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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Release 186 is coming with a new collector's bag, Dark Dwarf Heist Event and general bug fixes.

    New Features

    Collector’s bag

    A frequent request from the community was a place to store all of their pets, mounts, emotes, and costumes; the idea was called “the sticker book”. There were also some great synergetic ideas out there, so we took all of that into consideration and came out with something we think you are really going to love. Introducing the Collector’s Bag; it’s so much more than free storage space for your vanity items!

    Everything stored in the sticker book is neatly sorted into categories, and
    every item can be loaded into your available quickbar slots for rapid use. Players who collect a certain number of items per category will receive bonus rewards, and the handy preview window allows you see new items using your own character! We want to thank you all for making this feature possible, and we look forward to your continued feedback.

    Event Rework
    Dark Dwarf Heist - Community Edition!

    We heard that the community wasn’t very pleased with the last Dark Dwarf Heist event due to the Pickaxe drop rate reduction and the resulting difficulty in getting Viscanium. We also heard that the Rune wasn’t fully appreciated until the event was almost over, and the community wanted another chance to get it.

    Based on your feedback, we rebalanced the event

    Update all loot lists to the new Content Expansion standards (more and better loot)
    Reduce the amount of Pickaxes needed to complete the quest "Chop, Chop!" to 10
    Increase drop rates for the Crystal Miner's Pickaxe (not exactly to old standards, but within the new balancing limits)
    Harder difficulty levels drop larger stacks of the following items (this is done in steps, with the first increase at level 3 and the second at level 5):
    Crystal Miner's Pickaxe
    Pure Viscanium (Main Event Progress Item)
    Impure Viscanium (Challenge Progress)
    Lowering Contraption Burner
    Added Neat Amphorae chests to the Viscanium Mine map, with a high chance of getting pickaxes or impure viscanium, and a very slight chance of getting amphora keys, draken, realm fragments, etc.
    Add difficulties up to difficulty 10 (only Normal - Infernal I will be available at this point)

    Bug fixes and other improvements

    1. Swapped out an amulet from the fragment trader in Q7 (Herald), as the old one did not have a tier. He will offer the correct tier amulet now.

    2. Fixed an issue in the Parallel World Fortress Teganswall, on Fatal and above difficulty levels, that prevented the Dwarf from buying unique gloves from the Materi Trader.

    3. Resolved an Enchantment transfer/crafting tooltip display issue. Items that can be used for enchantment transferring/crafting should now have a tooltip explaining the recipe.

    4. Patched a problem with characters under lvl 50 not receiving some unique items when killing PW bosses.

    5. A spawning issue with the leader of the temple map has been resolved.

    6. The difficulty slider now remembers where you last set it.

    7. Fixed a bug in the shop which made blue gear unpurchaseable through some merchants for characters between levels 50-55.

    8. The quest "into the burning cave" had quest guidance issues which were fixed in this patch.

    9. Corrected the text for the increased block rate description.

    10. Some unique items were dropping as common items, so we fixed that issue and replaced the erroneously common items with real unique items. All glyphs, gems, and andermant invested into those items have also been refunded.

    11. You will no longer receive the "quest aborted" message after completing a Parallel world run.

    12. Players with the "+7,5 hp" onyx skulls will notice that we’ve upgraded them to the "+8 hp" variety. The +7.5 Hp variant should no longer be available.

    13. Balanced Blue items so they no longer have values lower than white common items.

    14. White common items are no longer purchasable over level 49

    15. The smith offers magic items for andermant from level 50 onwards

    16. Raised the maximum display time for seasons to properly display the extended season time.

    17. Solo leaderboard points are no longer obtainable while playing in a group.

    18. The Invite a friend feature has been deactivated, and notifications for it will no longer appear in game.

    19. Leaderboard server optimization.

    20. Fixed various localization issues.

    21. Resolved multiple display issues.

    22. Additional minor bug fixes and game optimization.

    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania.
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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