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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Erebus, Jul 25, 2017.

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  1. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    I would like to ask Bigpoint, why did they change Karabosa axe? Why they have excange that 1600 critical values with 1.18 speed? Why they change the items form day to day? How they expaect us to play and pay a insecure game, we work months to make a build around a set or item and they destroy that in a patch.
    When they will stop to do that?

    LE.It seems is a bug that will be repaired.I hope they will put 1.05 speed not 1.0 because is not a mace.
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  2. AbradolfLincler

    AbradolfLincler Someday Author

    Rhysingstar, what was the "little nerf"?

    also, if this chest issue was exploited...and exploited repeatedly by players...NOT just hey it happened a couple times so i opened it, but many many many many times on purpose...are they going to be punished? will it just be swept under the rug like the twink leaderboards exploit? accidental exploits on a few rare occasions just is what it is, but repeat offenders keep getting away with murder. at least a 7 day ban or something to set them back a bit. all in favor should speak up. people keep freakin using these things and NOT getting in trouble. it shows we COULD do these ourselves and not have to worry. where's the honesty BP?

    rant over

    EDIT: this wasn't directed by ANY MEANS at the forum mods/admins. i would like to apologize if it was taken this way by anyone.
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  3. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Agreed.But most people wont stand up to these type of comments because their comments will get deleted and they will end up with a forum ban, instead of
    the exploiters being punished.Sadly its true.
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  4. Grizzles1

    Grizzles1 Forum Apprentice

    I noticed the damage on ALL of my unique longbows and short bows were reduced this patch. I farmed Full moon MANY times to get a gold damage line on a Tier 4 wolf slayer bow. It was 371 damage, down to 323. My gold line 270 damage spider bow was reduced to 255. What is going on here? 323 damage is at the very bottom of the possible damage roll for longbows, and taking 48 damage away is pretty drastic!


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  5. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    We wouldn't be having all these problems if three things happened on test server
    1. More people need to do testing, on the test server I will often find no one around online anywhere, even in parallel worlds
    2. People need to be given resources to be able to test things more often, I personally can't do anything because I was raised to 50 with very weak equipment and many other had same problem. We need something to at least help us test things but when we can't even do parallel world we can't test parallel world bugs. The reason that keeps being give why that won't happen is plenty wrong. the want people to work for things to test things out but key thing wrong with that is that people mostly likely play regular servers too and don't have the time to sit there and farm everything. There needs to be something given so we are strong enough to actually test things. I can't even farm to get strong because I can't even kill monsters on normal very well at all. This is a test Server not another server that we have to get everything over again.

    All these problems would be avoided if what I suggested would be implemented. Why do you think no one is on that server ever because 99% of players can't even do the basics of things or don't have time because they are working on live servers. Please listen to the players okay. I just wish we were listened to better( I'm not talking to administrators ,not their fault).
  6. Erebus

    Erebus User

    I'm going to overlook the off-topic once in this particular claim to tell you this: the EN team does not endorse, nor cover up ANY type of exploit under ANY circumstances, we are actually very vocal when it comes to those and are swift to report them with as much detail as possible with the assistance of you, the players, and we have proven this numerous times, the posts are still around for you to read, so kindly refrain from making false statements, because, if there's a major abuse/exploit to pursue here, you can count on us pushing as hard as we can for measures to be taken.

    The fact remains that this is a feedback-exclusive thread, and if you want to express your discontent about other stuff, there's dedicated sections of the forums for that, from now on, please keep the thread civil and on topic, best regards.
  7. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Will there be a detailed changelog the following days?
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  8. Erebus

    Erebus User

    If anything relevant comes up, it'll be announced via the usual channels, last interjection, stay on topic, best regards.
  9. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    The day starts at 00:00.
    It ends at 23:59:59

  10. ArunaSky

    ArunaSky Forum Apprentice

    what actually this patch is about? I can see changes on some pw sets base stats, Pw expanded - but no access to new maps, dwarfs-what about that? Chests bug solved by removing chests? :eek: What feedback we can give about something that didnt even done or maybe something is done but its secret what?o_O
  11. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Is the Monster%/time% bar progress from Q leaderboards bugged ?
    Am I the only one having the feeling that the green progress is slower than R195 ?

    Wanna we talk about the whistling green arrows ? :eek:
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  12. Hiro73

    Hiro73 Forum Expert

    Dear BP what problem do you have with critical impact? I've read all the patch notes and found a bug, axes (not unique) have no more 1600 impact base but 1100-1600. Correct fast.
  13. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    The rangers arrow is like being at ground 0 on the 4th of July around someone that is a bottle rocket maniac.
  14. VukChe

    VukChe Forum Apprentice

    Nobody says in annoucment of this patch, that the longbows will be nerfed. Why is base dmg on longbows nerfed? Its not fair, you didnt say you will do something like that, and what now. Power of alliance (longbow), first get it with nice base dmg (a lot time of playing), then craft leg longbow with gold stats (a lot of money, playing time, ...), and dont forget a core (PW bosses). So a lot of money, time and you do what, nerf base dmg on longbows. Who will return my money, time and building toon based on that longbow. You ruin everthing, did you ever think that in this game are players with a brain. I spent a lot and now my toon is weaker, how do you gonna compensate this. This is classic fraud.
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  15. anolajen

    anolajen Someday Author

    pre 195 t4 longbow (246-346) - (348-448)
    pre 195 t4 wand (173-245) - (245-317)
    195 finally fixed ranger power of alliance to have same damage stats as others and not 50% higher so thumbs up for this needed change one step closer to balance
  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Power of the Alliance before R195:
    Longbow - (246-346) - (348-448); 0.83 Attacks per second
    Wand - (173-245) - (245-317); 1.00 Attacks per second

    Power of the Alliance after R195:
    Longbow - (223-289) - (307-373); 1.00 Attacks per second
    Wand - (173-245) - (245-317); 1.00 Attacks per second

    R195 once again showed your ignorance.
  17. anolajen

    anolajen Someday Author

    wow why so offensive ? triggered by any balance fix ? or just obsession to make agressive reaction to every my post no matter what ? ;)
    little speed difference is nothing compared to massive weapon dmg difference but thats irrelevant
    if you actually read that post second time you may realize it doesnt matter whats the difference only important fact is:
    alliance longbow had wrong unusual stats and was fixed to be normal considering its weapon type
    considering high damage and speed as 2h its probably product of some confused person not realizing its longbow
    but yes bp failed as they should fix it much sooner before people started abusing it
  18. Grizzles1

    Grizzles1 Forum Apprentice

    All longbows and short bows had their damage reduced, and now even some unique longbows and short bows have the same damage range.
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    WOW ... I have never been so amused from someone's poor knowledge.
    You troll in all threads and showing your biased poor knowledge and taking pleasure from other people's woes. But don't worry SWs are next ... I will be sorry for the other people and my SW but in your case the pleasure will be all mine.

    Now this is the important feedback regarding R195.
    Power of the Alliance longbow was a mediocre item anyway ... with R195 it was further nerfed and now it is an item no one will opt for.
    I have never taken into cosideration using that longbow because it was :
    - weak
    - no unique value
    - almost nonexistent set bonus (same as the Untouchables and the other unique items only good for melt)
    As a stand alone item Power of the Alliance longbow is not an option (never was) for anyone ... because it is much weaker than the existing nerfed longbows ... not to mention the old level 50 leg longbows.
    So here is my longbow
    regardless of the misleading claim it is a Tier 1 item ... no it is not ... it is a T0 item
    Here is another level 50 T0 longbow upgraded to level 55
    base damage: 212-393
    Lets compare it to T1 (because there is no T0 version) Power of the Alliance longbow:
    As we can see the difference in damage is more than devastating (even the pre R195 version was inferior).
    So why would anyone use T4 Power of the Alliance longbow? There is no reason ... because those players who are playing infernal are strong enough and are already having better weapons. So this bow is meant to be used by newcomers ... just like the entire set is for new players.
    Yet again it has been nerfed with excuse of having higher base attack speed ... and that is irrelevant because attack speed can easily be gotten with other items ... furthermore the higher attack speed for rangers is not recommended since they are getting nothing but leading them to enormous waste of essences. So the lowering of the base damage and slightly raising the base attack speed is a bogus move. In same time All the other classes got a boost to 1H weapons (with R195 even all 2Hs for all classes got boosted).

    So far there is no unique longbow in the game that can be used (shortbows are not even option) ... and those who are not using 2H hoaxbows will never switch to hoaxbow anyway.
    No unique longbow with base damage less than 430 is suitable/acceptable for crafting.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2017
  20. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Server: Agathon

    With this update now I am facing heavy lag.
    However, the creature movements, my character movements, skills and attacks seems to be flowing nicely.
    I experience heavy lag when picking up items and trying to sell/craft items with the vendors.
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