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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes

    Release 170 comes directly from our development ovens and brings you fresh and renewed Daily Challenges. On top of that, we have increased the drop rate of Realm Fragments, added a brand “new” New Moon event (starting by the beginning of August) and also added some bug fixes on top.

    *Important Note* The New Moon event will get its own guide at a later stage. Important for you is to know that the old sets WILL NOT DISAPPEAR. You will be able to obtain both the new and the old sets! Enjoy!
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    New features

    New and improved Daily Challenges!

    You wanted more variety in your daily challenges and in your daily rewards and we are glad to provide! Our improved Daily Challenges feature adds a greater number of challenges for your hero to take, adds more rewards to the reward pool, and more bonuses!​


    • The Daily Challenges will start for your hero from level 6 onwards.
    • We have divided the challenges into THREE CATEGORIES: Generic, Boss, and PvP, to cater to different tastes and styles of play. Generic challenges include mostly challenges about crafting, killing monsters, completing quests, etc. Boss challenges are related to killing champions or different types of bosses (for a reminder on the different types of bosses that DSO has, head to the patchnotes of R155, in this same forum section). And PvP challenges are… well, about defeating other fellow players or winning battleground encounters!
    • During special events you may see that we’ll add some challenges related specifically to that event as well.
    • We have also added THREE TIERS per CATEGORY: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You will start with Bronze challenges by default. Completing a Bronze challenge in a given category will give you the option to continue with a Silver challenge in that same category. After completing a Silver one, the Gold will get unlocked. The higher you get in the tiers, the better the rewards are!
      • Silver Challenges are limited to characters from level 25 onwards
      • Gold challenges are limited to characters from level 40 onwards
    • This means that, if you comply with those level requirements, you can do up to 9 challenges a day!
    • On top of the rewards you get per challenge completed, we have added a BONUS BAR FOR COMPLETED CHALLENGES: this means that you’ll get even more rewards on top!
    • We have also added reward effects: When completing a challenge you will see a new icon above the skill bar, explaining the temporary buff your character got for completing that challenge.
    • The reshuffling option stays, but now it will cost half of its original price. For 40 Andermant you can reshuffle each quest category and it won’t create a purely random outcome - this means you will always get all possible challenges before some of them appear again in the list. Premium users are able to reshuffle the challenges for free, as before.
    • What about the pool prize? You’ll find a little bit of everything for everyone. The first solved challenge gives out Ancient Wisdom. Apart from that, there is randomized selection of Realm Fragments, equipment pieces, lockpicks, health potions, and sometimes even a Gilded Clover!
    • And the Mentor Bonus? Since now you can gain Ancient Wisdom easier and in higher amounts every day, we reduced the Mentor Bonus for Ancient Wisdom to +100 %. This means your main character gains more Ancient Wisdom and your secondary characters gain a bit less or a bit more depending on which Bonus reward you get.

    Improved drop rate of Realm Fragments

    As per community request, we have improved the world drops of Realm Fragments. You will notice that these items drop a tad more often than before, and also in different stacks, of 1, 2, or even 5 Realm Fragments after killing a worthy opponent.
    Bug fixes

    Drop chance of regional sets is now correct

    The drop chance of regional sets (for example, the Splendid Durian Armor) from normal monsters was increased again. Thanks to your feedback we found the setting error in release 168, that had the chances reduced more than originally intended.
    No more unkillable monsters in Atlantis Above Water!

    We have fixed an issue in Atlantis Above Water where some player skills were unable to hit monsters next to the Sun Path area of the map.
    Problem when expanding the locker slots fixed

    If you wanted to purchase more expansion slots for your locker you could see that this was not working as intended, expanding slots in an incorrect order. We have fixed this.
    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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