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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    What i will say now let be a big example of what you developers have done to the game with the new expansion and a message το my fellow players.

    At first, i thought that some changes were not that great but i wanted to be optimistic and think that we will just have to power up our characters. So, after some runs in PW i noticed how hard it is to farm fatal mode, since most of players armor is low now and i also noticed the more hp and overall dmg of the monsters. Even so, i tried fatal grimmag, fatal beararch and fatal heredur.All three are managable.

    Yet today i decided to run q8 in fatal to get the new tier 3 armor because my armor was too low, so i thought i had to get it. You guys, the developers, are out of your minds. You have made sigris a living hell. When sigris first came to PW, many players had issues dealing with him for a bunch of reasons, but soon most of us managed to find ways to beat him, even solo(i am ranger btw). I was one of the rangers who could kill sigris pretty fast and without even dying pre r185. I even had the full q8 set. Yet, i went today to see that the current sigris has become one of the most ridiculusly hard bosses. He is powerfull as hel in terms of damage, he is spawning underlings like a maniac, the damage of those underlings is sick, their hp is way higher than before, more missiles from the walls with way more damage(i currently have 48% lightning res with 16k hp and the lightning sparks were killing me in 2 hits) and on top of that, sigris keeps rebuilding his turrets at an incredible or rather ridiculus fast rate. I wonder if i have problems soloing sigris, how hard this is for dks that are melee and for the rest of classes of course, let alone newer players. I dont even want to think how infernal sigris is.

    Btw, in some other forum i saw a dk mentioning that he went with his team to infernal beararch and he had 75k hp with 80% armor and shield and still got one shoted by that locust-like attack. You have to reduce the difficulty of PW NOW!!!!!!

    P.S: i challenge the developers of the new PW to get a character, their choice, and after they max their stats, go and fight sigris in fatal mode and if you live to tell the tale come and tell us. Sincerely, a DSO player like all my buddies here.
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Would be nice if you posted the new min and max enchantment lines as well as the new min and max base stat lines.
  3. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    The MAX stats of the magic options would be good enough... I have seen minimals plenty.
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  4. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    Just.. why the gold sale prizes from dropped ítems dropped down so drastically?
    This is insane!!
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  5. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    Why the unique items form full moon event are with no white characteristics like all lev 55 items, they forgot to update them? OMG.
  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Rangers left in a dark again. While all classes can craft their unique weapons right away ... rangers have not a single unique longbow and quiver available. Both longbows from Bearach and Herald are now 2H ... and 95% of the rangers were/are using longbows.
    This should be addressed immediately ... because once again rangers suffer. Like all the nerfing in the name of "Fair Play" and difficulty finding groups (because of the player's misperception) were not enough.
    Make longbows and quivers so we can craft them like all the other classes.

    Because all unique items except PW uniques are the same (old style) ... they will probably rework them in the next few releases.

    Also ... there is no new PVE Title since long time ago ... I am stuck at "Experienced Noob" title ...yet I have 9K achievement points and on my way to make it 10K. There are players who don't care about achievements but many of them do care and are playing for them.
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  7. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    So, first event after the expansion, in which we recieve gem bags.May i ask why the gem bags dont have the new gems even for those who are above level 50?
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    I*AM*SPARTACUSSS Forum Greenhorn

    U r 100% right, if 1 extra give u less then 1 gold then how can we get gold? 1 legendary item gives u 2-3 gold, omg jajaja on lvl 55... u have to change the price, yes or yes.
    And please BP focus on pvp and not on pets or mounts....
  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Gem bags both from "Collector's Bag" rewards and Events are giving level 50+ players old gems.. I see this as a punishment not a reward ...knowing that old gems need to be converted into new ones by spending andermant. Same happens with the collector's bag and DDH at TS. Is this a joke?
    Level 50+ players should get only and only new gems ... just like from the Daily gem bag.
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  10. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    There's the arachna bow, but its a short bow. 2H axe DKs have the same problem. There's no unique PW tier 4 level 2H available... T
    Would be nice if every class had every weapon type available for this unique for crafting. Also would be nice if a pw tier 4 type shield was also available for crafting.

    Are the cubes giving new gems? I haven't open any since the level 50 game. The drop tables should be updated for new gems for level 50+
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  11. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Yes. I needed both the gems and melts from my hoard of cubes so I opened some. Qaizah gems and T0 melts in them.

    Luck be with ye,
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    There is a difference ... DKs knew what are they getting before start crafting legendary items years ago... besides DKs have 3+3 types of weapons. Rangers never had 2H bows before this expansion ... they have 2H incompatible bows now because Herald's and Bearach's bows are now 2h (even if they were longbows before the expansion). No one plays with shortbow and only noobs will switch to 2H.
    On the other hand midgets don't need crit ... they have easiest task of all classes when crafting ... and they have 2H. So yeah ... Dwarfensang someone call this game.
    If so... lets delete the ranger class ... who needs it anyway. Lets all play dirty little midgets. Besides ... they are even more powerful now and they don't get damage :D :D For every other class "Protects you from negative effects" means immune to stun and slow -downs but not immune to damage. Midgets are the only class that are immune to damage when inside Tesla Turret. They don't even need tanks anymore:D

    Regardless of my rant (which is accurate BTW) ... the situation with rangers is even worse ... if sapphires are mentioned as well. Rangers never had 2H weapons and now out of sudden ... they have to craft all over again??? They have to lose their sapphires and the only option is 2H rune??? and now their longbows are being taken as an option?
    I don't think so.

    You already have it ... Heredur's Royal Shield.
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  13. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I will add:
    - sapphires ->to runes fail
    - ranger new 2h bow- Fail and no skill for pve
    - full moon event fail no rank on items and if you craft them you get no rank item and minus 60 gold
    - low blue ess drop on PW
    - impossible mod 4 bosees
    What is wrong with you BP?
  14. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    There are also no 2H axes, but that is life. Guess I'll be running a legendary for a while.
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  15. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Dwarfensang it is. Lots of dwarfs are already with 3-4 T4 PW sets and rings.

    I looked into all teams, 90% of them were tank and dwarfs only. There were few with either one archer or mage.

    This game only deserves to be removed.
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  16. eetussa

    eetussa Someday Author

    I have A dragonknight that used To tank fatal before, now i am 53 and i can barely tank painful with maybe few deaths. Tier 1 items has ok stats, but will tier 3 and 4 have better? If yes, how can i ever get better if i cant even tank painful easily.
    And what is wrong with full moon shields...
    I cant get better Block because i cant do Mode 2 Cuz i am too weak. can i still get tier 3?

    Dwarfs are getting Too strong, maybe soon there will be no need for tanks because Dwarfs could tank better. Siege bows are ok but i want longbows back.

    Dso always adds New features, but they almost never fix the Basic issues and imbalance in the game.
    I like the game much, the game design is really nice and coolbut now they are ruining it, soon dwarfensang will be as dead as darkorbit. ( server i have played on :p)
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  17. Kukisek

    Kukisek Someday Author

    I almost never write on this forum but i have to disagree with this. Actually, with new siege bow you can become extremely powerful (even better than dwarfs) but only if you know how to build your ranger, ofc it takes a lot of time but the result is definitely worth it.

    So I'm gonna prove my words, lets see what setup is on my mind:
    - Q7 set (herold bow with 300%+ weapon dmg, gloves with 35%+ attack speed)
    - 2x Ring of death with 65%+ crit dmg
    - Q8 set (arrows with 120%+ crit hit on item, armor with 35%+ dmg)
    bearach belt with 35%+ dmg or 65%+ crit dmg (depends if you still have old crit dmg enchantments)
    - new karabossa cape + shoes
    - amulet (may be arachna one) with 65%+ crit dmg
    - dark pauldrons
    - helm (may be uniq one) with 50%+ crit hit

    - herold bow tier4 with for example 460-700 with 5x new flawless ruby, char base is 360 dmg, from base of items you may get how many? 400 more dmg? wisdom tree 50% dmg, items 2x 35% dmg
    - bow 460-700 + gems is 625-865 *300% wd is 2500-3460 * behemoth is 3750-5190 + 760 dmg (char base + items) is 4510-5950 * 120% dmg (50% for wisdom tree, 2x35% from items (belt & torso) thats 9 922-13 090 dmg


    - arrows base + 5x onyx (lets take new flawless ones again) * 120% on arrows + 2x RoD + Q7 set + kara cape + kara set bonus + dark pauldrons + bearach belt * helm
    - (900+1665)*120%=5643 + 2x900+350+300+200+ cca 500+480=9273*1,5=13909 and thats 69,5% crit hit rate (ofc with better onyxes and glyphs you can get even more)


    - 100%(base) + 3x 65% + 30% (kara items) event runes (3x8%, 2x6%) = 361% or 4.61 crit dmg

    and ok SPEED as well:
    - 35% (gloves) + 40% (5x8% rune) + 20% (RoD) + 4% (runes) - 10% behemoth = 89% speed and thats 1,89*0,83=1.57 speed (you can put points from wisdom or arachna amulet to get over 1,6)

    So after this all we have ranger with 9 922-13 090 dmg, almost 70% crit, 4,61 crit dmg and 1,6 speed.

    Looks pretty nice doesnt it? well it gets even better, from Q7 set you get 150% wd boost for 3 sec after using Net, thats 13 015-17 371 dmg for 3 sec, now how many explosive arrows can you shoot during those 3 sec? 5? alright, lets take red ess (dmg with buff = 30 762-41 058), so average is about 35k dmg, lets asume you do all 5 hits with crit thats 35 000*4.61=161 350 /2 (50% mobs armor) = 80 675 and explosive arrow gives 2x 250% dmg so 80 675*5= 403 375 *5 (5 hits during those 3 sec) thats 2M dmg in 3 sec with red.

    Net you can use pretty often as there is 40% chance that cooldown wont be activated and also its not very long one + you have also more concentration and adrenaline.

    Now tell me, which other class can do that? (ok maybe some dwarfs with TOP gems and all items on 60 but thats not a point :D ) Still think siege bows are bad?

    Uffff sorry for long post :oops:

    To topic:
    New area is pretty nice, even tho they didnt even bother to create new mobs and just copied old ones as always.
    What I dont really like are random stats on Tier4 items, in my opinion there should be fixed stats even if it would be harder to get (at least it would be worth it).
    Also if they would rather concentrate on fixing all of those annoying bugs instead of adding new content all the time. Would be way better.
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  18. Universeea

    Universeea Advanced

    Sounds like the most viable DPS build for all classes with some differences depending on your class and style. For DK the bearach weapon seems to be the best choice with natural 480 critical hit on the weapon and the bonus to bleeding damage and increased damage on the most spammed skills we use. But I just have 1 question, does the mortis ring really need to have its stats changed? It gives a ton of damage already with 1 good line of critical damage. Also I don't think any other class will come close to a dwarf that has crafted perfect damage belt, helm, and torso with perfect speed adornment and 2 tier 4 mortis rings combined arachna amulet.
    There is a mech on tegan that can kill any infernal boss in under 30 seconds flat single handedly...
  19. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Just to clarify, was I supposed to get something for my bloodstones or moonstones? Because I still have two 1% moonstones on one toon and two +42 hp bloodstones on the other toon? Or was it only the bloodmone stone crafted from a bloodstone and two moonstones that got removed?
  20. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    That one.
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