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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    releasebanner_188_b_EN (1).jpg

    We are very proud to announce the following updates in Release 188:

    Reworked Events:

    Monster Hunt Event
    The Monster Hunt Event rewards have been refreshed, meaning you’ll now be able to earn lucky spheres containing some rare vanity items to put in your Collector’s Bag, and a Sphere containing a guaranteed mount as the final reward!!

    Defeat the Undefeatables

    • Progress bar updated with more rewards – including an Epic Dragon mount and legendary equipment!
    • Increased the event length from 4 to 6 days.
    • Added the Infernal I difficulty level.
    • Parts for all of the following pets will be available: Mini-Bearach, Mini-Medusa, Mini-Arachna, and Mini-Heredur.
    • The number of different bosses you can face will change based on the difficulty level you select and your character’s level.
    • You now fight directly against the Parallel World Bosses in higher difficulty levels, which also means they can drop their unique item rewards while playing the event.
    Khalys Bossfight

    We updated the Parallel World Khalys to be more in line with the other Parallel World bosses. This means we added some new skills, tweaked the fight and added additional abilities that get can get unlocked with higher difficulties.

    We will add new reward items for her in one of the next releases.

    Feature Adjustments

    Leaderboard improvements

    • Two new status bars provide a visual representation of the bonus payout for the number of monsters kills and the speed at which a Parallel World run was completed.
    • Added reward icons to the Score Window that change depending on your current standing.
    • Added a group tab, but its functionality will appear in a future release.
    • Ranking tables will now show a gold, silver or bronze reward item icon, depending on a player’s league ranking.
    • Removed gold, silver and bronze row coloring.

    Minor improvements and Bugfixes

    • The Parallel World’s difficulty slider will now remember the last position you set it to.
    • Moving items around in the inventory/bank locker will no longer affect the locked state of the quickbar.
    • Fixed various items and NPC vendor offerings with display issues and other unintended behavior.
    • Balor’s loot list has been altered, and the display window has been updated to reflect the changes.
    • The set bonus for “Herald’s Infernal Wrath” now triggers correctly as indicated by the tooltip.
    • The Fester-mare Epic Mount now runs at +100% travel speed.
    • Lor’tac quest leaders now spawn regular monsters instead of champions.
    • Various audio/visual adjustments.
    • The Buff Icons and Names for the Ram Mounts are now correctly displayed.
    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
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