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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, Jul 26, 2016.

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  1. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Only a minor correction:
    It is 6 and 9, not 8 and 9.

    Even still, even if you don't want to PvP, you still get 11 rewards as opposed to 1, so there is no reason for anyone to be complaining that they don't get everything when they are unwilling to do everything. I could understand being upset if it required wins and there was no "Just participate" option, but because there is a participation option, the only factor here is time not skill.
  2. LooneyTed

    LooneyTed Someday Author

    Hi, folks...

    I have to agree. I have never cared much for PvP and never participated, in this game or any other. Now, with the new daily challenge system I am tempted to try. The character I'm now playing is only level 46 and I've just started arena. I'm not sure I would even try if it weren't for the clover dangling from that stick for completing all 9 challenges.

    I'll gamely try and it's too late to start over with this guy, and there are probably some peeved level 50s who were hoping for a better duel. Or perhaps happy it didn't have to go to three matches. Next toon I'll start earlier :D.

    I'd like the duels and 3v3s to be more evenly matched. I did all the matches today (clover, remember?) and lost all but one to, you guessed it, level 50s with a bunch of arena experience. The one I did win was a level 43. He probably feels the same as I. Match the competitors better!



    ... LooneyTed

    Be kind.
  3. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author


    still disagree we are being forced to do pvp to get full rewards i quit pvp after 155 because it got so unfair
    and i dont miss it now looks like no clover for me
    ps i was a field marshal
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  4. sonorac12

    sonorac12 Someday Author

    Thank you, Morinphen for clearing this up! It wasn't said in the patchnotes and was told to check here for answers. I'm a level 50 mech. That's a lot of dailies to do in one day.
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  5. LooneyTed

    LooneyTed Someday Author

    Hello, all...

    I have to agree with Morinphen as well. Even though I had never played PvP there are now 9 challenges per day instead of one. Those who don't want to duel don't have to. The extra rewards and little buffs are, to me, gravy. If you don't want to do 9 challenges (or 6) just do the one(s) you want.

    Besides, everything except the arena bouts are done as I play anyway - it's nice to get bonuses just for doing what I am already doing.

    In another words, take the extra freebies and enjoy them.



    Be kind.
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    But it is "fair." You don't even need to win. I've done a clover on both my RA and my SW, both of which are alts with crap gear and very low ranks (less than 40 total PvP matches each), and I was able to get the clover on both of them by participating in 14 matches. I only won 5 and 6 respectively, but I knew that it was just a matter of time an patience to get them.

    And before anyone whines about "well, what if I don't have premium and can't change which PvP quest I have," just stop. Before this release, the only way to get clovers was on select few events and by spend ungodly amounts of gold or ander at the jesters. It is well worth it to spend between 40 and 240 andermant to make sure that you get the "participation" options over the wins or the kills. I simply wish that this had been a method to get clovers since they were introduced. Then maybe there would be a slightly smaller gap between the F2Ps and the P2Ps on this particular area.

    So what you're saying is that you don't like losing to KotOs like me, so you refuse to hurt your pretty PvP record for a clover over a matter of pride? This is a clover we are talking about. It isn't hard to get for anyone, and if you are not willing to put the time or energy into getting it, then I'll say it again... you don't deserve it. There are plenty of recruits and legionnaires out there who are going against much worse odds than you, a Field Marshal, would face. I applaud those people and I'm happy that they are being properly rewarded for having the guts to go into the arena against crazy odds because they want their reward. The people who care the most deserve the rewards.

    On final parting thought. BigPoint made a smart call on this. It is revitalizing PvP, which had steadily been dying. Now, if they could just balance it a little, then it would be even better, but I think that it is a step in the right direction
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  7. LooneyTed

    LooneyTed Someday Author

    Hello, folks...

    Yes, yes. I couldn't agree more (except with the 1v1 match-ups - I still believe they should be set closer to character rank. Bigpoint still has a little tweaking to do here). 1v1 is set to pit players within five levels (correct me if I'm wrong). That's a nice way to increase those stats as well.

    It has revitalized PvP. For example, I would never have done arena matches before 170 was released. This is a good thing imho.

    A lot of players do the arenas within their guilds or with friends - my guild does. That takes any pressure away. After all, you don't even have to win - only participate. And anyway, I, personally, don't give a rat's patoot about 'ranking'. I don't display titles anyway. Besides, it's only frustrating for four or six minutes. What's an extra 30 to 45 minutes anyway? A small price to pay for that clover I would otherwise have to spend a small fortune on to 'win'.



    Be kind.
  8. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Yeah, yeah... my bad xD. Forgot it's 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 6 - 9, hehe. Our point still stands, though :).

    6 and 9, hehe... if you know what I mean xD. Sorry, bad joke... sorry :D.
    Are you really that dense? First, one could do ONE challenge for ONE reward. Now you have many others for multiple challenges. Where the F does it force you to do anything? If you're not willing to do PvP challenges that 2/3 kinds do not require you to be good, kill or anything, then you shouldn't even be playing... so hard to get kills in 5v5s or just battle any mode until the end, so hard... even more so for a Field Marshal. Greetings from a Centurion over here who, despite not being a terrible PvP fan, has no problem with these challenges... LOL. Waste of a title in your case, sorry to say. For all it's worth, I used to mainly care for PvP if I got Wisdom from doing it via dailies (hence my lower PvP rank). But now it's quite more enticing to play, even if I only get small rewards and PvP currency. It's different and interesting - not a burden like before when you could end up with just PvP quests for your Wisdom at a possible and not really negligible for anyone cost of Ander (still, it was not impossible even back then... a tad annoying, yes... but nothing bad happened to me though I at times skipped 250 Wisdom on several occasions because I didn't want or feel like doing PvP - that was somewhat of a limitation, but still no forcing). OK, I used the Prem. I won from Twitch a while ago during this last week, so I could shuffle at will, but even winning some matches wouldn't be so hard - 1v1 or 3v3s and it gets done fairly fast. Use a guild or friends and do 3v3s and then you have more chances. You can't ALWAYS get hard opponents... at one point or another, you will encounter weaker people - if the matchmaking were fair and one would not face significantly weaker or stronger players, or if you were a stranger to PvP with a weaker toon, then I'd maybe see some reason in your complaint, but as it is, no. You're just lazy and unnecessarily whiny, with all due respect.

    None of the challenges are mandatory now, nor were they before. You want your Wisdom? Earn it. You want more rewards? EARN THEM, for crying out loud! Let me tell you something... some of my friends (strong ones, at that) have gotten the Balor challenge for their clover and guess what? Some couldn't do it because, well, it's not an easy task, even for the top-notch (PW Khalys would be the other very hard choice, but you can do that on mode I and in doing so avoid the awfully harder higher modes, mainly mode III). My point is that they are still alive and well and never complained about being "forced" to any extent. Most challenges (not all, as just said) are not hard... what would you want? Do one challenge like before, but get all rewards from the new system?

    And why are you saying "we are being forced to PvP" ? Nobody but yourself seems to make such a fuss about this deal.

    One last thing... use the EDIT button... it's right there at the bottom of your post. Or are you somehow being forced to double post? Sheesh... OK, that was not nice of me, I apologize for that bit, but still... use that button :p.

    In any case, back to feedback... seems I still sometimes get all sound cut off randomly (client reset needed for fixing).
    But on the bright side, the Kobold page-switching hysteria seems to have been corrected, so thanks for that!
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  9. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    The middle one is shuffleable after you have completed the first challenge. It isn't locked based on whether you have premium or deluxe.
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  10. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    Guys, don't bother to sweat yourself, this guy already found his solution to his own problem:
    There you go.

    It's called a reward, which means you get them after you done your task.
    It's not a free gift. There's noting robbed from you, nor forced you to do anything.
    It's DAILY QUEST, not a DAILY REWARDS, which you still get everyday for free.
    You get a reward from each challenges you done, PLUS the bonus reward based on your progress. Isn't that nice?
    My ranger is just reach novice centurion this morning (lv 50 :oops: ), and I always prepared my skills and gear to participate in arena in case I get lucky to set up against weaker player or 'reward hunter' like me lol.
    Sometimes I win, but most of the time I lose. Doesn't matter, I still get the rewards, which is nice for me.

    Yup. I think it's to balancing gameplay between Normal Maps and PW's map. Maybe.
    Just wondering, what about player below lv 40 who couldn't go to PW yet? Where they can found champion/elite monster?
  11. will-verdrag

    will-verdrag Forum Greenhorn

    i would like this al well. i have killed 4 of the 5 already. i just dont know what i killed..
  12. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It is any of the randomly appearing mini-boss monsters with the random enchantments.
  13. will-verdrag

    will-verdrag Forum Greenhorn

    i don't recall i killed a mini boss with a enchantments. i gues i should look for them then. :)
  14. geoff1

    geoff1 Someday Author

    where do i start, took a long time and effort to get field marshal but if you read my post i stated i was (past tense)as i no longer use to dailys my point was before everyone got 1 daily now u get up to 9 but if through choice u dont do pvp u only get 6 also i know people that only do pvp and thats only 3. this is not a whine just my opinion which every body as a right to without people critisising them
  15. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    @geoff1 buddy, you posted your opinion in the forum. And the other people who read it will posts their opinions and arguments about your opinion because we all have different opinions. Either it against or sides with you, it's their opinions. Use that PoV, we're in the public forum here. No one criticizing you. They just trying their best to explain it to you. And you can give your argument to defense your opinion. It's just normal.

    There you go again, you answered your question by yourself. It IS a choice, not an obligation. ;)
    And I can't see the connection between you're saying you're a field marshal with your problem about PvP Challenges.
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  16. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Randomly enchanted foes do count as champions, yes, but there are also some more from before this feature - they appear occasionally and have that red circle beneath them with more detail than the average mini-boss that appears always on a said map. Some examples: Xerib in regular Hagastove, or Bloodbeard / Ice Fist in Hailstone Mountains... could name these off the top of my head. But it's rather hard to chase these down, so if you can, go for enchanted ones.

    Oh, and events might helps when they're on. For example, the Viscanium Minions and the Jullovs in the DDH did count towards that challenge. Funny though that most bosses (the three in the regular map and the two, aside Admiral Iron Creeper, in the mini) did not count as either Champions, Leaders or worthy bosses. So, what are they, then xD ? If you ask me, there are a tad too many categories here... I understand big and small bosses, but apart from that it just seems unnecessary complication in my view.
    No, an opinion is stated and that's it. You put forward a wrongful claim (that we're being forced to PvP) and complained about something that is mostly always easy to do. Doesn't matter if you WERE or ARE a FM; you should still have the skills that got you there, if any. Also, if you post anything on any public space and expect not to be engaged by others, then you're gonna have a bad time... 'tis the Internet, my fellow Dracanian hero xD.
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  17. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    AaAaAaAallrighty then...

    I usually rant in this tread about how gawdawfull BAD new releases are, and how much many of the new features S*CKS, and how BP NEVER LISTENS to us players etc... I actually get banned from this forum on a regular basis due to this!

    And now comes along a release, with nothing but good things in it; BP actually LISTENED to the players for once! They implemented good, well thought through things, we have ALL been asking for!
    -And not only that, they did it for once WITHOUT the usual major bugs following a new release! (I know we have a few minor, but thats unavoidable!)

    Well... Here I am ranting again, but this time with a major twist: (I cant beleive Im actually dong this, but here goes:) I read the comments in here, and many of them are STILL NEGATIVE??? -Come on guys! Am I the ONLY one, who would like to see more releases like this one??? Then STOP COMPLAINING for once, and just enjoy the new features and bugfixes!

    We can allwayz go back to complaining, when they implement something stupid in the future, but for now... Just be happy and content!!! -I know I am!
    -Yeah! We still need a lot of things fixed...
    -Yeah! Some of the new stuff is not made for all lvls...
    -Yeah! Some of U dont PvP...

    But this is finally a MAJOR STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!
    -And they cant fix all the bugs at once! (It will come eventually)
    -And if its not for Ur lvl, then lvl up or shut up! (Twinks like U are just there to kill n00bs anyways, cause U dont wanna fight pro 50s!)
    -And if U dont PvP, then DONT! (Its a choise, not a requirement!)

    Its like training a daft dog! U dont punish it, when it finally rolls over, when U say: "Roll over!" NO! U reward it and say: "Good dog!" Otherwise it will never learn that trick!

    ...Just my 2 cents!

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  18. versrat

    versrat Someday Author

    OK, so again with these bosses....

    I found out that the Wooden Meanie in Rootrock caverns counts, so I go in there five times (boring!) to kill him. First 4 times, no trouble. Fifth time - he's NOT there ! So I make 6 visits to kill him 5 times.

    Then I get the quest to kill 10 bosses. The Meanie still counts, but the harder Old Tree Spirit doesn't. What?

    So, I go to kill Khalys ( lvl 25, same as me ). I kill her 3 or 4 times - she doesn't count ! Why doesn't a world boss count ? I give up.

    Come on BP, play fair. Make it ALL bosses above a certain lvl. I haven't got the time to spend all day running around trying to find a boss that counts......
  19. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    And The Adjutant in The Hidden Sanctum counts too. Just figured it out this morning while doing my quest with my DK (lv 30).

    Just a shower thought:
    What if BP added EXP reward in daily quest... Wow, imagine how all of the twinks would raging in this forum... :D
  20. Zed

    Zed Forum Pro

    He's not always at the same spot. Make sure to track him everywhere.

    As it has been said many times, look up the R155 content.
    You can determinate the type of a miniboss/boss by the looks of its health bar.
    In this case the quest asked to kill a very specific type of minibosses, the Champions one. They appear randomly in the map, in random zones.
    Examples : Wael in the royal crypt, the golden dragon (or sth like that) in Tegan's sanctuary, Edward in the Atlantis zones...
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