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    Dear heroes,​

    We continue the summer with release 171 which brings you, among other things, our new Full Moon Event (starting later this month), more space for your inventory and lockers and some Parallel World improvements. With it we are also getting Kingshill ready for the big anniversary festivities! Enjoy!
    New features

    More space for your locker and inventory pages!

    We have added an extra tab “VIII” for your inventory and an extra tab “VII” for the locker. Each new row of inventory/locker expansion will cost you the same as before. If you purchase the entire inventory/locker space from this release onwards through our specific offers, you will also unlock that last new tab.

    You’ll see as well that we have moved the inventory auto-sorting button to the top of the bar.​

    Parallel Worlds Improvements

    Release 171 brings a number of changes and improvements for the Parallel Worlds. Please find the complete list here.​

    Crafting in Parallel Worlds

    We wanted to introduce an option to farm the unique items of Parallel Worlds more consistently, so players with bad luck still can reach the Tier 3 items eventually. For this we updated the crafting options for the Parallel Worlds items as follows:​
    • Tier 1 Parallel Worlds unique items now drop more often.
    • Tier 1 Parallel Worlds unique items can also be bought with Materi Fragments now.
      • The "Untouchables" set is offered in front of each dungeon after a player has completed all quests in this dungeon.
      • The other items are offered from an "In-Dungeon-Trader", which appear in the boss room after a player has completed the repeatable dungeon quest (which includes playing both maps and defeating the boss, by the way).
    • Tier 2 Parallel World unique items can still be crafted out of four Tier 1 items.
    • Tier 3 Parallel World unique items can now be crafted out of three Tier 2 items and one new item, the “Spirit Core”.
    • Spirit Cores can be obtained for Materi Fragments:
      • The "Purified Spirit Core" and the "Glistening Spirit Core" can be bought from Salvendar (in Cardhun), which can be used for the Untouchable Set and the Parallel World Rings
      • Boss specific Spirit Cores, which are needed to craft the Boss specific items to tier 3, can be obtained from the "In-Dungeon-Traders" in Fatal difficulty
    • Tier crafting of Parallel World items now costs gold or Andermant,
      • Tier 2 Untouchables set: 5 Gold or 60 Andermant
      • Tier 3 Untouchables set: 50 Gold or 600 Andermant
      • Tier 2 Parallel World Rings: 10 Gold or 120 Andermant
      • Tier 3 Parallel World Rings: 100 Gold or 1200 Andermant
      • Tier 2 Boss specific sets: 25 Gold or 300 Andermant
      • Tier 3 Boss specific sets: 250 Gold or 3000 Andermant
    It’s also possible to craft existing unique tier 2 items into tier 3 items. Here’s the complete list:​
    • Eternal Guardian, Riddle, Beast, Justice
    • Avenger, Starlight, Predator, Cloaked Wrath
    • The Parallel Worlds rings
    New Item Rewards

    We updated some old torsos and added them to the possible rewards of the first Parallel Worlds dungeon (Grimmag). They also appear in their tier 2 and tier 3 variants.​
    • Agrasha’s Splendid Hauberk
    • Grimmag’s Starry Robe
    • Cuchulain’s Battle Armor
    • Tegan’s Suit of Armor
    Loot Lists Updates

    As described above, we changed the loot lists a bit in order to make the updated crafting options work better:​
    • The different Parallel Worlds rings can now be found also from Leaders in the corresponding dungeons.
    • In exchange, the chance of finding these rings from bosses on Fatal difficulty has been reduced.
    • Bosses on Excruciating and Fatal difficulties don't drop the "Untouchables" items anymore.
    • Bosses on Excruciating and Fatal difficulties drop tier 1 boss set items instead.
    • Chances for bosses in Painful difficulty to drop the tier 1 boss set items has been slightly increased.
    • Grimmag now drops the new unique torso instead of the Parallel Worlds weapon/shield
    • All Parallel Worlds monsters can now drop the “Scorn of the Dragon” set.
    • The loot list of Balor has been updated to nearly match a tier 2 Parallel Worlds boss. Therefore, it also offers higher chances to get his unique items.
    Dungeon Polishing
    • We fixed the names, appearances and distribution of monsters in the “Ruins of the First Circle” and “Liar’s Lair” maps (Khalys’ dungeons)
    • The stationary “Andermagic Minions” with the healing Aura at Liar’s Lair don’t receive random enchantments anymore, so they don’t teleport away.

    Inventory Auto-Sorting Feature Improvements

    Based on your feedback, we have introduced these two main changes, in order to make this feature more useful for everyone:​
    • The auto-sort only works per page of inventory/locker now. This means that when you click on it, it will sort out the items on that particular tab rather than the items of the whole inventory/locker.
    • The auto-sort tab is now red, so it stands out better, and has been moved to a place where it is less likely to be clicked on accident.
    • Auto-sorting can be disabled in the Settings menu as well.
    Polishing for the character selection screen

    Now your hero is looking even more awesome in the character selection screen thanks to some small improvements applied to the light settings and the composition in general. Let us know what you think! For instance, would you like to see your currently equipped mount on the character selection screen sometime in the future?

    Bug Fixes

    Incorrect monsters ranks

    We have fixed some issues with monster ranks that were preventing some of you from completing your daily challenges correctly. More specifically, we have changed the setting of “Champion” and “Leader” monsters in the early levels so you can complete the daily challenges more consistently.​

    On top of this, we will continue to work on the distribution of monsters with higher ranks in future updates. Here’s the complete list of Champions and Leaders for those early maps that count for your challenges:​

    Old Tomb​
    • Undead Captain Jeremy
    Hagastove Grotto​
    • Head Council Witch Ragana
    • Xerib the Hunchback
    • Cayden the Hunter
    • Nefertari Snooper
    Crypt of Kings​
    • Powerful Nefertari Necromancer
    • Wael the Deceiver
    Wildherz Cavern​
    • Yachak
    • Razor-Talon
    Rootrock Cavern​
    • Old Tree Spirit
    • Wooden Meanie
    Prison of Souls​
    • Kaiden the Tormentor
    Liar's Lair​
    • The Insatiable Fiend
    Caverns of Loxeley​
    • Big John
    • Sister Tick
    Fortress Teganswall​
    • Dead Eye Drust
    • Commander Emberwing
    Tegan's Sanctuary​
    • Cingento the Cantankerous
    • Benkay the Blacksmith
    Dragon Cavern​
    • Dragonspawn Master
    • Leader of the Dragonbrood
    The Hidden Sanctum​
    • Seal-Specialist Claudus Krugar
    • The Adjutant
    Hailstone Mountains​
    • Nimble Gnome
    • Ice Fist
    • Blood Beard
    • Shuffling Destroyer
    Eternal watch​
    • Little Girl
    • Hemograpple
    Mount Suvius​
    • Brontes Masterbuilder
    Life bars are updated at the start of a PvP match

    We have fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing life bars to be updated at the start of a PvP match. In other words, the life of your opponent will now be subtracted correctly, leading to less confusing scenarios.

    Known Issues

    MAC users cannot play the game since we are serving an incorrect downloadable file to them. This is known to the Dev Team and we hope to fix it as soon as possible.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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