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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    So, what are the +42 hp bloodstones good for now?
  2. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

  3. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    May i ask why with r185 the drop rate as well as the amount of blue essences has become so ridiculusly low? When you bring an expansion, which on top of all comes with another level of difficulty(infernal), you have to increase the essence drop not lower it. But the worst of all is the amount of essences we get: No matter what difficulty, if we farm PW, we get approximately 400 blue ess. Really now? How you expect us to farm fatal and infernal. I wonder why you did that, considering you wont even gain anything from that or do you expect players to pay for blue essences? Get a hold of yourselves guys!!!
  4. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Have you seen that 'debuff' on infernal maps? Decreased crit, resist and armor effectiveness...

    Everything for dwarfs.

    This is ridiculous. Its like its not complicated enough.
  5. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I have been taking my time with my main. Will only hit level 52 tomorrow (if I decide to play that account.) I am really disheartened after today's gaming session. My ranger is doomed.

    Finally managed to get a some T2 longbows to drop doing FM event in excrement difficulty (no, I cannot kill Vargulf there... actually I can but it is not worth usng the scrolls and ess to do it so I just skulk out thru the mine. ) I was hoping to finally craft a legendary and stop using my ole exo. Totally hopeless. Even the T2s have lower base damage than my old exo and those seem to be the preferred lines by the workbech. Wasted a few hundred gold hoping for even a half decent 2/4 legend. Craft, revert, craft, revert, on and on 'til I finally said to heck with it.

    Next I decided to farm some Lor'Tac maps for lvl 49 ingredient bows. After all those have a fixed base damage that is typical higher than the r185 junk I am getting. The drop rate of weapons is so low on those maps so that option is not really viable either.

    There are new dailys now and FM event in progress but I really do not care to log on again today; even to check for clovers. I'm just going to watch some mindless stuff on Netflix for the rest of the evening.

    I have really tried to remain optimistic regarding this release overall. I still see the potential for some really sweet endgame builds. I just do not see any possible way to get there.

    There are just to many problems right now. A less than functional client (I am beating IE into submission to work like I want so maybe I can ignore this one for a while), speaking of the client the pathetic forum viewer that is part of it, the unresovled sapphire fiasco, unkillable painful PW bosses (died twice today killing painful Grimmag - 240 anders spent for a lousy 10 refiners), rampant leaderboard cheating, for the first time on Tegan I encountered ranger discrimination trying to find a group for excr or fatal PW (that's why I did the event that I was going to skip this month), ridiculous prices for refiners from merchant, event uniques that are now more worthless than most were before and the list goes on.

    I suppose I need to step back a bit and consider my options. Quitting is not one of them btw. After all I have many accounts with many other toons. The game is still fun below level 50.

    I even logged on to a couple old twink accounts today to see what I have there. The main argument against twinking, that they are harmful to the game, is no longer valid. All the twinks that have ever existed in this game have done less combined harm than the devs now. It could even be argued now that if a twink drives a new player away they are doing that player a service... saving them the disappointment and futility they will experience once they hit lvl 50.

    I dunno... guess I'm just rambling. Maybe an evening of brews and violent action flicks will make me feel better in the morning.

    Luck be with ye,
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  6. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    I have the distinct feeling that the Dev's punish players for there compliants against the game by lowering drops in fun events and maps I hope I am totally wrong but going from what I have seen from the forums to the hotfix's and updates after the compliants I am 90% sure I am not
    The First Full Moon Event after R185 killed 85 Wolves first map progress 91 (not to bad you say) take 75 for 3 boss wolves =16 take another 10 that were found in an Amphorea = 6
    Very disenchanted
    So from my observations of what happens with fun things on this game after compliants are made I am saying goodbye to forums because tbh I think the developers maybe not all have a nasty streak at getting back at players
  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Mikey, so sad to hear you say this ... but I agree with everything you wrote. Just as I was starting to see the light out of noob Lvl50 RA status, R185 smacked me upside the head, laughed at my hubris, and kicked me down a flight of stairs.

    More and more, it looks like this is a game for newcomers who might throw some cash at it before hitting the wall, and true end-gamers who've been playing their toons consistently for 3 to 5 years, so can expect to build back up to elite status sooner or later. We tweeners have no hope.

    Here's how bad the morale is: The devs actually did one positive thing in R185 but not a single player will mention it here lest it be undone next release.

    To be fair, though, progress comes mainly from killing the 3 mini-bosses in the Bloodmoon map. You have to get awfully lucky by both spawning a lot of leader Werewolves in the main map and have them drop more than the typcial 25 progress (I get a 50 progress drop every 20 or so slain leaders) in order to equal the minimum you'll get from just those 3 mini-bosses in Bloodmoon. You don't even need to kill the Bloodmage as he doesn't drop progress (though he usually has decent loot).
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  8. FourWingedAngel

    FourWingedAngel Forum Apprentice

    Since I've come back I'm really asking myself if I should press on with my Ranger (lvl 40) or just call it and either step away from DO or level up my SM or SW. Since I'm not an expert of this game I'd like to hear feedback about the quoted post which seems the only1 telling us that Rangers can be insanely good while the common feeling is that we are doomed.
  9. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Did you guys know that? About crit?

    To have 80%, you need 16000 critical hit, but, to have 80% on infernal mode, you need 19200+. It is being nerfed.

    This is totally unfair and unacceptable. When are you guys going to address that dwarfensang?

    Why dont you nerf the damage, so all the classes equally impacted?

    Why do you punish more complicated setups and reward skillless noobs, who deal enormous damage yet they protect themselves and tanks from stuns and explosions. I just cannot believe how ridiculous it is...

    Eat this 'balance' yourself.
  10. UndergroundKiller

    UndergroundKiller Forum Expert

    I liked this new expansion in the first days (farming floor map was funny) but now that i'm lv 55 (4-5 days ago) it's back to boredom and grind.
  11. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    The expansion felt nice idea, new content and new boss to fight with. Some new gears to play with and plan the builds!
    It is a win win situation! Or is it ?

    I have to farm my whole gear again, it is not surprise as this is already 5th time for me. It has cons and flaws, but with the base stat you implemented in the items I think I will have a new fun to really upgrade my whole gear. Unless the next level expansion comes first o_O
    I didn't like the idea nor the cost of the new gems I feel that they could have been more cheaper. To get the full Royal gems already cost as
    much as a small car. However, I think the new rune system was exiting and makes many more event feel more important (to get drakens)

    The new content turns out to be not so new content after all :rolleyes: But still, I think it was good addition to the previous maps
    especially the 10 floor arena is very nice idea!

    New difficulty! Good idea ? For a while I've been thinking that the 3 difficulties are just not enough! So... How the maps are more difficult ?
    Nerfing stats of the players while playing infernal ? Not bad idea but but....wait a minute. There is also crit nerf ?
    Why nerfing crit and not damage ? One class benefits this more than other's which also makes it more valuable.

    For the infernal difficulty the dwarf class is even more in-demand than ever before. While the left hand is talk about balancing things out the right hand no clue about that. Change the crit rate nerfing to damage in %... So who has the most damage also will be nerfed more. The current system is just unfair and already boost the demand the most strongest class especially in boss fights (SM).
    I am expecting this to be corrected ASAP. To further more increase the balance of each class create a buff which each class can give to another classes/players in the group. If you have 2 class in the group you will only have 2 buff. If you have 4 class in the group you will
    get benefit of all 4 buffs.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Kukisek are you sure you didn't copy/pasted your "guide" from the"dev's manual" ... it sure looks like it to me.
    You think someone will bite this hoax? An ultra expensive build from scratch :D Is not that what the devs want you to do? Spending more money? Because the dev's theory and the real situation in the game looks like this:
    [dev's theory] <=====> [[Huge Black Hole]] <=====> [Real player needs]​
    There are few flaws in your build ...which i will not be commenting. I will touch only the crucial hoax points in regards of R185.
    1. You assume a ranger should throw away all the items farmed/crafted so far and start building a new ones from scratch ... like it is a new player just start playing the game. :) Well my friend ... the things are not working that way. One does not simply replace a new expensive car with a brand new expensive car ... because of the flat tire. :)
    2. You have deliberately omitted the Royal Sapphires in favor to Onyxes ... As I said in another post Royal Sapphires are "Gibson of all gems" (if you are into RN'R and music you would know what that means). There is no chance someone would convert them into "irreversible" 2H Grand Runes.
    3. You are making a midget like ranger build that will depend on other class. Without a tank you will be one fart killed by a gremlin in Swerdfield Pastures :D Rangers are not midgets or SWs ... they are lacking other classes' abilities.
    4. Do you know what ranger is? Rangers are not using crossbows. Crossbows are for unskilled soldiers. Anyone who had served in the army can tell you that ... i was a ranger during my army time ... and later. Ranger or Archer is a master of the bow ... not some unskilled disabled soldier. Did you see Legolas or any other archer using crossbow? It is a bastardization of one entire class.
    5. Your build and your taste are yours ... there are players who have similar and players who are having quite opposite opinion that yours (or mine). Should they adopt a "forced build" regardless of their preferences? No ... there should be options for everyone. If you like to play with 2H hoaxbow ... go ahead it is your game and you should play it like you want it ... but no one can tell me (you) how should I (you) play and what items or build to use. Isn't that one of the privileges in the free world? Everyone has a right to freedom of choice.
    Yes I do. Hoaxbows are not attractive to me at all.
    6.While you are giving example of an ultra expensive "2M damage red essence " build ... which should be effective only in boss fights (who in the right mind would use completely different builds for boss runs, arena and PVE farming? DSO marketing team maybe? After all that is their goal ... spend more) ... the players are not playing that way. Every player knows that red essences are for noobs or big money spenders. The real DSO Globetrotters are aiming for build which would be played without essences at all. That is what they do ... they are making things complicated just for fun ;)

    At the end ... my mind is already set ... my longbow build will surely surpass any hoaxbow build both in the arena and PvE.
    I started playing with long bow ... i was adopting throughout the years with my longbow ... and I will definitely use it forever.
    I will never switch to shortbow or hoaxbow. ;)
    Therefore ----> make options for everyone. Especially in a situation when rangers never had 2H weapon before. Not a single person on this planet can force anyone to 2H build. Simple as that.

    Oh BTW ... I forgot to mention that while you will be spending the next 3-5 years making your "2M damage red essence" build from scratch ... the other classes are already advancing to the next level... right now as we speaking. When you will have your T4 build done in few years ... they will all be on T20 builds. What is that? Another low kick in the nuts for rangers?
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  13. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    I like the way the mods look the other way and allow off topic/class bashing posts to be allowed as feedback. This isn't feedback, it's a temper tantrum. 185 nerfed ALL classes. But there are players of ALL classes who probably dumped another $1k in here over the last few days to bring their nerfed class back to their version of what is acceptable playing abilities. So the average DK's are angry because they need help now, because they can't solo like they used to be able too. ANYONE dumb enough to fall for "inferno" level pw's and attempt them without having invested $5k or more in gems and now gem refiners AND essence deserves to fail at that level. DSO made 185 the ultimate money patch. Event gear now if you want tiered you are forced into higher difficulties which means if you are AVERAGE you need essence and buffs. Whole sets became obsolete overnight for ALL classes, all that saved tiered lvl 50 crap we had is all melt because DSO won't let us combine to make lvl 55 gear now. We ALL have to basically start all over again. here is no reason to attack any single class at all, the problem is DSO and their decision to turn the game into the most expensive free to play game on the market. Patch 185 is a rip off plain and simple. The obscene costs of gem refiners alone is a game breaker for many. 300 for 21k andermant because DSO decided to not do the right thing and make them affordable knowing they screwed every player over by deciding to replace gems with their new version. THAT fact is far more dire than any class complaint over "balancing". The serious P2P are the most balanced class now and every other player/class has to suffer DSO greed.
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  14. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Dude, what I said is a very specific feedback about a very specific 'feature' of this release, which not a lot of people are aware of. And there is only one single class not impacted by it. It is you who are being offtopic protecting your OP class.

    And if you think 95% of the boss groups consisting tanks and 2-4 dwarfs is okay and fair, sorry, but I do not.

    Im not going to argue with you anymore. If your 'feedback' is your class isnt OP, submit it to dev team, not me.

    Last edited: Mar 11, 2017
  15. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Don't bother, I dunno if you remember him from the Ask the CMs thread, he plays a dwarf, it's like arguing with a brick, of course he considers the infernal feature irrelevant, he has no crit to be taken away, and he can run away while his turrets kill, so the defense's nerf is inconsequential to him as well, and raw damage was one of the stats that didn't experience diminishes but increases in R185, bias?, where? :rolleyes:

    Now, in my opinion they should either remove the infernal debuff until they balance the PvE side of the classes properly, or tweak it so there's not a single class who's able to not care about it, we've been seeing class discrimination across all servers for months, informing about it, they devs assure us "we're looking into it bla bla bla...", and then proceed to implement measures that make the class discrimination worse and worse, especially in a time when a lot of us are re-building and trying to get our DPS back to work decently.
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  16. Kukisek

    Kukisek Someday Author

    @trakilaki What hoax? You said people who switch to 2h are noobs, I dont like this accusation, so I've shown pretty nice 2h build (in my opinion). Fact that you dont like this build doesnt mean its bad at all.
    You dont wanna comment flaws on my build? why not? Show me all those mistakes I did in there.

    1. Throw away what? Since crafting 2.0 was introduced, almost all rangers (at least good ones) were concentrating on making crit dmg rings, belt and amulet. Also helm with %crit, torso with %dmg, gloves with %speed. People already have all of this, all they need is to transfer it into uniqs, only new things they need to make are good dmg siege bow and crit arrows, thats all. So tell me what is so bad about this? That you need to play again a bit? Well thats how it usually works with new level expansion.
    2. Where did i say you should convert your royal sapphires? In build above i used 8% runes which can be in bow and arrows as well. Yes I'm also not happy about what they did to sapphires. Personally I dont have single onyx as they were useless for almost 5 years so I've always thrown them away. In my opinion they should come up with better way in refining or give us back andermants for them but thats not point of my previous post.
    3. What is your point in here? At first its MMORPG, point of this game is playing in group with other people (even tho BP seems doing all against it). And even if you are so commited to play alone. Its is pretty easy to make nice defence to the build above as well. I've shown only offensive stats because i thought its enough as I know you are smart and can calculate that you can also make a good defence with this build. Do I really need to calculate possible defence with this build as well?
    4. Why are you talking about crossbows? They are not at game so I dont really understand your point.
    5. Only reason why I wrote my previous post was because of what you are saying in here. ''Siege bows are crap and people who use it are noobs.'' All I did was just show build with siege bow which is pretty good in my opinion and I'm NOT forcing you, nor anyone else to use it. Just showing its not true what you are saying.
    6. I've said with red only to show how powerful it would be. There is no problem to use blue or even just green with that build. Effective only at boss runs? Why not normal farming as well? Why not PvP? With current situation doesnt matter how big your defence is, you die on 1-2 hits anyway. PvP is broken, we all know that.
    To show how would this build work, here is Wigger's video (yes it is 50 lvl but does it really matter?)
    Seems nice to me.

    You can use your longbow and whatever build you like. But dont accuse players who play differently that they are noobs who dont know anything.

    In the end, making this build will definitely not take few years as most of people already have almost all items for that, only thing they need is to combine them right, so as I see it takes only few months but thats also for other classes (except dwarfs, they should send them somewhere far far away and kill them all :D ).
  17. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Or how about what I've been saying for months and months? Steam Mechs should have lower damage on their turrets, but the turrets should be able to crit. Then, the little midgets can't get away with ignoring two entire offensive stats.
  18. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Perhaps, but let's be realistic, e.g., how many months they took to deliver the much needed, awaited and now acclaimed sticker book?, by the time they managed to rework dwarfs like that, a lot of players would have given up to play a dwarf or plain quit.

    So, in my humble opinion, it's easier for them to turn off the switch on the infernal debuff or modify it than reworking the whole midget class in the near future, it would mitigate the class discrimination issues and give us more time to tweak our builds accordingly in the short term, because we need a solution, and soon.
  19. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    That debuff alone is not enough. Its just a tiny piece, but, I agree, a low hanging fruit. I would even do thr opposite, to reward high crit/crit dmg setups.

    Here is a short list
    1. That debuff reverted into a buff to reward critfull setups, which are more complicated to build. That would also help 1handed players.
    2. turrets dmg should be nerfed by 80-90%, with ability to crit.
    3. Turrets should only complement dwarf skills, not to replace them completely, so they should either slow down if player is not engaged, disappear or something like that, to kill off the kill while running/hiding strategy.
    4. Tesla's protection should be either removed, or given to other classes too. Or something similar to reward diversity of the team.
    5. Fraction of the armor break could be introduced, so the team of tank, ranger, mage and dwarf kills faster then equally gemmed and glyphed team of tank+dwarfs.

    There have been plenty of ideas, but the Dev team not just ignores them completely, quite the opposite - they introduced dmg% to belt and more importantly helmet, pure dwarf's thing, and added item dmg to every other item. Guess more is coming.

    The game was dwarfensang already, and is only getting worse.

    By 'turrets' above I meant all type of those automated weapons, whatever they are called.
  20. Dark_Sinister

    Dark_Sinister Forum Apprentice

    Hi Community - Mods - Devs!

    Here comes my well overdue reflections over patch 185:

    Since the patch arrived, my spellweaver(main char) have lost alot of crit rate/armor/resistance, each level up to 55.

    Now when my spellweaver is lv 55, I had to fix its build with help from mystic cubes/dropped items/gems and sad to say, alot of real money. Now I feel its a ok build. Mobs are fair easy without essence and I can solo end bosses. BUT if I count that it had cost me so much, well I dont know if it was worth it. All the playtime, sweat and tears.....

    I really cant understand why Devs had to nerf crit rate/armor/resistance, and replace it with lifepoints and base damage.

    The idea of taking away attack gems from the game, must have been done by a trainee in the staff. Then introduce attack runes for BOTH 1 hand and 2 hand weapons....hmmmmm

    I am clueless....

    Big plus for:

    - extra slots in items for runes/special gems
    - The level of mobs follows you up in the new continent
    - 3 levels of difficulites on the new maps
    - Good droprate
    - It was about time to make a continent with desert theme

    Big minus for:

    - At level 50 we got +50 green essence, where is the +?? green essence for level 55?
    - The new expansion is to small, compared to Lor Tac and Deep Sea. Many players reached level 55 within 24 hours
    - To few missions. I had to grind from level 53 ½ to the top, just from mobs and exp books
    - Very confusing with new values on the items(ex: increased damage on this item, on boots)
    - No heads up for the community, that a new expansion was aproaching. Like we had before Lor Tac launched

    I would like to see the Jesters market in Hiraja as well, since its level 50+ players new home.

    New 30 min and 3 min buffs need to be made.

    Hey Devs! If you guys read this: Please dont put any more effort in doing more pets/mounts. Instead focus on your events, let us revisit for example "Monster Hunt" - "Ghost Festival" - "Stellar Gold".

    I am a tollerant old fart with loooong fuse, so most of the changes have I accepted without ranting.
    This is my fourth year in this game, and I see my self as one of the oldies. I hope my words have said you something to think about.

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