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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Sunlight

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    Dear heroes of Dracania,


    with Release 197 gigantic, human-eating worms are creeping around the
    sewers of Kingshill, AGAIN. Defeat the worms and free the channel workers while mounting the Epic Plague Rat!
    The version also contains
    several bug fixes and improvements. For details please scroll down!

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    1. Audio
    According to your feedback we removed the "whistle" sound from the Hunting Arrow. Let us know how you like the reworked skill sounds.

    2. Leaderboards
    Players with the exact score of 300.000 points were not receiving the correct rewards for the Golden season. This has been fixed and the affected players will be compensated.

    3. Items

    The unique value ‘Fist of Sharr Kharab’ from the unique item ‘Sharr Kharab’s Shield’ had a rather small area of effect. This has been increased now.

    The tooltip of outdated
    Dragan Unique Weapons is now containing the information that Equipment Refiners can be used to upgrade the item.

    tooltip of common items is not displaying the wrong information “(Use at the Workbench)” anymore.

    4. Skill Balancing
    After the visual change of the animation we introduced in the last version, we have now also adjusted the frames of the Spellweaver skill Frozen Sphere. In addition to that it is now scaling with the player’s attack speed like for example the Fireball.

    5. Stability
    In some rare cases an error related to the "Daily Deal" feature caused server and client crashes. This has been fixed now.

    Coming next…
    …a whole new way of item crafting and lots of new challenges in the Parallel Worlds! ;)

    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania!

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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