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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    September starts with our release 173. It may be a smaller release at first glance but it brings a complete new event for all of you: Dunes of Desolation. The team keeps on working on future additions to the game, such as the PvE Leaderboards, further Parallel World improvements and additions, more auto-pick-up possibilities and, of course, further bug fixing. Stay tuned for those!​


    New features

    Brand new event: Dunes of Desolation!

    Release 173 is bringing an exclusive event never seen before in the lands of Dracania! Follow the enigmatic Zahir in an unforgettable journey to his homeland, where new challenges and mysteries await. Dunes of Desolation brings you amazing quests, new foes to destroy and, of course, a brand new array of rewards, flying carpet included!​

    New barrel mount!

    Do the barrel roll, they said. It will be fun, they said… Release 173 will bring an exclusive new mount for your hero. Regardless of your balance skills, make sure you check our payment windows often if you are interested, as we’ll be selling it there!


    Changed Enchantment Text

    We have changed the text of the “% increased weapon damage” enchantment to “% increased damage on this item” to be more consistent with the other “on this item” enchantments. Apart from this, the enchantment effect stays the same.

    Bug Fixes

    The planking phenomenon in Dracania is over

    We have fixed the graphic glitch that was putting characters, NPCs and mounts lying on the floor. No more planking across the lands!P

    layer invitations have been fixed

    We have fixed a bug that was preventing players to invite to groups or guilds other players that had non-Latin characters in their names.

    No more floating moonlight circles in Varholm

    A floating moonlight circle was seen on the island of Varholm. It has been placed on the ground now, to make it match the universal laws of gravity. Thanks for reporting it on the test server!

    Corrected the health-bar style for Death Knights in Ocean of Bones (PW)

    There were a couple of Death Knights of the Inquisition in the Ocean of Bones map that were not showing their Guardian status We have corrected this issue and now it’s correctly displayed on their health bar.

    Crafting recipe for Predator (Tier 3) is working

    Before this release, you could not forge a Tier 3 Predator with three Tier 2 bows plus a Khalys’ Spirit Core in the workbench. We have solved this so now you can craft it!

    Shinning Silver Essences are not usable on PvP official arenas anymore

    We have fixed the issue that is allowing Shinning Silver Essences to be used in official PvP combats. [Update 12.09 - Not Fixed. This bug will be fixed with rel174]

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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