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  1. knifesss

    knifesss Forum Apprentice

    "if you can't fix it break it" an old saying.
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  2. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Still in game after the hotfix i only see "loading" at the leaderboards...
  3. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Why can I only like this comment once? It's so golden!

    On the plus side, this downtime seems to have ended sooner than announced... but the last one took longer than announced, so same thing xD. Now let the download waiting commence. Hmm, seems that wasn't too long either. So see you on the Monday fix (both DURING the mini, very nice). Then see a 5th fix for the cloak's armor maybe.
    Doesn't surprise me. Barely anything good went through since the last good thing that was this OK event coming. Still loading here too.
  4. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    They just want us to leave the event unfinished that's why they do all this :D
    (will we get something for the lost hours?)
  5. mjmuju

    mjmuju Junior Expert

    Yes, more releases containing more and/or new bug to worry about. Oh, and hotfix too. BP don't want you to abandoning your real life so they decreasing your play time. And another feedback thread regarding the newest release so you can top up your post and forum rank. Yes, awesome, I know. I nearly shed some tears due to happiness and excitement.

    Joke aside, well, sadly there was no joke. We're just caught in a loop.
  6. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    All developers do produce bugs. Many of them. Its natural dev process. Their issue, however, is their QA team, and the development process overall.

    Their QA either do not test things at all, or miss obvious scenarios. Who wouldnt think of scenario with gems in that 'unique' weapon? Missed.

    Who would miss the fact it drops white to start woth? How can you miss it at all? It has never been tested.

    Also, they have plenty of technical debt, old bugs, spaghetti code, but they dont seem to do the stabilization/hardening sprints/iterations/releases to address this.

    They are also always in rush, like they develop something mission critical and life threatening. They are not in education, where they have to release before the school year.

    They need to rethink their agile process, hire pro QA from Eastern Europe or outsource it.

    And ignoring test server output from guys is just ridiculous.

    But its not bugs what frustrates me. I do not like some strategic directions.
    1. I do not like all those chaotic bonuses on items.
    2. I do not like all those animals, knights, thunders and other tales creating complete mess in pvp. Unavoidable mess. PvP has to be cleaner, like it used to be.
    3. I do not like their cleae monetization on everything. New cloak is good example. With upcoming armor nerf.
    4. I hate dwarfensang. There are so many issues with dwarfs... its not even about their damage output
    4a. They are the only class designed to ignore crit. And crafting dmg only items is easier, they drop constantly. Crit Dmg% ones do not.
    4b. They are the only class who can produce enormous dmg amount while not being engaged in a fight. This is insane. All those canons should be complimentary skills, like guardian or wolfes. Not the key dmg thing.
    4c. No other class can be killing you and running from you at the same time. This does not make any sense. Zero.
    4c. Those canons are also unavoidable. No matter how fast you run and cast, you will get hit if you stop to cast a missile.
    4d. And finally you cannot destroy them.
    4conclusion. Each and everyone of those a-d alone is OP. Alltogether it is far worse than ridiculous.
    5. Other classes got those skillless skills too.
    5a. Tanks have their volcano/explosion after death, so if you dont have a jump, you are dead. No other class has this.
    5b. Archers got their EA exploding on the ground without hitting anyone, so they can just spam it into flag entrance and kill all mages. Without the need to hit. And frequently you wouldnt even see there is a missile. The only thing you see is your body on the ground and a hit from nowhere.
    6. There should not be any unavoidable skills. Any.
    7. I do not like the pve aspects.
    A. The events got mediocre unique items with silly bonuses that noone would consider to use.
    B. They strugle to implement autopickup feature all across the board, and I know it is a matter of one minute to change the flag in the db.
    C. They messed up with complexity of levels, applying the same formula all over the place.
    D. They cannot cleanup the skill system, a very core systmem of the game. Turrets are bugged, mage MC and every other skill with it is bugged because of misalignment of server and client. And that dirty cuase can produce many more bugs later on.

    As for this release, like I said before, I do like the feature. Lots of people aksed for it in some other form, and I hope what was really asked for is coming - the team performance.
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  7. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    What?! The SW huge damage explosion-ice-thingy is from another game?
    The damage the DK one does is divided between a few eruptions while the SW one gives you all that huge damage in a single explosion. And if it's a tank, as you've said, the damage it would make would be...
  8. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    I meant DK, in general, when saying 'tank'. And you cannot deny the fact the DK explosion is the only explosion slowing opponent down so he cannot run away unless he jumps. You can easily walk away mage/archer explosion, which are rarely being used for that very reason. while most DKs are benefiting from this in 5v5, both flag tanks and 2h killers.

    Read my post again. DK has unavoidable skill. Mages or archers do not. You just walk away. This is the key - unavoidable. It slows you down so you could barely move. The way it deals damage doesnt matter. Make it all at once but take the slow down off, like with others.

    Nice try though.

    Upd. I called that nonsense a 'skill'. It is not a 'skill', there is nothing in it to be called a skill. Every dumb monkey can go all-in damage and play die and kill game thanks to that 'ability'.
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  9. bLaind

    bLaind Forum Baron

    The RA one slows you down too, I think... it also marks you, but I think that RA's skill is the lamest one.
    A DK, most likely, has already used most of his skills to actually reach and kill the SW and it would most likely die from that explosion, unless he uses speed boots.
    The ranking for that pvp skill is definitely: 1.SW/2.DK/3.SM/4.RA.

    BTW, I haven't unlocked that "skill" yet, since I've reached the Novice Knight of the Order rank just recently. :p ... Long way till I unlock that.
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  10. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    What's this downtime for? So many lately :mad: ! Fixing uniques still dropping as common items? Hasn't this already been dealt with?
    Hehe, me too. Just yesterday, in fact (while working for a Gilded Clover :D).
  11. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    So I noticed something new that came with this release (or one of the many hotfixes) that ofc, there was no mention of this happening :rolleyes:

    All of my costumes that I have earned over the years now sell for 1 silver as opposed to the Not For Sale they had up to this point. Not a biggie for me since I have never lost something by inadvertently selling it. I know the two player designed costumes could be sold. I guess somebody felt some standardization was in order.

    However it think it would have been better to go the other way and make them all Not For Sale rather than create this potential headache for the volunteer team of players asking to get items back.

    Luck be with ye,
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  12. Morinphen

    Morinphen Forum Overlooker

    Epic Mounts have suffered a similar silent change: they can now be sold for 1 gold. Totally makes sense, yeah...
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  13. Gevilson

    Gevilson Active Author

    Not all. The ones you can never get back usually sell... like PvP mounts. The Witch's broom that you could drop again, doesn't sell.
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  14. Themasteradragon

    Themasteradragon Someday Author

    because... logic, yeah....o_O
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  15. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    This leaderboard is a crap, a shame. The most important information is not present ... Who is the character that ends a quest in fatal level as soon as possible? Of course killing at least 90% of the enemies with no deaths...
    Missing too much information and rewards those who have no social life and play more hours. I need a ranking to climb and find the strongest chars in PvE that make all the complete map Fatale in solo. (Sorry for my Eng).
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