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  1. Sunlight

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    Brave heroes of Dracania,

    Release 177 is arriving to Dracania!


    In Brief

    Release 177 brings the brand new PvE Leaderboards feature, as well as many bug fixes.

    New Features

    The PvE Leaderboards are here!

    Starting in release 177, your Parallel World runs will be timed and scored, allowing you to compete for the number 1 spot on the server!

    Each month,
    the Leaderboard will be reset, allowing you to prove yourself against your peers, and become the best runner of them all! While this version only gives you bragging rights, future iterations will offer fantastic prizes to whoever can hold the top of the Leaderboard!

    Whenever you enter a Parallel World map,
    a countdown will appear at the top of screen once you move away from the starting area.


    Killing the final boss of the Parallel World you are in will end the Timed Run, and will allow you to view your scores.
    Here, you can view a breakdown of your run: your current and best time, your current and total monster kills, the points acquired from monster kills, the current and total boss kills, the points acquired from boss kills, the current and overall points total, and your rank. Higher difficulties mean more points, of course!

    From here, you can view the Parallel Worlds Leaderboards. These allow you to filter by Parallel World Dungeon, and view different things:
    • Your own Best Time, total Monster kills and total Boss kills for that dungeon
    • The current overall ranking for that dungeon
    You can filter the ranking by class, and choose to only show your friends and/or guild. In future iterations, you will have access to the Hall of Fame, allowing to view the best scores of all time!



    Whispers from ignored players are no longer displayed in chat bubbles
    When a player was ignored, whispers coming from that player were blocked in the chat, but could still be seen in a chat bubble above that player, allowing ignored players to keep on abusing other players. We have fixed this issue, and whispers from ignored players will no longer be displayed anywhere.

    Bug Fixes

    Grimmagstone PW uniques dropped at common rarity
    The unique items dropped in the Grimmagstone dungeon were of common (white) rarity. We have now fixed this, and uniques items dropped in 177 onward will have the correct rarity.

    Khalys exploit
    The Khalys exploits have been fixed, so she will no longer just stand around without attacking players.

    Blue Dragonspawn cannot be summoned
    The Blue Dragonspawn pet had no status effect, and could not be summoned. We have fixed this issue.

    PVP stats are displayed as 0 in the character screen
    In the character selection screen, the PVP stats were displayed as 0. With release 177, these stats will display the correct values once again.

    Environment glitch in the Catacombs and Temple Sector
    We have fixed various locations in the Catacombs and Temple Sector maps where players could get stuck in the environment.

    Belt and Amulet of the Dunes set do not take gems into account
    The Resistance and HP increasing effects of the Belt and Amulet of the Dunes did not affect gems placed the sockets. We have now fixed this, and bonus stats afforded by gems will work correctly with the effects.

    Ranger Double Damage bug
    We have fixed an issue which caused the Ranger’s Precise Shot skill to deal double damage to monsters when they are located near other obstacles.

    Go forth and conquer, Heroes of Dracania!

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