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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    We are very proud to announce the following updates in Release 192.


    Return of Dragan

    Dragan is back with new Challenges, new Rewards and lots of other things to discover…
    Heroes of Drakensang, be brave and fight him!
    Click here for Event Guide

    Click here for FAQ

    Introduction of Equipment Refiner
    Within the last months we introduced several new unique items that follow a new pattern and power level. It was possible to upgrade the older versions of these unique items with the Pristine Core Crafting we introduced in the last content expansion, but this was not well explained in the game and hard to gather the resources for it.

    Therefore we now introduce “Equipment Refiners”.

    You can use these per right click on an eligible unique item to convert it into a newer version of itself on the same Item Level and Item Tier. Gems and Glyphs have to be removed from it before this process. Newer versions are in general more powerful, but in some cases stat distributions can change.
    When an unique item can be upgraded, it is stated in the tooltip of the itemnot all unique items are eligible for it! Also the number of “Equipment Refiners” needed for it (1 or 2) is stated there.
    “Equipment Refiners” are offered in the global shop.



    • The amount of Base Stats that are marked as Golden is decreased. This does not change the Item Value but only is a more accurate way to underline the “high quality value” on the Item.
    • Equipment Items with Level 51+ will now always have base stats.
    • The stacksize for Travel Rations to Parallel World Bosses is now 9999 and will save you some inventory slots.

    • Abandoned Treasure chests with level 35+ are not dropping “white items” anymore.
    • When opening Golden Lucky Spheres of Automatons you now correctly get Pets from the Automatons category only.

    • When the Shop Window is open you can no longer click on other GUI Elements to cause false behavior. The Main Menu is still clickable while the Shop is open.

    • There was a spot in the library area of the Halls of Death where Deathknights could not follow the Player. This exploitable position has been changed now.

    • The Auto-heal for the normal World Bosses Khalys, Sigrissmar and Destructor is now deactivated if you die and choose the 120 Andermant Revival.
    • The Tooltip of the Debuff Status Effect Soul Vortex from Mortis is now correctly stating that the Player´s Attack Speed is affected.
    • Some players could find a version of the “Power of the Alliance” weapon for the wrong class. These players will get the correct Item of their class in exchange.
    • The Entrance Window to Djinn´s Chamber is now displaying the correct Level (Level 55) for the Possible Reward Item.

    • The NPC Moonhowler in Varholm is now using the correct Attack Animation.

    • The Bonus in PvP Scoreboards is now correctly displayed as Event AND Talent Bonus.

    • Combining Runes/Gems with Jewels of Enhancement is not causing a false behavior anymore. Update: This is not true, it's not possible to combine Runes with Jewels of Enhancement.
    • The Icons of the Runes Astral and Cruciate Peridot are now correct.

    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania!

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team

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