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    Release 194

    Heroes of Dracania,

    With Release 194 the Rebalancing for all Classes has just started.
    You can also be thrilled to have some more free inventory slots because there is going to be a new Currency Bag in which all ingame currencies will be listed.
    Furthermore, the New Moon has been reworked.
    And last but not least, Bug Fixes and Improvements.


    The Currency Bag is at the top left corner beneath the other currencies and lists currencies such as Realm Fragments, Materi Fragments, Bone Coins etc. leading to more free slots in your inventory.
    Newly received currencies will go automatically in the Bag, displayed with a blinking of the Currency Bag icon. Already collected currencies before Release 194 can be added into the Bag by using Right-click.


    In addition to that every Trader now has it’s own Banner displaying how much currency you currently own.
    The PvP – Trader for instance:



    Item Enchantments

    Based on your feedback regarding the latest iteration of the random item enchantments the base damage for standard items has been increased. With this improvement the enchantment “Improved damage on this item” will be more meaningful.
    Furthermore, the 1h Weapons of Dwarves, Spellweavers and Ranger have been adjusted. They are now balanced like Warrior 1h Weapons.

    The Explosive Arrow will only explode if it hits a target.
    The duration of the Set Bonus of The Herald’s Burning Thunder is now 2 seconds.

    Group Play
    The amount of Experience Points a Player gains when fighting against Monsters is now based on the Character Level and not on the Monster Level. With this change, it won’t be possible anymore to not gain Experience Points when fighting Monsters with higher Levels.
    Additionally, the Experience Points and the Loot is not linked to the Group anymore. This means, every Player in a Dungeon receives Loot and Experience Points from every Monster and not only from Elite Monsters.

    Coming next...
    With the next Releases you will expect more improvements, step by step.
    The improvements made and the upcoming changes are based on your feedback, which is highly appreciated, thank you Heroes.


    Updated Equipment

    • The Karabossa Set, Magotina Set and Witch Hunter Set have been improved
    • Karabossa and Magotina Set contain the Weapon
    • Karabossa Set can be dropped at Karabossa
    • Magotina Set can be dropped at Magotina
    • The Witch Hunter Set can drop from Leaders that spawn while doing the Quest „Unbefriend Weaklings“, from Karabossa, Magotina and from an Amphora
    • The Enforcer Set is not available in the Event anymore – because considering your feedback it was not attractive enough
    • The main Quests „Revenge is Sweet“ and „Off with her Head“ must only be completed once (1x at Pummrana & 1x at Ceridwen)
      • After that the portals to the Bosses can be opened at any time with a "Magical New Moon Scroll"
    • After the player finished the aboved mentioned main Quests, 3 new quests will be available:
      • The Quest rows "Overcome Your Weakness" and "Unbefriend Weaklings" are repeatable, that means each time you finish them you can accept them again – You will be rewarded with Fairy Fire and have the chance to defeat even more strong opponents
      • The Quest "A Fine Elixir" is also repeatable
    • Player is able to get 10 instead of 8 "Magical New Moon Scrolls“ from the Progressbar
    • Additionally the Player can recall the boss when he is still on the map by interacting with a shrine - therefore the Player has to invest "Fairy Wood“. This is possible 3 times per map per one group (if a Player interacted with a Shrine, the other group members cannot interact with the same Shrine again)
    · Map size was adjusted and dead ends removed to make farming monsters more convenient – Player can walk in a circle
    · Neat Amphoras have been added
    · Number of monsters on the Blakborg map has been increased
    · The progress item „Fairy Fire“ is auto-pickable and drops in different stack sizes

    NPC Shop‘s

    · The Set from NPC’s Pummrana & Ceridwen has been removed
    o Therefore the following items have been added so that the Player still can get something for the collected Blossoms:
    · Magical New Moon Scroll, Draken, Essences, Gem Bags, Extraordinary/Legendary Equipment, Potions, Amphora Keys, Dyes, Mighty Spirit Guards and Equipment Refiner
    · NPC Grima now appears after defeating Magotina or Karabossa
    • NPC Grima offers the new Set items

    New Moon FAQ

    Do we have to re-enter the Boss Map and consume a "Magical New Moon Scroll“ to call the Boss via the Shrines again?
    No, you can respawn the Boss three times without re-entering the Map. You only need "Fairy Wood“ for using the Shrines.

    Will the Broom Mount and Dark Mage costume still be available?
    Yes, both items can drop from Magotina and/or Karabossa.

    Can we expect you to remove the Shops of Pummrana and Ceridwen completely?
    There is no final decision made yet, but we will most probably have the New Moon Event running two or three times again before we remove these two shops.

    What shall we do with the Blossoms we collected in the past?
    You still can buy a lot of useful things for that at Pummrana and Ceridwen, as you can see in the list above.

    Can we craft/upgrade existing Uniques like the Uniques from the Full Moon or Dragan Event?
    Yes, you can upgrade some of the old Uniques to new Uniques by using Equipment Refiners (the available crafting methods are stated in the tooltip of the item).

    Has the issue been fixed that you can accept the 6th Quest of Ceridwen after the 5th Quest of Pummrana has been completed and vice versa?
    Indeed, both quest rows can be completed in parallel and once they are done you can start the new repeatable Quests.

    Does the Player still have to use token for the Quests?
    Once you delivered the tokens for the Quests you won’t need them anymore.

    What is the possible reward of the Neat Amphoras?
    A Neat Amphora can drop Amphora Keys, Draken, Fairy Wood, Magical New Moon Scroll, Equipment for Player with Level 31+ and Gold.


    Game Stability
    In some rare cases, the Game Client froze when using the hotkey “Q” to open the Quest Log or clicking on the Daily Challenge Notification. This has been fixed now.
    When using the hotkey for mounting multiple times and very quickly in a row you get logged out from the Game. This has been fixed now.

    Some Players still have the Quest “Entering the Shadow Kingdom” open. Killing Sargon in the current Dragan Event is now counting for this Quest.
    Fixed the lootlists of "Neat Amphoras" on so that they don't contain common items anymore.

    Parallel World Trader
    The Price of the “Strike of the Untouchables” offered by the Materi Fragment Trader in the Parallel World Wildherz Caverns is now correct for all Classes.

    Sharr Kharab
    Sharr Kharab’s Shield is now Tier 2.


    The following old Jewels are now appearing as Runes.

    Old NameNew NameImage
    Equipment Fortifying JewelRune of Fortitude[​IMG]
    Accelerating JewelRune of Acceleration[​IMG]
    Jewel of WillpowerRune of Focus[​IMG]
    PeridotRune of Relentlessness[​IMG]

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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