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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes,

    For this release we are focusing in adding some extra tweaks for all rangers and steam lovers out there. Remember that the Invasion of Jarlshofn event is running until July 18!


    Class balancing measures for the Ranger and Steam Mechanicus classes

    In order to make the game more balanced for everyone, we are implementing a number of changes, as follows:

    Steam Mechanicus Tweaks
    • We have changed the amount of Steam that is generated by the “Back to Battle” talent of the “Tactical Turret” from the 20 % overall to a static Steam quantity of 20.
    • We have reduced the healing effect of the recovery talent from the Steam Conductor from 5 % instantly to 2 % instantly and added a non-stackable buff for additional 5 % over 5 seconds.
    • We have increased the Essence costs for “Mechanical Turrets”, “Machinegun Turrets”, “Tesla Turrets” and “Tactical Turrets” from 5 to 8.
    Ranger Tweaks
    • We changed the “Explosive Arrow”:
      • We reduced the impact damage from 120 % to 100 % of the base damage (240 % to 200 % against marked enemies)
      • We increased the explosion damage from 150 % to 200 % of the base damage
      • Talents now can increase the impact and the explosion damage by 25 % to a maximum of 250 % impact damage + 250 % explosion damage against marked enemies (it was 300 % + 200 % before)
      • With this, the skill deals the same amount of maximum damage, but it is more effective against groups of monsters and a bit more effective without talents or marking.
    • The “Wolves” and “Wood Wraiths” of the “Wild Pack” skill are now fighting at a higher maximum distance, giving the Ranger more space to maneuver without breaking their attack and making them return. They also keep a higher distance to the Ranger when spawning or returning, giving the Ranger a bit more freedom of movement when they are not fighting."
    We will continue to monitor the data and your feedback and may introduce additional changes in the future.

    Improved AI for ranged monsters
    We have improved the way ranged mobs and monsters work so they react more diverse when attacking the players.

    Bug fixes

    Scalable items in crafting display the correct values now
    We have fixed a display bug that was showing a level 1 display when crafting a scalable set item to a higher tier at the workbench.

    The Wild Hunt 3/3 quest has been fixed
    We have fixed a problem that was preventing some players from completing the quest The Wild Hunt 3/3.

    Icons for all!
    Some older items now have correct icons again.

    No more extra-quick calling of Bomb Towers
    We have fixed an annoying PvP bug by which you could skip the countdown you need in order to summon a Bomb Tower in the 6V6 PvP mode.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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