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    Dear heroes of Dracania,


    with Release 198 we will open the doors to the new Parallel World: Mount Suvius. New challenges and unique items await you.
    Additionally, we have
    overhauled the workbench to add more possibilities for crafting and enhancing items. Along with these changes Augment Core Crafting is now available.
    We have also
    adjusted the Enchanted Manuscripts and Blessing Spheres.

    Parallel World Mount Suvius
    Ammon is asking heroes for help containing the Maelstrom of Worlds. He needs players to defeat M’Edusa in the remnants of her past.
    The following unique items can be obtained:

    • Swiftness of the Alliance
    • Mechanicum (Dwarf)
    • Justice (Warrior)
    • Beast (Ranger)
    • Riddle (Mage)
    • Amulet of the Kraken
    • Gorgonskin Leather Boots
    Workbench Rework

    Introduction quest
    Matthew Allthings, who is located next to the workbench in Kingshill, offers the quest “Useless Rubbish (1/3)“. He sends the player to collect Improved Collector Equipment. Once the player has found the items and combined them at the workbench, Matthew sends the player to Father Fidelis in Kingshill. He offers some of the recipes, the player needs for the workbench.

    Father Fidelis sells schematic/event manual boxes for 1 copper. These boxes need to be opened with a right-click from the player to get the recipes.

    ATTENTION: These offers will only available for 1 month after the release of rel198. After that period the recipes need to be bought from Father Fidelis (Basic Recipes), Gnob (event related recipes - including core crafting for event items) or the various traders in Cardhun (core crafting for Parallel World related equipment and world drops).
    Once the player
    right-clicks on a Crafting Manual they get a notification that the recipe is unlocked and can start using it.

    The workbench now contains a list of recipes where the player can choose the crafting method they want to use. This list can be filtered to:
    1. show only the crafting methods that can be used with the items currently in your inventory
    2. show all recipes including those that the player has not unlocked yet ( this is active by default)
    For the locked recipes, the description will also inform the player on how to unlock the recipe.
    The list contains the
    following methods:
    • Quest Items
    • Rarity Upgrades
    • Inherited Enchantments
    • Equipment Creation
    • Augment Core Crafting
    • Pristine Core Crafting
    • Soul Core Crafting
    • Event Related Items
    • Pets
    • Mounts
    • Legacy Unique Item Crafting.
    Once the player has clicked on one of the crafting methods, a list of all available recipes will be displayed.
    After clicking on the recipes,
    the slots at the bottom will display the icons of the required items.
    When hovering over the icons,
    tooltips with additional information are displayed. Additionally, text with further crafting instructions will be displayed on the right.

    IMPORTANT: For successful crafting, the player must follow the order of the slots!

    When the player places an item in the slots, the recipe list will adjust accordingly, and only show recipes which contain the currently placed items.
    As before there will be a
    preview of the result item.

    Augment Core Crafting

    This new crafting method allows for players to increase the tier of their current eligible uniques by sacrificing higher tiered legendary items.

    Place the unique item into the 1st workbench slot and a legendary item of the same slot type and with a tier one higher than the unique item’s into the 2nd workbench slot.
    Next place the Augment Cores and appropriate Elemental Cores into the 3rd and 4th workbench slots.

    This increases the tier of the placed unique by one. All enchantments will remain the same while base stats will be increased to values appropriate for the item’s new tier.
    This crafting method
    cannot be reverted.

    Adjustment of Enchanted Manuscripts and Blessed Spheres

    Duration and costs
    The durations and costs of Manuscripts and Blessing Spheres were already adjusted in Release 197. You can view a detailed list here


    The positions of the Blessing Spheres was changed.
    When a
    player is close to a Blessing Sphere a marker on the minimap will be displayed. This should prevent the Sphere from going unnoticed.

    Spawn Chances
    There is now a 100% chance for a Blessing Sphere to appear in each dungeon.

    When using a Blessing Sphere or an Enchanted Manuscript the player will unlock an achievement.

    The companion blessings have been removed from all Blessing Spheres.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    1. We have more than doubled the area of effect for Sharr Kharab’s offhand item. It should finally hit enemies reliably now.
    2. Achievements have been added for the new versions of the unique sets Yachak, Keen, Roshan and Sparks.
    3. The Heredur doll pet now has the correct buff description when hovering over the buff icon.
    4. The bug that removed your costume after being petrified by monsters is finally a thing of the past! We created a whole new effect for this.
    5. In order to make the parallel worlds more accessible for less powerful players, we are adding the different parallel world unique sets to all lower difficulties. Drop chances are slightly lower than on the higher difficulties but they are available from the materi fragment merchants.
    6. The daily deals will no longer show empty rewards.
    7. New Moon event corrections:
      1. We corrected the available loot items in the map access windows.The shoulder items have been removed and crafting cores added.
      2. Boss maps will now always have the same difficulty as the event map.
    8. The combining of gems using the Jewel of Enhancement has been fixed.
    9. The visuals for dropped quest items have been improved and are easier to recognize even on bright surfaces now.

    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania!
    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team


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