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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    I've noticed that rings now come with either CHR or Res. That's kind of a whatever thing. But I have also noticed a pretty big spread on what constitutes a gold CHR line. So far I have seen a low gold at 796 and a high of 964. I feel that should be tightened up a bit.

    Luck be with ye,
  2. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    The commonsense currency bag despite still showing Cots which were removed years ago is a cool thing.

    What I love most are the random game freezes and brown screens. There's nothing like being killed why the game decides to get hung up.

  3. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Wow! We did not see it coming.
    786-964 base crit line in a ring + base hp line, thats a pretty big boost in single item.
    For sure will be more and more 1 hit kill in pvp in the future.
  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

  5. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Sorry, Bad info... dyslexia strikes again. It's not that big :p

    Luck be with ye,
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  6. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    I hope it's not more than 600 crit rate on T4. Can't wait to see it my self.. mac new client problem duh..
  7. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Oh, it is. The 796 was on a T2 and is right. It was the max I stated that I kicked the numbers on when I read it. So it looks like this line is the same as a wep adornment so a T4 ring could have 960 CHR.

    Luck be with ye,
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  8. rogue07

    rogue07 Someday Author

    so i noticed my sphere was dealing way less damage than it used to, and at first i thought all aoe skills got bugged in the game as i got reports of EA doing way less dmg than before as well.

    so when i looked into it, before the third upgrade on sphere would increase the 200% by 66% therefore making it 332%. at that amount it made no sense as to why i was hitting 1/3rd less dmg than before.

    then i got curious and tried just simply adding 66% to 200%, making splash damage 266% - which would explain the big loss of damage from my sphere explosions.. as it scales to an amount thats very close to 8k i was seeing, even still its still 1k lower than what should be the minimum.
    and yes im factoring in the 50% armor/res on mobs.

    this was not mentioned in the patch notes, and I still cant figure out just what calculations are needed to reach a damage with my sphere explosion thats actually LOWER than my current base damage.

    even if it's say for example minimum 10k base and 266% of that is 26,600. halving that factoring mob defenses would be 13,300

    but instead currently it would hit for 9k on occassion... not sure what's going on here
  9. danfricke

    danfricke Forum Greenhorn

    The changes for Mage are HORRIBLE - I have workrd for couple of years to gaet a powerful mage - and you took it all away - and I am supposed to be happy? Please restore the mage vales - example with blue essense CV value goes from 114000 to 62000 - give me a break :( :( :(
  10. Pros:
    - Currency bag makes everything so much more convenient - although we could use one for event materials too.

    - EXP block removal, HUGE improvement to the game and can't go wrong in any way. I'm also planning to start a YouTube channel mainly to record babies whining about this ha.


    - Rework of New Moon items. I saved all my scrolls from last New Moon event so I could get the cloak at level 55, which was a really nice cloak(Stats AND aesthetically wise).

    - Ranger nerf. Now before everyone jumps on me, let me state my opinion first.

    1. I admit Ranger's EA was overpowered. However, the removal of the explosion when not hitting anything was more than enough as that was the main reason people complained about it. The EA isn't easy to hit someone directly like a fireball, as it's way smaller and it requires a big amount of concentration, contrary to the infinite fireballs. (I'm not complaining about SW) So to be honest fixing EA's explosion was enough.

    2. I also admit the Q7 set for Ranger's is OP... for PVP. For years, Ranger's were the least demanded when it came to groups for whatever really. But then Q7 set was introduced and it gave us a huge DPI boost that seemed to have gained interest for other classes to group with us rangers. So in my opinion, the cool down for the Q7 set bonus should've been ONLY nerfed for PVP.

    EDIT: I just realised they also nerfed the duration of armor break on EA. That's just brilliant isn't it... :) No sarcasm intended, at all..

    I think the main plan was removing rangers along with exp block, no?

    EDIT2: I also just realised they nerfed Blade Dance. LMAO
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  11. Llogos

    Llogos Junior Expert

    BP says: ''With the next Releases you will expect more improvements, step by step.
    The improvements made and the upcoming changes are based on your feedback, which is highly appreciated, thank you Heroes.''

    What improvements? More nerfing for the ranger? The dk? The dwarf? Changes based on our feedback. Then why nothing is done about the SW that plenty complains? Why the q8 set is still the same and not nerfed? Why the q7 set is not equal to the same set from the other classes? Why the SW can spam ice missiles with the q8 set and kill everything without even targeting, with the q7 set to spam fireballs with no targeting and killing everything as well and having on top 9 sec the buff and not 3? Why the ranger had to get it again and destroy the EA and the q7 set? EA is named like that for a reason. A TNT will not see if it hits something in order to explode. Plus, by changing the EA, you destroy a lower level ranger and at the same time a ranger that doesn't have q7 set. Finally fix the real problems and low down (nerf) the SW and the sets they have. Its ridiculous. Or all the feedbacks against the mage, are going inside a black hole and disappearing to the nothingness?

    Yet, I don't see that issue to be addressed with the HotFix tomorrow, and that puts me into thoughts...

    Only by reading that you look the CV that never worked correctly, I can understand everything! There is nothing negative that the SW got. Only the ranger, as per normal.

    Don't try guys to make again to appear the SW as the weakest class etc, while in fact its the most powerful! Don't appear like victims while you are not! In fact, you mages are the source of the problem with the nerfing all the rest classes. Exactly, you, the ones who always are crying around about how OP is the ranger, why the dk heals and the banana is squint.

    I hope BP will realise the mistakes they are doing, and make the ranger again as powerful as he was once upon the time, and finally getting down the mage as they have God mode.
    With the current policy, they lost players, and with the new ranger nerf (they try to sell it as ''balancing''), I am afraid that they will lose even more players.
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  12. rogue07

    rogue07 Someday Author

    if you read my earlier post you would see that SW got hit too this update.
    overall base dmg has increased for all classes but Sphere 3rd upgrade mechanics has been altered completely.

    as i recalled, upgrades to a skill in the tree increases the percentage by the mentioned percentage, for instance, magic missile upgrade for 45% extra dmg turned it from 70% to 100% instead of 115%

    going by the same mechanics, sphere used to be increased from 200% to 332% but instead, it is now 266% therefore, the 66% is additive.

    this is either intentional or unintentional, but i do not see any info on this on patchnotes or anything whatsoever. never hit below my base dmg with sphere before, but now i do on occassion if i dont crit, and even with crit, the damage is significantly lower.

    p.s. class bashing i think goesbeyond the topic. i know you're upset, but give it a break already. we're all suffering one way or the other.
  13. Audriukaas

    Audriukaas Forum Apprentice

    I dont play on low lvl but i am sad about that removed XP BLOCKING why you care? Low lvl was meaning like a pure account nothing bad here. Anyway now to late bring it back all tryining to lvl up. So i am missing update with EASY GEM CRAFTING, its a pain to craft 99 and more gems..... NEW MOON* last time i sent a report of this [EDIT] event but with this update seems legit i like it.
    Ranger arrow nerf its okay. But we missing Mages fire shoot nerf they shoot so fast like with automat, they are so strong for all classes now, you need to look at them carefull and nerf a little.
  14. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I can't handover the materi fragments to Ammon in order to complete the PW quests. Please fix this.

    I think the game is trying to get the materi fragments from the inventory but now they are not there.
  15. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I find it amazing that the client log in windows is still stuck on "Hotfix 191". :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Wasn't that supposed to be a list of release notes? :rolleyes: Or up to date news? :rolleyes:

    Noticed that on the SpellWeaver, they dropped the Mind Control Frozen Heart from 6 second freeze to 5 second freeze. :oops:
    Unfortunately, we didn't get another link layer to make Chain Lightning an actual "chain". :( Would have been nice. ;)
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017
  16. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    Don't worry it is planned to be fixed tomorrow and what I understand of it, we will get back the materi that was lost.


    IN pvp as dk I noticed that mage using the frozen sphere were hitting so little compared to what they did. Same mage was hitting 10k now hitting 6k max. And many other the same thing happened. I hope this is bug and not unannounced nerf on mage because mage is drastically weaker in pve now and pvp if they use that skill.
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  17. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    This is actually wrong information, that's because you most likely tested it out with your weapon equipped...

    If you actually go and test out the Frozen Sphere without a weapon, you'll notice the damage is kinda working as intended. I say kinda because there's a fundamental shenanigan about Frozen Sphere:

    FS' trail deals 50% damage, and the explosion is supposed to deal 200% damage (without 5 points talent), but, the description says "up to 200%", I tested the FS after reading your post and my findings were that the FS's explosion is NOT dealing 200% consistently, it seems that the explosion area is working with a similar principle as the one from the Lightning Strike seal, the further the target is from the dead center of the skill, the less damage it does, I tested against a monster and the explosion always deals a different number, if the mob is hit by just the edge of the explosion the damage goes as low as ~75% damage only, and the highest I got was ~185% (it's difficult to give exact numbers because the damage, as I said, is inconsistent), same mob hit at the same range from the same angle always produces a different number, it doesn't matter if I hit the monster directly with a beatifully aimed shot, I never got the exact 200%.

    Now, when the 5 points talent is up, it's supposed to be 332%, but the inconsistency remains, what I can assure you is that it was never as low as 266%, it just behaves exactly like it does when the talent is inactive, hence the apparent low damage.

    Here's the thing though, I can't recall if the FS' explosion always behaved this way or was changed in R194... (if anyone has a link for an old thread, screenshots or anything where we can check, please link me to them), as it is now it's either having a similar mechanic to the Lightning Strike (diminished damage when the target is away from the center) or it does have an effective range (maybe 75-200%) depending on the point of contact and/or a bit of RNG, which in turn is conveniently not stated in the description, anyway, in conclusion it's not dealing the max possible damage from the description, no matter the angle where you shoot from.

    P.S. Be sure to make proper testing before you jump into conclusions.
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  18. Grasschewer

    Grasschewer Forum Apprentice

    well tks for my just lv50 ranger being
    havn't done 10 but so far only one A key from Ravenclaw Normal....seems dropped
    Ofcourse I have open 10plus Neats but I was talking about runs!!!!!!!!
    see storage limitations for info :p
    Nebula earlier on ONE hotfix update...but maybe just me

    PS: yes getting an Akey is a bonus...tehe for free or atleast one click
  19. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    So , can you simply explain me , which is the big deal or the award of

    Group Play
    The amount of Experience Points a Player gains when fighting against Monsters is now based on the Character Level and not on the Monster Level. With this change, it won’t be possible anymore to not gain Experience Points when fighting Monsters with higher Levels.
    Additionally, the Experience Points and the Loot is not linked to the Group anymore. This means, every Player in a Dungeon receives Loot and Experience Points from every Monster and not only from Elite Monsters.

    If Twinks is slain, everything will work as same as pre-R194, isn't it right ? ( no exp gained and able to recover the drop )
  20. AbradolfLincler

    AbradolfLincler Someday Author

    alchimista, this is my fear too. they'll just die, map gets cleared, friend gives them a stone. same as before except they do LESS work now. i think a death timer, maybe 30 seconds of no stone or self rez, would be ideal as others have stated. that was a GREAT idea. cannot remember who to give credit to, but that would fix the problem or cost a lot of stones to keep up the work of being a twink. i'm not an SW, but EhtovK, great input on the FS sphere math. good find. keep it up. :)
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