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  1. bezryl

    bezryl Active Author

    you want all class to be *equal* and do the same damage, great then give everyone a 1 shot skill (exsplosive shot) singularity a guardian/mind control to tank mobs for u a 750% dmg skill instant stuns make all have short range unless on 2h 2 stun breaks healing wolfs and the list goes on

    alot of the things listed dwarf doesnt have or a version that is not as good and they make up for it with pure dmg

    classes cant be *equal* or do the same damage in the same time, you are asking for them to nerf us when not considering other things that you have and we dont

    have you actually leveled a dwarf to 50 and spent time on it?
  2. Play nice! I've not been too harsh with deleting feedback in this thread because the main content of the release focused on balance and it is an inherently prickly subject, but when you turn to personal attacks, I draw the line. My trigger finger is itching to ban someone, but I'll leave it with this warning.

    The offending posts have been deleted, both the good with the bad, because I didn't feel like wading through the garbage to save the good stuff. You can reshare any of the Feedback that I may have deleted, but keep the attacks to yourself.
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  3. taketh

    taketh Regular

    The classes are unbalanced in some respect. Instead of nerfs, only buffs should happen to balance this out. Nerfs are being offered by the elite without thought of how it will affect the average player. If such nerfs occur, the greater picture should be looked at, particularly how difficult the PWs are. It reminds me of kids fighting over who has the bigger half of the cookie, while someone eats the cookie parts till both are equal since they both have nothing.

    The idea behind having 3 difficulty modes in PWs was so that people farmed mode 1, got strong enough, then farmed mode 2, and finally moved on to mode 3. This system is broken, people have been farming mode 1 for months not getting anywhere strong enough to move up a mode. Consider how many FATAL runs a player must do to get an item that is an improvement, and nerfs are being offered so it takes longer and it costs more essence, which hits the weakest players the hardest since they have to use purple and red essence to compete. Mode 3 offers 2 to 4 times the amount of legendaries than mode 2 with the chance of uniques and better stats, while it doesnt take that much longer than mode 2. The portal costs for mode 2 is practically the same as mode 3 too when it should be 4 times cheaper to make it viable.

    The veterans all moved onto mode 3 when it came out, perhaps because they got strong enough farming the bosses before it was introduced so that it was do-able. It is normal for weak players to be carried through mode 3 since that is the fastest way they can hope to improve.

    There is only one class that determines the difficulty level a group is going which is the tank. And tanking fatal is stupid hard. We have to compete as damagers because there arent enough tanks available for mode 3, and how hard it is to tank means groups must do mode 2. BP has made tanking even harder by making the warlord set much harder to obtain. Tanking is much harder when you have weak damagers in the group too, since the monsters take longer to die, they recieve more damage.

    Fatal runs should be nerfed so that is accessible to all players, or mode 2 should be buffed significantly so the game is playable for all. It makes no sense that you need items obained from fatal modes to be able to farm fatal.

    The elite should then have a different goal to accomplish, a set of bosses harder than fatal modes that offer things that only the elite need, such as clovers, guild bonusses, gems or a new curreny. A guild bonus could be such that if a boss is killed 100 times among its members, they gets 25% more gold. There could be a requirement that each pw boss must be killed in fatal 50 times to get access.

    The following improvements should be done to improve the game from my perspective:
    • Buff essences for the mage and ranger, or buff the amount that of blue essences that are being dropped, or nerf the difficulty so that green essence can be used in all maps.
    • Buff the dk so that it easier to tank. Most capable tanks are over a year old who quit before they are replaced with new tanks.
    • Reduce the % increase of monster healths in a group.
    • Give a loot bonus for larger groups.
    • Every member gets the same travel speed as the player with the fastest boots.
    • Increase the group party size to 10.
    • Make armor break stackable so singularity, explosive arrow, rocket, and headbutt all add up including at the boss.
    Im sure there are things i missed, but improvements to the game can be found in the general archive, spreading back years of ignored ideas.

    I might not reply further so take that into account before writing something to me. Thanks.
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