisting Contraption in the Misty Ridge is repaired after completing the “The Hoisting Contraption” quest.
    • The train leading to Thunder Crest is now broken when you have not finished the “The Myrdosch Train” quest yet.
    • The Water Vortex in the Spawning Ground now shrinks after using the Counter-Vortex.
    • There is now a new animation when the entry to Agathon’s Alliance Hall opens for the first time.
    You can expect further improvements of this sort in upcoming releases as well.

    Game Entry Improvements

    We have polished the first few maps up to Grimford with gameplay improvements and some visual storytelling polishing:
    • Rookies will level up from 1 to 2 way faster than before.
    • You will find new monsters across those maps.
    • We have highlighted quest objectives in the Ruins of the First Circle.
    • We have also added several audio and visual changes to show that the Fortress is under siege - check them out!
    Sigrismarr new introduction is here!

    At the heart of the Norseland lay the icy bones of Sigrismarr Frostclaw. Access Hjalgrimur in order to see this glorious high priest getting ready for battle with a brand new animation.

    Random Monster Enchantments arrive to Myrdosch!

    We have implemented our random monster enchantment feature across the lands of Myrdosch. Now you will have an extra variety touch each time you venture into those territories.

    New Atlantis weapons

    Equipment merchants in Ellonidos and Ashraya now sell 2h weapons and offensive offhand items. Their stats and prices are matching the other paid equipment offers that we currently have.

    Dragonknight weapons
    • Antique Atlantis Great Sword (2H)
    • Antique Atlantis Great Axe (2H)
    • Antique Atlantis Great Hammer (2H)
    • Antique Atlantis Sword (1H)
    • Antique Atlantis Axe (1H)

    Steam Mechanicus weapons
    • Antique Atlantis Cannon (2H)
    • Antique Atlantis Turnscrew (off-hand)
    Spellweaver weapons
    • Antique Atlantis Great Staff (2H)
    • Antique Atlantis Pergament (off-hand)
    Ranger weapons
    • Antique Atlantis Longbow (main hand)
    • Antique Atlantis Quiver (off-hand)


    Essence toggling with the click of your mouse

    As per community request, we have added the possibility of toggling between your essences by left-clicking with your mouse on the arrow. You can also use the default X key on your keyboard.
    unnamed (1).png
    Random Monster Enchantment Vampiric

    The enchantment Vampiric was too strong. It used to steal 5% of of the total health points. In order to weaken this it has been changed to 3% per hit.
    (Implemented with R158)

    Bug fixes

    Repeatable quests do not count multiple times in the chapter progress bar

    The quest counter showed numbers that exceeded the maximum number of quests, for example 49 out of 45 (49/45). This bug has now been corrected.

    Normal chat works again in PvP

    We fixed the annoying bug that was preventing you from using the normal chat to talk within your respective teams in PvP. But be careful - chatting too much will keep you away from battle!

    Inconsistencies with the item list shown in Parallel Worlds for the Painful mode

    The access windows for the Parallel World dungeons and their respective teleport items now show the correct equipment that can be found for the Painful mode. Before they were misleading and portraying some very exclusive unique items that do not belong to that mode at all.

    The Temple Guardian Federation set is correctly spawning the Protector of the Opal Shrine

    We have corrected an inconsistency with the Lor’Tac Temple Guardian Federation set. If you were wearing the Water variant of the torso and your HP dropped below 30%, your summoned Protector would be the wrong one (Life, instead of Water). We have fixed that.

    The assigned hotkey for the Essence Toggle is saved after relogging

    Now you can re-assign a key to toggle your essences and it will remain like that even if you log out of the game and come back later.

    Travel Stone Animation fixed

    The animation of the travel stones was flawed and has been corrected

    Skill: Iron Dwarf caused crash

    If a Steam Mechanicus was wearing the Atlantis set and used the skill Iron Dwarf, the game crashed with an error. This has been fixed.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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