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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. Play.4.Fun

    Play.4.Fun Someday Author

    Hire we go again....

    Why there is always first answer "you dont know"?????? Oh, I know! This game is perfect and never have any bug, so it must be my stupid brain that imagine some exuse for my noob char.

    Fist of all I finish Q5 with 3 of my char. Second Im not idiot who will go play solo on Tier 3 and complain. Third, my other char finish Q5 earlier and in case of need to left cicle (Khays meteor) max thay lose is 2/3 HP for time needed to get to another cicle. This time I have good char... no! I have GREAT char. I win 14 out of 15 duel with him. And that 1 loss is usually against +5lvl and 2 honor lvl opponent. So whan I say that it is not normal that my char die momentarily whan I touch the ground out of cicle that means something is wrong.
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Ok, then if you know what you are doing and if you have a good character and if you are not playing like a noob, then maybe there is a bug... But could you be less descriptive? Based on your description, you say nothing to indicate why I should have made any of the above assumptions. All you've said is "I take a lot of damage" which is to be expected against one of the toughest bosses in the game... Care to elaborate?

    Oh, and P.S. It sounds like your describing a twink when you said "And that 1 loss is usually against +5lvl and 2 honor lvl opponent." And if that's the cases, you'll get no pity from me. Twinks don't belong in the PWs, the belong in the normal maps completing quests and earning experience.
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  3. Play.4.Fun

    Play.4.Fun Someday Author


    Ask Trakilaki to translate.... EDIT: or re-read underlined in previous post.

    OK... Im little irritated with 4 years of same "Do you know what you are doing" guestion. So, lets improvise little chat between you and me....

    P.4.F: Baragain did you play Q5?
    Baragain: Yes, of course.

    P.4.F: OK, you know that if you dont kill Khaly in xx sec that she get back to the centar?
    Baragain: Yes, she get to the centar and starts to regen HP.

    P.4.F: Great, and in that moment you are under "wave attack" from her.. so you must stay in circle when you are safe from wave attack.
    Baragain: I know that, did it hunder of time.

    P.4.F: But, with rework of PW thay add new Khalys attack.
    Baragain: Yes, she can throw metheor on the circle you are in.

    P.4.F: Yes, you are right. Only thing to do is jump from cicle to another.
    Baragain: Of course, or you will be dead if you dont change circle.

    P.4.F: AND THERE IS A PROBLEM!!!!! After I jump out of circle, in moment I touch the ground outside circle, Im dead in millisecond.
    (write the answer)
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  4. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    I can only say that he has a low lvl character, thus playing in painful mode.

  5. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Simply love the new dailys. Kinda funny cuz the very first toon I logged on after sync had a clover for reward. The funny part was that this toon, my main SW Magicbus, has not set foot in the arena in 4 years. The first quest was to win... I didn't care for that so what the heck... 40 anders twice and I got spectator mode to complete all three pvp quests :D (I actually surprised myself and won a few matches, though I strongly suspect those opponents were also playing spectator mode, lol.)

    I do not mind at all this sort of enticement to get players to pvp. The rewards are decent enough. If your non-premium like me the cost to shuffle pvp is more than reasonable since you are guaranteed a different quest. Especially since there is no need to shuffle the first two categories and I made back much more anders in drops doing those than I spent shuffling the pvp.

    So I for one don't buy into the argument that this is "forced PvP." Forced PvP was the old system when three PvP quests came up and you needed premium to change them. Even spending anders to shuffle was no good since you cold wind up with all PvP quests again after the shuffle.

    I did more PvP today with more different characters than I have since I returned to the game. My only quasi-complaint is that I wish the hard core PvPers would let my emotes finish before they kill me :rolleyes:

    Bottom line... the devs got this one right. Something new to do at essentially no cost to the players with some pretty nice rewards.

    Luck be with ye,
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  6. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Only English is allowed in this forum.
    Please use English only!

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  7. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Baragain: Interesting. I just tested it and I was able to run all the way from one circle to the other without dying. She was doing 1000 damage per tic which is normal for me and bypassing block which is also normal.

    So, if it is working right for me, there is one of two explanations.
    Either something is wrong with the scaling and twinks are getting screwed over ( :D:p:D:p:D) or you are mistaken (had less HP than you thought, not instantaneous, or something else).

    Care to make a video clip?
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  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I did it at TS as well and I was getting 1000 damage per tic as well.
    I could survive easily.
    BTW I was playing Khalys I


    The floor damage is armor/block/resistance independent ... but it is level dependent.
    So probably Play.4.Fun was running with high level player ... and the damage is adequate for that player's level.
    That is my only reasoning ...
    So no bug there just a slightly change in the game mechanics for groups ... or it is a fix if it was intended to be like this in the previous releases.
  9. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    And if that is indeed correct, then that's the exact thing he deserves for pushing :p
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  10. Play.4.Fun

    Play.4.Fun Someday Author

    I will left to you to decide what of that two explanation is right. (Hint: read only fist part of sentence)

    No. I will not. After 4 year of playing, reporting bugs and always treated as tired.

    Im sorry that you are in this conversation with me because I consider you as good, smart and well-intentioned member hire. But you start to sound like admins hire.... if you want to report a bug you need Mensa membership confirm, clean blood and urin sample and at least 3 prominent figures to confirm you are know this game if you want your your opinion to be taken seriously.

    On other side there are post like Zed wrote: "I can only say that he has a low lvl character, thus playing in painful mode". Really???? First that is not proof, is not even close to logic. Fact that I was playing on painful lvl dose not state that. Fact that there is someone +5lvl mean that my char is lvl45 or lower, not that is low-lvl. But that is OK. That si valid statment hire.

    And at the end there is always question: "Why devs need atleast 6-9 month to correct bugs?". Because it need 6-7 month to anyone take bug report in consideration.
  11. No one is treating you like an idiot. However, two of the English forum's most active testers failed to reproduce your "bug." You also haven't been very forthcoming with the details meaning that reproducing it is next to impossible to troubleshoot the bug. Read the guide to bug reporting. While not all of this is needed every time, the important part is:

    You can bet that if Trakilaki and Baragain can't reproduce it without more information that the QA team won't be able to either. A detailed description of the issue and a video would go a long way towards reproducing the problem, which is the first step to fixing it.

    So, which is more important? Your pride and your statement that you will not make a video because you feel like you are being treated like an idiot, or your desire to get a potential bug fixed. It doesn't affect a majority of the players, or else someone would be reporting it too which is too bad. They might actually be in a more helpful mood. Either be part of the solution or don't complain because you are perpetuating the problem.
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  12. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    Okay things ned to be cleared.
    Low lvl does not equal to xp blocking. Low lvl means not lvl 50. Is it that hard to understand ?
    The fact that your char is not lvl 50 implies that you are playing on painful, because it's the only available mode.

    I don't know how you could deduce all that from my message. Stop thinking everyone is against you, or else do not be surprised that no ne takes you seriously.

    It is normal to provide valid proof if you think there is a bug in the game. Being an old player does not give you privileges. I play since 2012, Baragain and trakilaki probably started even before me, so what ? I won't bother other players with bug assumptions without having a solid base on which I can rest.
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  13. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    The new daily quest is pretty good, thumbs up for you!
    It somehow balancing people to play all features in this game, PvE and PvP. Thanks to guaranteed different changes on shuffle, it's easy to choose play battleground, no need to winning or defeat anyone.
    Well, of course I still need to humiliate myself in arena by getting killed in 2-3 hit :oops:

    One thing that annoys me so much is if I set up against strong and experienced player with high ranks, and then they just mocking around, letting themselves to get hit and laughing (emot), or standing still waiting to get their HP below 33% (is that right?) untill their wisdom skill activated (especially SMs) over and over again.
    Maaan, their parents must be so proud, their precious son is a Field Marshal and unbeatable in PvP. :rolleyes:
    Idk about the other server, but in mine (Tegan) douches are everywhere....
    Anyway, good job and congrats for this patch.

    One question though, I can't reshuffle the middle panel challenges (the reshuffle button is white and unclickable) at the first time in this two days and always leave me with kill five elite monsters. Am I missing something here?
  14. ElveElve

    ElveElve Someday Author


    So i've got 'defeat 40 enemy players' daily, the last one from pvp.

    I've got 29/40 from a 5v5 and then a 3v3. Then, i went onto another 3v3, got myself a juicy 10/2 score, guess what, im still at 29/40.


    Or is this a feature? I might have killed the arena contestants more than 5 times each, since its in the morning, and the player pool is somewhat limited, fighting the same guys over and over.
  15. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It was like this before, so it is logical to assume nothing changed in this regard. It is to prevent trading kills on a 1 on 1 basis to get your needed kills
  16. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Increased Realm Frag drop-rate and stacks: AT VERY LONG LAST! Best thing to happen in a long while by a long shot!

    I see PWs also got some changes... uh, you could've let us know about them since, you know, we're the players... LOL, fail.

    New dailies: sweet, interesting. That's until day two... it got stale super-fast. More than 9 pics were too much, haha xD ? Also, some of the buffs don't correlate to the character shown in the picture (for example, Murolosh gives me "Champion of J'Ibal", while J'Ibal gives me "Champion of King Murolosh" xD), but that's minor.
    Question: are the bosses posted in the middle challenges level-dependent? Think so since I was getting Balor, Nefertari and PW bosses (had Prem. so could shuffle and check all of them from all three categories). But IDK why'd you put Balor and Nefertari... since the former is quite hard (especially if your reward is a leg. box) and the latter requires ~500 mobs killed in average maps (the temples)... guess it's just the "luck of the level", those two being the last bosses ATM.
    In any case, nice to see more Wisdom, Realm Frags, picks and clovers there; very cool!

    New Moon was promising IMO until that amphorae wood-drop proved to be a bug; shame.
    Will keep ignoring it, I guess... least until I get my RF stock high again. Nice prize-distributing idea, though.

    All in all and not really concerning the upcoming New Moon, good release with only minor flaws.
    Quite a change from the usual flawed releases with only minor good points, hehe... or just tiny updates.

    Have a congrats and keep going this direction - less problems, more nice things ;).
    Nobody forces you to do the last three, which are PvP. Even more so, now there's also a chance to get requirements of only playing the battle to the end, which is easy. As said before, defeating players is also easy, especially in 5v5s or 6v6s, for everyone's kills count to your quota (those from your own team, OFC).
    Didn't know that, thanks!
    PvP douches are nothing new (search the forum about a hot discussion on that laughing emote, if you will xD).
    As for the middle panel, think nobody can shuffle the first one - defeating 5 champion/leader bosses. But you can on silver & gold.
    Something similar happened to me today. Was at 32/40 and did a 3v3, we won, should've completed it, but nope.
    I suspect it has to do with the "worthy opponent" thing, i.e. if you killed someone too many times, it won't count anymore.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  17. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Nah its no bug!
    Its a VERY old PvPrule, that U guys just forgot: U can only kill the same PvPplayer 5 times a day, and get confirmed kills! After U kill the same player 5+ times pr. day, U dont get killcounts on that player that day!

    This was done to prevent abuse! And I think thats more than fair!

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  18. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    The daily quests are nice.:)

    The problem is the mentor wisdom bonus reduction +100%:eek:.... and the honor is still +200%.
    You now lvl up waaaay slower in wisdom:mad:... also considering the fact that on lower lvl chars you can get max 500 per DQ, count that with only the +100% bonus from drops and quests... that leaves you where?o_O
    It was already slow as hell! NOW... It'll take forever to lvl your wisdom. Go back to +200%!!!

    The increased RF drops are nullified with the increase of RF requirement on events.

    "BHOOOO!"... again.
  19. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    I cant beleive Im actually defending BP, but here goes: The mentorbonus was way too high IMHO to begin with! This is way more fair!

    I havent played the new new moon event, but the cost of 10 fragments are excactly the same (as promised on twitch) so I dont see Ur beef?

    On top of the new improved droprate AND the new feature of RF dropping in stacks now (1, 2 or 5), I get a buff on fragmentdrops from the new daylies, 3 times a day each on half an hour (the last 1 is a whopping 50%+ on RF), so not only are U wrong on this statement; U are VERY wrong!

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  20. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    What increase? We've had that quite some time ago if you're referring to the 7 to 10 for the Moon events.
    That bit is possibly the best thing they've done recently... but OFC someone will complain... there's always at least one :p:rolleyes:.
    Now that you mention it, it did seem way too easy to zig-zag gain Wisdom with the Mentor Bonus... so I kinda agree with you.
    On another note, the buff you're referring to is for Materi, not Realm xD, isn't it?
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