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    In Brief

    Brave heroes of Dracania,

    In release 179, we are bringing you multiple improvements to the PvE Leaderboards, such as a system for leagues and seasons, and some bug fixes too.

    New features

    PvE Leaderboards Improvements


    In this version, we are adding new features to the Leaderboards.
    We’ve added an overall ranking, so
    you can see who the best players are for each class:

    We’ve also added notifications for the start and end of seasons, so you can also keep track of when a season is coming to an end, or when a new season has begun.



    Additionally, the new League system will instantly show the top ranked players with Gold, Silver and Bronze banners on the rankings.​


    And finally, we’ve introduced prizes! Finish in the top 200 for your character class in the Overall Ranking to win some fantastic prizes! But that’s not all: finish in the top tiers of each dungeon (Gold, Silver or Bronze ranking – and there can be multiple winners for each tier!) to win amazing rewards. Possible rewards include emotes, Andermant, and more! We’ll also be adding additional rewards in later seasons to keep things interesting!​


    We’ve introduced a new look for the Dungeon Difficulty Selection windows. This new design allows you to better see the differences between difficulties.


    Bug Fixes

    Tactical Turret damage was too low
    The Dwarf’s Tactical Turret damage was too low, dealing only 100% damage instead of 175% as the tooltip said. We’ve now fixed the damage.

    Mechanical Turret damage was wrong in tooltip
    The Mechanical Turret deals 65% Damage. We’ve adjusted the tooltip to match this - the actual damage the turret deals did not change.

    Shabby chests in Lor’tac dropped wrong loot
    The Shabby Chests in Lor’tac were all dropping level 46 loot. We’ve fixed this, and chests now drop loot based on the map level.

    PW Ruins of the First Circle map improvements
    We’ve fixed a few spots where the player would be immune to damage to avoid exploits.

    Chest in Catacombs could be opened twice
    We fixed an issue where two chests were overlapping. We removed the extra chest.

    Blood Rune Set weapon could be exploited for massive damage
    We fixed an error where the weapons of the Blood Rune set could be exploited to deal high amounts of damage. This no longer occurs.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Dracania!

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