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    In Brief

    Dear heroes,

    We start October with release 175, which brings a new mini-event to spice up your adventures in Dracania: the Monster Hunts! On top of that, we are releasing a brand new mount and committing to more bug fixes.


    New features
    New mini-event: the Monster Hunts!

    Release 175 brings a new mini-event dynamic to Dracania called Monster Hunts. When one of these events is active, you will see it in the event notification window (by pressing E). During the duration of that mini-event, each worthy opponent* that you slay could drop a Hunting Badge. The more you collect, the more rewards you will unlock in the progress bar of each mini-event!



    There will be Monster Hunts for the following durations: 2 hours, 1 days, 2 days and 4 days. Each progress bar will grant you a number of goodies: gem bags, essences, equipment, lockpicks, Lucky Mount and Lucky Companion packages and also Draken!

    The Monster Hunts will work in the same way as the Looter’s Fortune mini-event: they will arrive every now and then and for a certain period of time to the game. It’s a good idea to check always the event window to know when one of these is active, although we’ll also tell you through our social media channels, of course!

    * So what are worthy opponents? Only monsters that are between 5 levels higher or lower than your own character are considered worthy opponents. For example, if your character is of level 20, then all the monsters with level 15 to level 25 are considered as worthy opponents and thus they have the chance to drop Hunting Badges.

    New mount: the Ram family!
    Rams are majestic and naturally curious. Due to their unique ability to keep balance while climbing, they make for sturdy and versatile companions for your adventures. Different variations of the Ram mount will appear in our shop so stay tuned if you want to get yours! (The Ram family will appear in the shop later this month.)


    Removed some lightning effects from gameplay areas (Parallel Worlds)
    Based on community feedback, we have removed the lightning effect from some Parallel World maps because they were rather confusing as they were looking too similar to other attack effects.

    Essences cost working as intended
    Essences will now get deducted from your essence pool at the exact moment you use the skill.

    Bug Fixes

    Unlocked achievements will stay unlocked after map changes or relogging
    We have fixed the annoying issue that was preventing achievements from staying unlocked, even after completing them.

    Spawned monsters and effects by sets will follow you
    Some of the special companions and/or effects that you can spawn as part of set bonus sometimes triggered again after a map change although their trigger condition and cool-down constraints were not met. This is fixed now.

    Sigrismarr’s set bonus working fine for Spellweavers (Parallel Worlds)
    We have fixed an issue that was preventing the second set bonus of the new Sigrissmarr’s set to work properly for the Spellweaver class. The “Ice Missile” skill will now always fire 3 more missiles each time you cast it. Also the stats and tooltips of the set are now displayed correctly in all languages.

    Reduced wall glitching in Hagastove Grotto (Parallel Worlds)
    We have fixed several areas where players could glitch through walls in the parallel version of Hagastove Grotto.

    No more clipping in Hailstone Mountains (Parallel Worlds)
    We have fixed a section of Hailstone Mountains (in Parallel Worlds) where players could clip through a rock.

    Proper Abandoned Treasures in Lor’Tac
    We have fixed the “Abandoned Treasure” type of chest to spawn correctly in the Cradle of Death.

    Removal of Arachna’s exploit
    We have fixed a minor exploit in the Caverns of Loxley where Arachna would not attack the player when standing in special locations.

    Absorber of the Wolf Slayer is dropping for all Steam Mechanicus
    Before this release, the Absorber of the Wolf Slayer was not dropping from Vargulf during the Full Moon event. This was not intended and it has been corrected.

    Jullov family has come back
    The “A very Jullov Holiday” quest has been fixed so you can now complete it.

    Crash with ranger helmet has been fixed

    We have fixed the crash that was originating when you had the Helmet of Corruption (rangers only) equipped. As per our official announcement, those users that were affected will get a compensation from us in the following days. If you are still encountering issues, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support team.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
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