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    Party-People of Dracania,

    With Release 195 we are celebrating the 6th Anniversary Event. The re-appearance of Crystals of Truth, Surprise Dragon Eggs and Piñatas are only one part of this Years Dracania-Party.
    First of all, say Good-Bye to THE ”Piñata Exploit”!!!
    Details of the Changes will be published during the next days.

    Release 195 also brings several Bug Fixes to improve your Game Experience.
    Scroll down for more details.

    Coming soon…
    More features to improve the overall Game Play such as Dwarf Rebalancing, adjusted Skills Animations and more!
    Another Parallel World Difficulty!
    And new Parallel World Dungeons. Bring some towels, you might get wet! ;)

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    Core Crafting
    Basic Rings and 1h-Weapons are now eligible for Pristine Core Transfer Crafting.

    Parallel Worlds
    The Mechanic of the Parallel World Treasure Chests cannot be exploited anymore. Only the Treasure Chest in the Dungeon where you defeated the Boss can now be opened.

    Some Players triggered a Client Crash with outdated Parallel World Boss Travel Ration Items. These Items will automatically be exchanged to the updated Travel Ratio Items.

    The Titles of Runes of Focus and Runes of Fortitude are no longer switched up.

    Lucky Coins
    The Tooltip of Lucky Coins is now stating that it`s only containing Progress during it`s Event. Players can sell the Lucky Coins as they are not used anymore.

    The Dwarf Shoulders “Shroud of the Untouchables” are now hidden when wearing a Costume.

    Your Drakensang Online Team

    Sync of R195
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